49 Rip and Tear IV

(Bruce POV)

- 5 years later -

5 years have passed. I have come a long way. Truly, it has been a hellish time ... all jokes aside, I had to go through hell to get where I am right now ... ok that's enough now.

Over the course of my three-year vacation here, I managed to accomplish a variety of things. First off, let's talk about my body. I finished creating the body right now after 5 years of work, it is finally time for me to do a Kenjaku and transplant my brain/mind/consciousness/soul into my creation.

A week after going on my first hunt, I discovered a new element. I call it, Malicium due to the amount of negative emotions and energy it emits and absorbs. Shortly after that, I also managed to create the evil or demonic version of electricity. I laughed like a mad scientist for a while and shouted profanities at the creatures I had captured, like a real Rick.

And that is what would later be the moment when the fate of this dimension had been sealed. Because take all of my tools and gadgets away from me, throw me into this dimension and leave me to die, while my soul gets damaged and I am close to dying, you have a chance that I might die... But if by any chance, I manage to acquire electricity and other materials, well ... you're f*cked.

I started to create more tools that I would use and began to assemble a computer. But there wasn't enough to build one. I needed to visit the cities that are located in this realm. But I wasn't ready just yet, back then. Therefore, I put the computer project on hold and continued to gather materials for my body. I went on longer journeys and searched for stronger monsters and evil spirits. I found some strong ones.


I could feel that the more energy an evil spirit had, the stronger it was. So I created a tool, which allowed me to absorb all of the energy of the evil spirits. The prototype looked like the thing the Flash had at the beginning of the series. But that was too big, so I had to make it smaller. After a few days, I created the perfect tool.

I call it, the bubble gum of absorptin. I know the name seems long, but it does exactly what it says. It had the form of a gun. I would shoot at someone and small bubble gums would fly out and attack themselves to the evil spirit. As soon as that happens, the bubble gum begins to absorb energy and grow in size. The more I shoot the faster this process. The cool side effect this has is that it takes away the movement of the evil spirit.

After testing it, I approached the first considerably stronger evil spirit and fired many shots at him. He was surprised and very confused and not even 10 seconds later, he had been run dry by the bubbles and withered away. The energy-filled bubble gums, I could use for anything I wanted truly. But more on that later.

So having a very good way to take down any creature down here, except the truly powerful ones, I started to send out drones through the city of Dis. Thousands and thousands of miniature drones searched the city in search of good and evil spirits I could use for my new body. I made sure to only take those that weren't very liked or no one really cared about. I also made sure to space the 'kidnappings' out, so that I wouldn't get discovered before I was finished.

Now I didn't take many evil spirits for myself. Mostly I did surgery on them and added the mind control chips to them as well as self-destruct bombs that would help me slowly take control of this realm. The slow takeover had begun.

I created a mind-reading device to see every important detail about the realm and the most noteworthy individuals. That way, I could target key figures specifically and through the use of others I had already subdued. With the help of those and my ever-growing powerful tools, I managed to take control of some key figures in high places. My goal was not to rule this realm, my goal was to utterly destroy it and tear through it.


I also began the work on my Doom Slayer armour. Using the new element, Malicium, I discovered, I knew that I had a very powerful energy source and a way to power my armour. The properties of this element would allow me to absorb any form of energy attacks and store them as well as send them back. That's how my second project the Project: Doom Armour started for 5 years.

I had an image in mind, but I still needed more time. And time was something I had in place here. I knew that it would be centuries before I could return. Thankfully the protocol, 'Batman missing' would activate as soon as Sebas realised that I wouldn't be coming back any time soon.

'Batman missing' is one of the first protocols that I created. I knew that there might come a time when I wouldn't be available, so to keep my cover and still have a Batman in Gotham, I created it. It was essentially a series of decoys, but much more powerful and armed with the best tools and metals I could get my hands on. So Gotham was safe for now and I could concentrate on my problems right now.

Using the many mind-controlled evil spirits and other creatures, I started to gather powerful materials and metals that I would use to create my armour. Malicium was rather volatile and dangerous to handle so it cost me time to deal with that and create something stable and useable.


