64 The grim darkness of the future #1

This is an Omake if you will. It doesn't really matter for the story as a whole but is still canon. You can skip this if you don't want to read it.

Basically, this is the answer to the question: What would happen if this 'Different Batman' were in Warhammer 40k in the 41st Millennium?

I feel like I have to say it: This is heavily AU. If you love Warhammer, then this is probably not for you. There will be many mistakes.


(Unknown POV)

'In the darkness between the stars ... the weak and the faithless find no deliverance.'




'We are raised to believe that the God-Emperor watches over us all.'

'And so we are charged to cleanse the mutants, the heretic ... the alien. We must not falter. We are his sword, we are his wrath.'

Green streaks of the Gauss weapons flash all around, killing hundreds, thousands. I stand on the remaining corpses of a few Imperial Guards and shoot the machines, 'killing' two.



'Even in the face of death, we shall not submit.'

I turn around and am met with a Hyperphase Sword that cuts my helmet. I manage to dodge that attack of the Skorpekh Destroyer at a hair's breadth.


I aim my Bolter at the Destroyer and shoot while running.


I keep him at a distance but his Necrodermis is proving to be a challenge. As I run, a Necron Warrior shoots his Gauss weapon towards me, surprising me and giving me no time to dodge.


'Suffering is our prayer. Faith is our armour.'

The Gauss weapon has hit my hand and is falling apart. The pain as all of my molecules fall apart is immense, but this is what we are. I have faith and belief. I raise my hand and feel the healing effect taking hold. The pain stops and my hand ... returns to normal.


The door to the room is smashed open and Skorpekh Destroyer charges towards me. He swings his Hyperphase Sword in a horizontal slash. I duck underneath and slash at one of the legs with my power sword.


The attack does nothing though. The Destroyer attacks me again and I block his strike with my power sword.

'In battle, he offers us redemption. And for those who prove worthy, the Emperor sends forth his-'


Something pierces the Skorpekh Destroyer's chest cavity. Some form of line is attached to it.

"Riiiiii", a mechanical sound of the Skorpekh Destroyer is heard as he is pulled backwards ... into the darkness.






Silence. I look into the shadows of the room, where something is hiding. Something has just helped me to destroy the Skorpekh Destroyer. But who? Then I hear footsteps, unlike any I have heard before. They sound heavy but light at the same time ... powerful.

A figure steps into the light. I get into a battle stance immediately and am ready to attack this ... what is he? A Heretic? ... he is wearing Imperial-looking armour.




The figure walks towards me and stands before me without me realising it. It felt as if he teleported through the room. Now, standing in front of me is a tall figure in a suit of armour, unlike any I have ever seen.


"Greetings, Sister. Quite the little fight you had here. I apologise if I interrupted your inner monologue.", the man speaks in a deep voice. He has the air of an Astartes to him, but different at the same time. All that is to say is ... he is dangerous.

"State your unit, Astartes! Are you one of the Raven Guard Chapter?", I ask with my power sword ready for battle. The weak are already dead.

"Do I look like a raven to you?"

"... State your purpose, this instant!", I scream at him and tense all of my muscles. He doesn't react to this though and just looks at me.



"I'm Batman.", he says and then ... disappears. I turn around and look for him, but he is nowhere to be found.

Batman? ... Where have I heard that name before?



(Batman POV)

The 41st Millenium. The Universe is at war. Everyone fights against everyone. The Imperium of Man is besieged from all sides. To think that in this timeline, we f*cked up this badly. I am embarrassed for my counterpart here.

How did I get here?

Good question. It was a few decades after becoming Batman. What happened is not important. What I did, is also not important. But what I do know, is that someone or something took something from me ... something important.

We were working on my child's first quantum regulator, to travel through dimensions freely. A simple matter really. But when we tested it, it malfunctioned. All of my 729 safety measures and 183 backups didn't help and ALL of them broke down and failed. I was sent through time and space and across untold dimensions.

I did the research immediately. I found out what happened and knew that there was only one being, one existence that could do something like that. The Presence. This was redemption, punishment for my past 'audacious' actions. When I found out, I got a message.

[Do your best. Should the Crusade fail, you won't see them again.]

I was furious. For the first time in my life, I was this furious. I didn't lash out or explode ... I was calm. Billions of different scenarios flashed through my head at that moment and I came up with ideas on how to proceed.

When my wife finds out what happened to me, she will know not to worry. She knows me well. Better than anyone else and she would know ... that I will find my way back and that there would be Hell to pay. But that is something for the future. I have already found out where I am.

I didn't go back. While I don't respect time travel, I am here now, and I might as well make the most of it. Necrons ... you should have stayed in your tombs.


The Pariah Nexus is a region of the Nephilim Sector within Ultima Segmentum.

Also known as the Zone of Silence, it is a region of space that seems to be free from the influences of the Warp. The Warp is a psychic dimension parallel to real space. It is known by many names: Warpspace, the Immaterium, the Empyrean, the Ether, the Sea of Souls, and also as the Realm of Chaos.

The Imperium thus named it after the Pariah Gene, which has a similar effect of suppressing the Warp. In truth, the Nexus is a vast Blackstone array constructed by the Necrons[1], more specifically the Cryptek Szeras and the Nihilakh Dynasty.


Considered the pinnacle of Necron cosmic engineering, the Necrons came up with the special Blackstone Pylons to create null zones that terminated the Warp in specific areas. The immediate effect was that there were no more warp powers or warp entities in those areas.

Essentially, the Necrons who were for all intents and purposes dead, wanted to shut the Warp down permanently. The problem with this is that it would probably kill most other factions, including humans, which is a big no-no for them. Hence in typical Warhammer fashion, a war has to be waged.


