Different Batman

What if in a strange twist of whatever twists, a soul from Earth gets to choose between one overpowered wish or three templates that don't have any superpowers? Wait ... intelligence doesn't count as a superpower here? What a mistake on the twister's side. The soul will of course rather choose intelligence over a boring OP wish. Because three OP wishes are always better than one. Watch as this is a ... slightly different Batman.

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Taking its course

(Harvey Dent POV)

"You are far too nervous dear. He's just a billionaire playboy with a good hand at leading his company. Don't worry so much.", my wife said next to me. I looked at her and looked at her in her dark brown eyes, which never failed to captivate me.

"I know, it's just strange for me to meet him here.", I say and wave around the room. We are at a party for the high society and I feel out of place.

"You feel out of place."


"Then don't. You are a brilliant and incredibly skilled defence attorney in a city that is very dangerous. Be proud and hold your head high.", she said to me. She is right. I should be proud of my work. I have come a long way since I was sent to an Arkham Boys rehabilitation home upstate, for tying my father up and leaving him trapped in our house for days until the police finally found him.

"You're right. I shouldn't act this pathetic. I am Harvey Dent, defence attorney extraordinaire and I should act like it.", I say and I see the smile on Gilda's face.

"Good. Because here he is.", she says.


"Mr. Dent!", a new voice says from behind me and I turn around. There I see a tall man with black hair walking towards me with a smile. I know that smile because I always wear it in court. It is a charming smile that makes others do as you wish. But not with me.


"Mr. Dent a pleasure to meet you. Bruce Wayne."

"Ah, yes. Nice to meet you, Mr. Wayne. Allow me to introduce you to my wife, Gilda Dent."

"Of course. I know of you, Mrs. Dent neé Gold. I followed your progress on the Mercury case. I was very impressed by your work."

"Thank you Mr. Wayne.", Gilda said with a polite and small smile. It seemed like the charm of Bruce Wayne seemed to work and she wasn't very happy about that. I had to smile when I saw her like that.

"Now, please allow me to invite you to some drinks. What would you two like to have?", Mr. Wayne asked.

"We already have something, thank you. But I would like to get to the topic of why you requested me to meet you today.", I asked him.

"Nonsense, my friend.", he said and called a waiter, "Please bring me three times the usual. And some water as well. Thank you."

"The usual?"

"It's not my first time here. These 'galas' or whatever they call them are usually done in similar places across Gotham. And I like to tell the waiters what I like beforehand. But let us talk about the reason, I wanted to talk to you tonight.", he finally got to the point.

"Yes please."

"You see, as a businessman and a member of the 'high-society' of Gotham I like to be informed of anything that goes on which could help me and my business as well as Gotham as a whole. I followed your career as a defence attorney for a while now and I must say, that I am more than impressed."

"Thank you. I guess there is a 'but' coming now."

"Not much of a 'but', more like a however. However, I was wondering about the woman you currently represent. Erin McKillen.", he said.

"Oh? Is there a problem you have with McKillen? Because if you are here to bribe me to drop the case or lose it on purpose, then we can end the discussion right here. No amount of threats or bribes will ever influence me or my work.", I say and am just about to stand up when Bruce Wayne's hand stops me from standing up.

"I would never bribe or threaten you, Harvey. I can call you Harvey, can I? The reason why I am bringing this up is because I see much more potential in you. I know a bit about your ... more uncomfortable past and I am in no position to judge you. I am just fully convinced that you have much more potential than to help the criminals who this new vigilante has put behind bars."

"You mean the Batman? Haha, I would have never thought you approved of his methods, considering he was partially responsible for blowing up one of your factories and you almost dying.", I say with a small laugh. But he doesn't laugh at all. He just looks at me with a serious look.

"The Batman saved my life back there. He has done a lot of good for this city. I am also for equal rights for everyone, but the crimes that the people commit, who he helps the GCPD arrest are bad. Erin McKillen is the head of the McKillen Crime Family, who represents the Irish Mob in Gotham City. I just don't believe that you, see this as your true calling.

I personally am very much convinced that you have so much more in you. And that is also why I wanted to meet with you tonight. You see information has reached my delicate ears that the position of Gotham's district attorney will be free very soon. I believe that you are the perfect man for the job.", Mr. Wayne said.


No one said anything for a while. I was surprised. He seemed to know about my past and the reason why I got into one of Arkham's rehabilitation homes but he didn't care about that. He only cared about the now and doing the right thing. If what he said was true, then I had a chance of getting the position of Gotham's district attorney. That was a big step. Not only up the ladder but also across the playing fields. I would essentially 'switch sides'.

"I am unsure of what to answer right now. Normally I would tell you to f*ck off, but it seems that you're serious."

