Different Batman

What if in a strange twist of whatever twists, a soul from Earth gets to choose between one overpowered wish or three templates that don't have any superpowers? Wait ... intelligence doesn't count as a superpower here? What a mistake on the twister's side. The soul will of course rather choose intelligence over a boring OP wish. Because three OP wishes are always better than one. Watch as this is a ... slightly different Batman.

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You never saw it coming

I have once again seen comments that complain how 'stupid' the MC got. And once again I am about to drop the fic, just because there are such idiots out there. It was so obvious. Like for real. I did this with my Oetsu Nimaiya ff and I even did it in this one as well.

But here you are trying to tell me how stupid the MC is. I'm leaving you the bred crums, if you can't pick them up, it's not my problem.

Did you not ask yourself, what happened with the trainign he did with Giovanni Zatara? Why does he suddenly not know who Ra's al Ghul is? Why would a man that is so paranoid like him, allow himself to be drugged? Like come on! Piss off, you're not smart enough to read this.


(3rd Person POV)

Bruce and Ra's are sparring with each other. Bruce seems to have difficulty keeping up with Ra's who has a relaxed look on his face. They lock hands and both try to push as hard as they can. But Ra's flips 180° and throws Bruce on his back, winning the spar.

"Come, Bruce, I have something to show you.", Ra's says and begins to clothe himself.

Bruce does the same and slips into his 'new' official clothes that Ra's prepared.

"Where are we going?"

"It is time I showed you my plan of going through with the Lazarus City.", Ra's says and walks away. Bruce follows him and Ra's begins to tell him once again, about the purpose the League was created and what his plan to save humanity looks like.

"My Lazarus Cities will astound the masses and usher in a new era for mankind. Ecological, self-sustaining cities ... imagine that, Bruce. There is a problem though, the world resolves around money. You understand this more than anyone.

Corporations rely on consumption. They won't accept my offer of nirvana, as that would make them powerless and cut into those ties that they call business. Their greed and arrogance blind them to see the truth of the matter.

Have you ever wondered why I trained killers, Bruce? Why I am training myself when I'm simply looking to make peace in the world?"

"Not really."

"It's because the world needs to be ... forced into peace. It's the eternal paradox of this planet. Just like Lazarus, who rose from the dead, there is no miracle without the death, that preceded it."

"You plan on using these missiles to kill millions so that the system falls and you can be there to pick up what is left of humanity and have them indoctrinated into your group of misfits.", Bruce said.

"Out of the ashes, I will rebuild and make it better. I was never bothered by death. But I was a bit annoyed ... at the death of nearly 50 men I sent to ... Mila... do you understand? Imagine my surprise when I sent them to Mila in search of ... your lab and only found death! That was a very twisted joke you pulled."


"What do you expect me to say? I'm sorry. You should have seen this coming. But you're just as arrogant when it comes down to it. It is your own fault for reading my diary."

"No ... you planned on it. You planned this from the beginning. You knew that I would know who you were and you knew that I would eventually contact you. Ha ... Haha ... Hahahahahaha ... What a dangerous man you are Bruce Wayne!! You got me. You outplayed me and I had to pay the price, but what did you think would happen when I found out? Did you think I would just let this go?", Ra's asked Bruce who still didn't look worried.

"It didn't matter. No matter what you did ... I was ready for it, the second day I was here. You fancied yourself the hunter, only to realize too late that you had unwittingly swung wide open the door for the true predator that is ... me."

Ra's was angry. His stoic face began to slowly show a frown. He was outplayed by a child. A pompous child.

"Then ... was everything you wrote in there ... a lie?"

Bruce didn't say anything. He just looked at Ra's and then ... smiled knowingly.


Bruce had planned from the beginning to show Ra's al Ghul the middle finger and ruin all his progress. He created a character of Bruce Wayne that Ra's was expecting. He knew that he was being watched on this journey. The fact that someone tried to cut his brakes in Rio de Janeiro was all the confirmation he needed to know that Ra's was watching him.

All the notes he entered in his diary served only one purpose. To trick Ra's into believing he was playing with Bruce. He wanted to give him the feeling that Ra's was in control. He did indeed have a lab in Mila, but there was only a big bomb inside it. He was hoping to have Ra's overextend on this mission to find the drug that made Bruce so powerful.

And he was successful.

Not only did Ra's al Ghul send many of his assassins, but he also sent a lot of scientists who worked for him. And they all died. Killing was not something Bruce did for fun. He killed the Gotham branch of the Court of Owls and the assassins of the League of Assassins, but that was not the norm.

Bruce wrote the diary as if he didn't know anything about the world of DC. Everything he wrote was things he figured out by himself and not by having meta-knowledge. Otherwise, why would he only be 'suspicious' of Ra's and not already know who he is? Ra's was clearly not the only one who was confused.


"If you repeat a lie often enough and enough people believe it ... it becomes the truth. Isn't that what you told me?", Bruce said and pulled a detonator out. It was the detonator to the bombs he had planted on the missiles, and all over the City. He was busy in the last couple of weeks.


"I played you Ra's ... I the traumatized boy, played you. And you never saw it coming. Let this be a lesson ... don't f*ck with me!", Bruce said and pressed the trigger. All over the city and on the rockets, bombs exploded and began to destroy everything.

