Dilemma: The Chip System

"Curiosity killed the cat." The sinister man raised the edges of his lips into a grin before injecting the girl's neck ruthlessly, leaving her unconscious. [Disclaimer: Rated 18 solely for the blood and gore scenes. Extreme torture and abuse scenes included, however, a warning shall be given at the start of such chapters and I will be briefly explaining everything for those who skipped the chapters with such content. Read at your own discretion.] **** Nancy Morgan was an average college girl who was bored of her little-to-none thrilling life and wanted something new. But what she got for that was not necessarily what she asked for. She got into a life-threatening accident. Roth Rogers, her family friend, inserted a chip inside her brain to save her. However, it attracted evil people to go after her. To protect her from the upcoming dangers, Roth appointed his adopted son, Samuel Rogers as her bodyguard. However, more than the people who were trying to abduct her for the cutting-edge technology, Nancy's curiosity rang for her bodyguard's mysterious life. Little did she know, her curiosity unlocked many secrets and troubles.... Like Immortality and artificial diseases. Trapped in a dilemma of science and immortality, Nancy must find out more about her bodyguard, and his connection with all of the mess. **** [Excerpt] "How come you have appeared at my house?" Samuel asked, ignoring her question. "And at such an hour? Are your parents aware?" He was bombarding questions at her after her system told her strange things. Nancy was irritated enough to break his neck, but she kept her composure. "Listen here, you little shit, the system is saying you're hurt. And that's what I asked you. Only I ask the questions here." Nancy clarified before jumping onto the bed, an inch apart from him, as she ran her hand from his shirt's collar to the first button. Who wears dress shirts in bed? Before Nancy could unbutton his shirt, he grabbed her hand with a frown on his face. "I do not know what your system told you, but I must clarify that I am not hurt," Samuel said before moving her hand aside. "Prove it, then," Nancy muttered. "The system says it's a thoracic injury. Show me that it's not." "Even if there is one, I believe you have nothing to do with it." Samuel backfired. Right. Nancy had nothing to do with his matters. But she was dying to remove that shirt from him. No, no! Not for any other business. She just needed to see if the gunshot wound was still there or not. "Which means there is a wound," Nancy said, trying to sound unfazed by his words. "I'll help you treat it." She stood up before walking over to the nightstand opposite them to get the first-aid kit. He watched her with narrowed vision, and she stared back from the corner of her eye. {Probability of survival : 50%... 60%... 65%} {The Wound shows signs of healing. Abnormalities detected.} {Platelet count: Normal.} {Platelet function: Faster than normal.} The system kept raising abnormalities from Samuel as if the system could've never guessed for such an existence. It made Nancy wonder, too. She was sure he was another invention. One way, or another… He was involved. [Note: All my novels are fictional. None of the characters and events have actually taken place.] **** Join my ded discord server: https://discord.gg/HsYbkZP29D Cover Artist: https://www.instagram.com/alina._.smthng/ **** Special Thanks to my mother for devising a name. I had been working on this for 2 years but I couldn't get a name. My mom asked me about the plot and I told her that it was complicated; That's when she said 'Dilemma' If you like complicated things, this is for you! Thank you for giving this a shot.

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"Excerpt for Volume 1"

[EXCERPT] (Only for Volume: 1)

"Samuel, you're going to be Nancy's bodyguard from today onwards," Roth stated.

Samuel's jaw almost dropped, not to the statement but to Nancy's surprised reaction.

Nancy couldn't believe the awkward situation guy was going to be with her 24/7.

"Wait what?! I don't agree! You guys can't select a bodyguard for me without my consent!" Nancy objected.

"We didn't ask for your opinion because we knew you were going to reject it anyway." Daniel, her father, smiled at her sarcastically.

Not acceptable!


"So?" Nancy uttered finally, breaking the awkward silence because the robot-like person in front of her wouldn't say a word.

"So?..." Samuel asked politely. "Something seems to be troubling you, Miss?"

"Yeah. Drop the 'Miss'. Call me Nancy."

"Very well, Nancy."

"Are you AI? Why do you talk like that?"

"Is my way of speech unusual?" He asked as he physically oozed politeness.

"Uhh… It's way too formal. Weird." Nancy almost gagged. Though the man was handsome, what the hell was this conversation?

"If you do not like it, I will not talk."

She could only look at him with a disgusted face, only that.


"Let me do it," Nancy ordered as she looked at the blood-drenched Samuel's unfazed reaction to his abdomen wound.

Samuel narrowed his eyes, showing a reaction only to her words.

"You must not. I am able to treat myself." Samuel clarified, moving away from her as she kept closing the distance with him seated on the couch in the motel room.

Nancy was irked, slapping his hand off of the wound. It was the first time she saw a gunshot wound. And the first time she saw someone unfazed by it.

"You had been bleeding all this time?!" Nancy asked, looking at blood spurting out.

"It has only been 15 minutes. And I can very well care for myself and you. You need not to tend to my wounds." Samuel explained calmly.

"You got the wound because of me. I'll treat it." Nancy insisted, narrowing her eyes in annoyance.

"If I get hurt, it is just because of my mere incompetence. I am your bodyguard. You have no reason to look after me while I claim all the reasons to look after you."

His words were soft like petals, grazing her ears lightly. Though, Nancy wasn't the type to fall for words.

"Shut up!"

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