Now I am finally finished with my new body. It is a body that will last me for many years. I already have plans on how to achieve immortality or at least eternal youth. My soul used to be my main concern but I found out that due to the Hercules Method, I didn't have to worry about that. They were all connected now, so if one was damaged, like my soul used to be, then everything would be damaged and in pain as well, but if one was made immortal ... well I wasn't sure just yet, but it looked good.

My soul finally healed fully after these 5 years. My Chi has made monstrous progress and I have amazing control over it. I will start to practice it after I have transferred to a new body. I want to see whether it might be possible to replicate some techniques from anime. There is Nen from HxH, Ki from Dragon Ball, Chakra from Naruto and even cursed eenrgy from JJK. Cursed energy interested me especially, because of the evil or cursed energy that permeated this realm.

The Chimera body I had created for myself had a very special form. If you were from the world he came from, you would recognise it as an alien. But not just an alien, it was an alien that this kid could ... use and give strange names to.


I made it all black instead of blue though. It just worked better for me. I gave myself a variety of powers. Let's see whether it works out.


I lay down on the table and activate the automatic assembly. There are many different tubes attached to my new body. Various safety measures are in place to stop the process should something go wrong. Mechanical arms grab me, secure me into place and then put me into a tank that I designed for this purpose. An oxygen mask lowers itself on my face and I am put to sleep. The automatic assembly works entirely on my calculations. There is no AI that controls this, so it might appear to be a gamble but it isn't. I made sure to check everything thousands of times before attempting this. I even tested it with living 'volunteers'.



(3rd Person POV)

Sounds of working wheels and different mechanical arms were heard. Bruce's head was opened and his brain was carefully extracted. Then it was placed in a separate cube, which was filled with nourishing water, filled with oxygen. Bruce had created this water to allow the necessary oxygen to get to the mitochondria.

The body of the Chimera was then brought next to the container with Bruce's brain. Many different screens showed different vital signs. The brain waves were looking good and Bruce was still alive, while asleep.

5 mechanical arms, which were cussioned carefully took the brain out of its container and then led it into the tube system, which was there to guide the brain towards the open skull of the Chimera body. Bruce created something of a miniature water park for his brain and after a while, it carefully arrived on top of the Chimera's body and was lowered onto the open skull.

Then the nanites inside the water activated and started to get to work. This is something Bruce created during these 5 years as well. Inspired by the novel 'Nano Machine', he created similar ones that weren't on the same level just yet, but these ones could handle all sorts of energy and other things, so they were better in other areas.

These nanomachines got to work and began to connect trillions of nerves to their respective places. Bruce had increased the cranial nerves to a total of 23. The reason for that is due to the different powers he added and the superior biology this new body had. He had increased muscle density by about 76 times. The reflexes were hundreds of times faster, the skin was nigh impenetrable, and better vision, higher speed, flight, invisibility, intangibility, hellfire breath, immunity to fire, and immunity to heat in general.

But that wasn't all. All of these parts that Bruce collected, were carefully purified over the years with different machines and also his Chi. Bruce had no interest in tainting himself once again. He was not stronger than ever before. His soul had adapted to the realm completely and his Chi had grown dangerous. He understood that normally his Chi would be lost to a high degree when he transfers his brain, but not in his case.

Once again thanks to the Hercules Method, everything he wants will transfer over. After a few minutes, the nanomachines were finished and then entered the body. They would be under Bruce's control and he could use them however he wished. He will continue to make upgrades to them.

Another special thing that this body could do, was use the energy he had collected from evil spirits and monsters. Bruce had added a very special and new organ that acted like a filter for this energy. It allowed Bruce to absorb the energy around him, and then transform it into pure energy and make it his entirely.

That way, he could also start using magic much better and create spells to battle these f*ckers that live here. He also had to soon start his plan that he had created just when he understood what was happening before he was thrown into this hell.


Finally, everything was over and Bruce only had to open his eyes now. He was still waking up from the induced sleep. But after a while, he opened his eyes and saw the world differently. He breathed in deeply, even though he no longer needed air. He had gotten rid of the Krebs cycle in his body and added small power cells to his cells, in order to have them act as his energy production. It was much more efficient than before.

The nanomachines also had power that they could use if something happened, just in case. The door opened and Bruce stepped out. He unfurled his wings and looked at them. He walked around a bit and tried out his body and then ...

"Hahahahahaha, I did it!!! I f*cking did it!!"

... he laughed.

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