"You don't have to decide right now. I wasn't expecting you to make such an important decision immediately. Just know that should you decide to take this path, you have my full support and my vote.", he said and I was again surprised. It seemed that this man was serious. He would use his influence to help me, should I decide on this path.

"Thank you for listening to me tonight and for coming here. I'll leave you two now and hope you enjoy yourselves.", Wayne said and then stood up to leave. After he was gone, I turned to Gilda and looked her in the eyes again. She hadn't said anything for the entire time and was only listening. I was interested in what she thought about this.

"What do you think?"

"I think he has something to hide.", she said immediately.

"Why do you say that?"

"Think about it. A billionaire playboy comes and offers you the position of Gotham's district attorney personally. And he does this because he believes in your 'potential'? That smells fishy and it smells especially fishy in Gotham. If we were in Metropolis or Central City, then I might have believed that, but here? In Gotham? No way! That's why I believe he is hiding something."

"You're not wrong. But even if he has something to hide, what better way to uncover it than becoming Gotham's district attorney? It used to be my dream when I was a small boy to get that position. I could really help people in Gotham. The filth has to be taken off the streets, in that Bruce Wayne is right."

"It's your decision, Harvey. I'll support you no matter what you decide.", she says and that makes me smile.



(Bruce POV)

After talking with Harvey Dent, I returned to the 'gala'. I was terribly bored right now. I was even here personally instead of my decoy. Normally I sent my decoy to such events to do more important things. I didn't do that today, because I wanted to talk to Harvey. But now I am regretting it. I listened to the two through the microphone I placed under the table.

"...I could really help people in Gotham. The filth has to be taken off the streets, in that Bruce Wayne is right."

"It's your decision, Harvey. I'll support you no matter what you decide.", I hear Gilda say. I stop listening after that. It seems that things will go as planned. I mean, I wouldn't be a Batman, if I didn't offer my boy Harvey the position of Gotham's district attorney. What he does after that, is his own choice. I'll see what I can do for him later down the line. I might be able to help him if I think about it. I have no idea when the incident will happen though, so we'll see.

"Mr. Wayne.", I hear a voice say. The voice pulls me out of my thoughts and I look up to see an elderly man walking towards me with a young woman in tow. The young woman would have enchanted everyone, everyone, that wasn't me. But my oh my, she was indeed gorgeous. And if my guess was correct, then I knew this female already. A good chance to update my contingency protocols.


"Greetings Mr. Wayne. My name is Buster Blue. I am the director of the Gateway City Museum of Cultural Antiquities.", the man said and we shook hands.

"Well met, Mr. Blue. What can I do for you tonight?", I ask him.

"In lieu of tonight's art gallery, I just wanted to respond to one of your interests that has come to my attention. You were looking for art and especially Greek?", the man asked. I can see him trying to sound professional whilst being a rather timid man. But there is no deception at all. Now that I think about it, I did indeed sow this rumour that I was interested in Greek art. That was to lure a certain woman. Funny that I forgot about that.

"Ah, you're right. I am surprised that you know about that. You must have good sources.", I say.

"Oh, it's just in the art business. It just so happens that I have brought with me a young woman who works in the Gateway City Museum of Cultural Antiquities and is our specialist for anything Greek. So I wanted to introduce you two.", Buster Blue said and motioned to the young woman.

"Allow me to introduce you to Diana Prince, Mr. Wayne.", the man said.

"It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr. Wayne. I heard a few things about you and your family. Thomas Wayne was a good man, it pained me to hear of his death.", the woman said with an old way of speaking. Yeah, this was the woman who I tried to lure. How lucky to have met her this early in my career. Although I could have met with her sooner. Eh, whatever.

"You knew my parents? I am surprised. You don't look the age in the slightest if you allow me to say that."

I can see a small smile. It seems that she has learnt the way of subtlety somewhat.

"Why would I be offended by something as harmless as my age? I don't understand this notion. However, I did indeed know them and was sad to see them go."

"I see.", I say. It seems she is still not as used to subtlety and the art of reading between the lines as I thought. That just makes this easier. Or harder, depending on the angle you look at it.

"About Gree art. What exactly are you interested in?", she asked.

"Anything really. But I am especially interested in something concerning Greek gods and their fights.", I tell her.

"Oh? You are interested in these things? Do you like Greek mythology?", she asks with a smile.




"No? Then why ..."

"The Greek mythology represents what I consider NOT to do. Buying Greek art, helps me remember how to NEVER act or behave. It teaches us important lessons. What do you think about them?", I ask when I see her surprised expression. Oh yeah, this will be easy.

Hook, line and 'I-create-a-contingency-for-you-and-your-crazy-ass-family-and-the-rest-of-the-stupid-Greek-wannabes'