The Silent King, who is something of a 'leader' of the Necrons ... Leader is said loosely here because there is constant infighting among the Necrons ... so the Silent King seeing the opening of the Great Rift[2], has decided to not play 'nice' anymore. You see the Silent King realised that the Tyranids[3] and Chaos rely entirely on the Warp. And with this, he decided to revive the Necron's old project and attempt to nullify the Warp galaxy-wide.

What we have to know now, is that there is a fight going on between the Necrons and the humans and I am in between all of this. That's too bad ... for them.


I have tried connecting to my satellites, but I am in a different Universe and time altogether. The Presence made sure to make this as hard as possible. I guess his son got that from him. But it seems that he didn't learn from his son's mistake, he should have taken everything from me, if this was supposed to be even remotely hard. I know that he has no power here. He sent me here, but has no jurisdiction, meaning I am in a completely different Universe than I was before.

That explains why there aren't any other Aliens from DC here. For now, I am going to deal with this problem that is called 'Necrons'. These salty bois sold their souls because they didn't know how to make sunscreen. Granted, it wasn't willingly, but Potato Potahto. Now they have the most advanced weapons in the Galaxy. Which is good ... for me.

Why would I just leave here again, if I have something like the Necrons here? The knowledge they have is like a Salisbury stake. Juicy.

I will drain them of all that they know and then dip. Time for some experiments. I wonder if machines know Emotional Damage.



(3rd Person POV)

On another part of the planet, a rather small group of Ultramarines, originally known as the War-Born, face a seemingly endless horde of Necron warriors and Canoptek Spyders.


The situation might seem hopeless, but that hasn't stopped them before. The Imperium is lying to itself that they have a chance and that they are winning. But that is NOT the case. They sing of victory.

Victory, as the galaxy burns.

Victory, as the Imperium rots around them.

Victory, as humanity, rages against the dying of the light.

Victory ...

The Captain raises his giant shield and charges ahead with his men. The Necrons do the same and thousands of Canoptek Spyders fly towards the Ultramarines. The first shots are fired and it looks like the fight is hopeless anyway, when something strange happens. Strange ... even for this spiteful universe.

The Ultramarines suddenly stop moving and all look into the sky.

[Welcome to the Jungle]

Music suddenly starts playing, confusing not only the Ultramarines but the Necrons as well.

*Thunder SFX*

*Lightning SFX*

A large dark cloud made up of shadows materialises and lightning strikes all around. The shadow begins to materialise in the form of a bat.


Then from the darkness, thousands of small robots begin coming together and form the shape of Batman's silhouette.

"Greetings, to the dead and the living. Let me welcome you to my jungle. I hereby declare this as my territory and a non-Necron zone. Necrons prepare to be destroyed. It's nothing personal ... just good business."

After the robotic face of Batman said that, the Necrons began to fire at the dark cloud in the sky.


🎵 JUMP! 🎵

The beat hit and the real Batman appeared on several ginormous speakers. He held an electric guitar in his hands and hit the strings hard.

🎵 Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and death 🎵

🎵 We got everything you want, we'll gon' take your breath 🎵

🎵 We are the people that can find, whatever you dispise🎵

🎵 If you got the money honey, we got your demise🎵



Whenever Batman hit the strings a shockwave came from the speakers and annihilated the hordes of Canoptek Spyders and Necron Warriors.

As this was happening, the Ultramarines who were in some kind of daze started to ascend the stairs that had appeared from the cloud. They walked upwards and disappeared in the cloud for a moment ...

... only to then appear on the stage next to Batman with different instruments and microphones in hand and all of them sang.

🎵 In the jungle, Welcome to my jungle 🎵

It was pandemonium ... and very confusing.



To understand what happened here, we should probably turn back the pendulum for a short moment.

- A few hours ago -

"Get your stuff ready, prepare for fi- hm", the Captain stops talking to his second when he sees a strange bipedal ... robot walk towards him. He aims his power sword at the thing, believing it to be an enemy.

"Necrons?", the other Ultramarine asks him, when the bipedal robot stands in front of them.

"No, it looks ... ancient and here-"

[Your skills are required for a job.]


The robot sprays something at the Captain's face.

"You son of a b*tch. I'm in.", the Captain says surprising the second Ultramarine. He aims his gun at the robot when the Captain intercepts him. He holds on to the Ultramarine and tells him:

"Your skills are required for a job."

"No, Capt-"


"You son of a b*tch. I'm in.", the now controlled Ultramarine says.

The two of them went from Ultramarine to Ultramarine and did the same thing, multiplying the amount that was affected by the special Nanobots that Batman had created specifically for this purpose. It was harder to create, because of the Astartes' armour, but he managed, nonetheless.


This leads us to the current moment when the Ultramarines and Batman are throwing down and mowing through the Necrons in the thousands.

Yeah, this is so unnecessary.


[1] (The Necrons are a race of mechanical warriors, created from the Necrontyr. They have lain dormant in their stasis tombs for sixty million years. At long last, however, they are beginning to awaken, seeking to reestablish the supremacy of the Necron Dynasties over the Galaxy once more. The domain of the Necrons is known to themselves as the Infinite Empire.)

[2] The Great Rift, also known as the Cicatrix Maledictum in High Gothic, is a tear in reality and a raging, galaxy-wide series of Warp Storms that has essentially rented the territory of the Imperium of Man in half. 

[3] The Tyranids are an extragalactic composite species of hideous, insectoid Xenos. Basically, they consume all that is biological, evolve and then move on to the next world.


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