"NOOO!!! You INSOLENT ... who- who do you think you are?!", Ra's was furious.

"I am vengeance! I am the night! I am ... Batman!"

"ARGH!", Ra's yells and begins to attack Bruce. He pulls out his sword and slashes at Bruce. They begin to fight all over the compound. Over burning rooms and in labs ...

Ra's is a master of martial arts. He has mastered countless ancient fighting styles and his experience supersedes Bruce's. But all that doesn't matter ... Bruce never showed his true capabilities to Ra's and now that he can let loose, he dominates the fight.


Bruce dodges a swing of Ra's' sword and grabs the man's wrist. He kicks him in his thorax and slices Ra's wrist with a small knife. The sword falls out of Ra's hand and Bruce grabs it. He stabs Ra's into the leg and pins him to that spot, limiting his freedom of movement.


Ra's doesn't give up and tries to attack Bruce with his fists. Bruce catches his fist, punches his elbow and bends Ra's arm in the wrong direction. Bruce unleashes a barrage of punches and elbows on Ra's.

Ra's doesn't give up and once again punches Bruce. He ducks and then does something he hasn't tried before. He had spent many months on this and now it was time to see whether it worked.

He used his right index finger and tapped Ra's arm on two points and used the knuckle of his left fist to tap his arm on two other places. Bruce then moves back and waits and then ...


"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!", Ra's screams in pain as his right arm ... explodes!!!


Ra's screams for a few minutes and continues to bleed from his right shoulder where his arm once was. But Ra's al Ghul is nothing if not a professional. He quickly tries to apply something to the wound to stop the bleeding and very narrowly succeeds.

*Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa*

"What ... what ... was that?"

"Dan Kotsukin. A move I created myself. It causes your muscles to self-destruct. Quite deadly ... you were my first test subject. Thank you."


"You better kill me now ... otherwise ... I will never stop hunting you down. I know ... who you are now...", Ra's said with his last strength.

"I know. That's why I added something to the water for the last couple of weeks. A special virus of my own design, that entered your brain to the Hippocampus. I programmed it to self-destruct and fry your brain, should you ever tell anyone who I am. That is knowingly or unknowingly. If you are aware that it is because of you, that someone knows, it will activate.

And it won't kill you. It will fry your brain and make you a useless vegetable for the rest of your life. But just to be sure ...", Bruce said and then in a burst of speed tapped Ra's with his two index fingers on both sides of his temple and then stopped again.

"Kyomu Shidan. This erases memory. I just erased your memories. Although I am not sure how much is erased... I reckon it is quite a bit.", Bruce says and then jumps away, narrowly dodging the sword that was about to impale him.


Talia stands there with a sword in hand.

"You were never the Demon's heart, little boy. I am. And you will learn what it means to go against-"

"Let me stop you there woman. No matter what you believe, you aren't strong enough to fight me. I will leave you with it. You can watch me stop men and women like you. Watch me as I make this world a better place and bring about real change. Not the easy solution that you were about to choose. A solution that would have never worked.

No, I will show you, just how much better I am than you. Don't ever step foot in Gotham!", Bruce says and then jumps out of the window.



(Talia POV)

I watch as Bruce disappears from the building. His skill surprised me. He had to have been acting this entire time and we never noticed anything. And his 'diary' was perfectly fabricated to throw us off track and walk right into his trap. He is dangerous, very dangerous. I will have to make the test with one of our assassins to see whether his threat of revealing his identity is real.

But for some reason ... I don't doubt him.

I look at Father and see that he is defeated ... on all fronts. Bruce has bested him in planning, fighting and pretty much everything else. It is time to bring him to the Lazarus Pit. The question of whether his memories will recover ... well that is another topic entirely.

"Don't worry Father. It is not over yet. The true successor has already been secured. Bruce Wayne might think he has planned for everything ... but our child will be born and we will use him to grow beyond him."

Bruce Wayne might be smart, but he is a man at the end of the day. And that is why he was weak to my advances. But I must commend him for trying to resist. The drug was a strong one. He was like a puppy, he even made me coffee the next day. How cute.

We will meet again, beloved.



(Bruce POV)

I made my way through the desert and even met Minhkhoa Khan again. It seemed like Ra's al Ghul wasn't planning on killing him. A miscalculation on my part, but not a grave one. I am in no way injured and can easily fight right now.

"Bruce Wayne ... it seems like you won. I am surprised. You bested me, a small boy who lost his parents has grown this powerful. I won't fight you now. We already did that. Go back to Gotham, crawl back to that dark and gloomy place and let me take care of the world.

And when I'm done with the world..."

"... What? What do you believe will happen then? You are planning that far into the future, but I doubt you'll leave here without a fight.", I tell him.

"Oh? Do you want to fight? Come then, I'll-"

I stop him and fire a tranquiliser dart. I hit him in the neck and he looked surprised at me. It's a weak dosage but it will be fast, so I have to hurry. I press my watch and it grows bigger. Then a tool that looks suspiciously like the memory-erasing device from Men in Black.

"Think about Bruce Wayne ..."


Bruce activates the device after telling him what to think about. It works on deleting the memories that are the most on the person's mind. So telling him to think about Bruce Wayne, pretty much deleted all of that.

Right after that ... Khan falls unconscious.

I walk over to his horse and put all of his stuff down and then begin to ride away. It is time to go home.