47 Rip and Tear II

(3rd Person POV)

The fight continued. The longer it took, the more damage Bruce was suffering. But nothing worked. His losing part of his leg didn't do anything to make the fight easier for the Evil Spirits. On the contrary, Bruce began to fight more feral and instinct-based. He was growing more dangerous as time passed.

We saw the Thanos part now more than ever in him. Good Morningstar did the following. He not only took away every single one of Bruce's gadgets he had hidden on his body, he also took away all of the advancements, Bruce had done to himself. He only had his training, his Chi and his body. No Super Soldier Serum was working right now. And for some reason, this didn't make him any less dangerous, it made him more dangerous.


Because he ripped and tore into these creatures and still kept his monstrous intelligence. But it was enough fighting now. He felt it. The damage done by the Hellfire was taking its toll on him and he had to take care of that. His plan, which he had come up with on the fly and in a VERY short time, required him to survive in this dimension ... for a long time.

His presence had been growing more and more sinister and dangerous. But there were still more than enough to help him in this situation. So Bruce did the only thing he could. He baited a rather fast, airborne monster. He feigned weakness for a moment and as it shot down, like an eagle trying to grab him, he in turn cut off the creature's legs, as it was flying past him and grabbed onto it.

So now Bruce was holding on to this creature for dear life and it was hard. He only had one arm left and needed to get to the top until he reached the monster's brain. He needed this thing to do what he had planned.

Bruce used his powerful Chi that had grown for some reason but gotten a bit 'tainted' and increased the strength of his arm. He used all of his strength, while the creature was flying through the air, trying to throw him off, to climb higher and higher. Against all odds, Bruce managed to do it. What he didn't expect however was that the creature fell from the sky and crashed on the ground.

Bruce was looking a lot worse for wear right now, but he didn't allow himself to feel pain right now. He had to continue. He had to succeed here, or he would die, which wasn't an option for him. There were still so many people to scare and trick. He wasn't going to die, he refused to.


After a very hard fight, Bruce finally reached the head of the creature who was screeching and trying to throw him off. However, Bruce didn't care. He took the nail that he had cut off from one of the creatures he had killed and stabbed it into its head.


He made sure not to damage the parts he needed for proprioception and motor functions. Those were the parts he still needed. He would pull a Rick right now and take over while having this thing act as his transportation and fighting force.

Despite the thrashing of the beast, Bruce managed to open the skull and basically kill it, without damaging the brain all too much. He knew that he couldn't use his tongue to control its movements but he had something else. His Chi. He pumped his Chi into the brain and focused on controlling the muscles of this thing.

It took a while but he finally managed to get a form of control. He climbed on the back of this thing and then started to control it to fly towards a cave or an isolated area, where he could begin his recuperation and Operation: Hostile Takeover.

That's right, Bruce had planned for something like this, when he saw the person who had appeared in his mansion. He wasn't able to take anything with him, because the bastard took it all from him, but he could come up with a plan that might not have been really good, but it was the best he could do on such short notice.


Finally, after flying for a while, they reached a cave. But there was already someone in there. A centipede-looking creature was in there and it didn't look friendly. So controlling the movement from his mount, Bruce fought the centipede. The fight was anything but clean. There were body parts and organs lying around and the entire cave was drenched in the blood of both monsters. But they were both dead so that counted as a win in Bruce's book.

Bruce fell to the ground. He knew that he had to act fast. His soul was damaged and his body was in a very bad state. As soon as the adrenaline wore off, he would die. With his willpower alone he dragged himself on his foot and started the gruelling process of cutting the carcasses up. He couldn't waste any material right now.

The process lasted longer than he would have liked. But after about an hour, he had both of the monster corpses in front of him, cut into possibly useful pieces. Now, he had to gather some materials. He lumped outside and towards a seemingly dead tree. Using his Chi, he cut the tree down and dragged it back to the cave.

Now he had to work fast, as he felt the adrenaline and strength leave him. He flooded what was left of his body with Chi and controlled his body like a puppet. It was only a matter of time until his reserves would run dry and he would really die. He processed the wood as well as he could and got to work.

He took one of the tendons he excavated and prepared it. Then he took different parts of arms, he had prepared and began to knit them together using a nail instead of a needle and the tendons instead of a thread. After a moment, he had it done and did the same with parts of different leg pieces.


This went on for a while and when he was finally ready, he clenched his teeth together and cut off his leg. But he didn't have enough Chi to do it cleanly. That's why he had to literally saw through his lower leg to get rid of the damaged part.


This was one of the worst experiences in his life. But he only got more focused. His will to survive and his anger were more powerful than any physical and soul pain. After he was done, he started the process of sowing the pieces to himself. He had lost a lot of blood, so he needed a blood transfusion. The problem was that these creatures were as tainted as they came. He would suffer greatly.

But that dind't matter right now. He had a job to do and he would see it through til the end. After finally attaching the arms together and connecting the nerves and muscles as well as blood vessels, Bruce took the colon from the monsters and the stomach.

He filled blood into the stomach and put it in a higher place. Then he used the colon and had it act like a transfusion. The pain was immense and when he was finally finished ... he finally fell unconscious.



- Unknown amount of time later -

(Bruce POV)

"Urgh ... F*ck!", I say as I open my eyes with the greatest difficulty. I look down on my body, which proves to be too hard since I am lying on my back and can't move my head that well. I guess it worked ... partially. I'm alive at least. Normally I wouldn't bother with all of this and just kill myself. Project: Phoenix is working back in the Batgarage. The problem was that I was not in the same dimension and I was sure that, this wouldn't work.

That's why I have to result to this crap. I'm basically making myself into a Chimera right now. And yet I can't help but be very very angry. That fucker Constantine ... look out boy. When I get out of here, and I will ... you better watch your back. I'll f*cking find you.

But now is not the time to think about this. I have to get this show on the road. Time waits for no one. Although ... I have a lot of it now. The time dilation is impressive. One day here equals one minute on Earth. Yeah, I was going to be here for a while. But that doesn't matter. What matters is my survival. Good ol' Lucy made a big mistake ... I'm not trapped in Hell with these guys ... they're trapped in here with me. You, idiot, doomed this dimension.

"HAHAHAHAHA ... YOU DUMB F*CK!!!", I laughed when I went over my plan and what this would mean. I laughed my worries and the tension away. After all of that left my body, all that is now left ... is focus and pure f*cking will. You unleashed the Batman on this dimension and you will pay the price. Well, this dimension will pay the price first. So let's get to work.


Armed with a new arm and a new leg, I started to go out of the cave. I needed information first. There is nothing as powerful as information. Sun Tzu said it first: If you know yourself and you know your enemy, you must not fear the outcome of a hundred battles. Or something like that. But that is pretty much true. I make sure to know all of my enemies and potential enemies beforehand. That's why I knew who all of the Mercenaries were and where they were most vulnerable, that's why I injected Hal Jorden with nanites to hack the computers on Oa, and that's why I have plans for the Joker before he even makes his first appearance.

Gathering intel is one of the most important things I can do right now. And that's why I'll do it. I go ahead and map out the geography in my head. I need to get familiar with it for what I have planned. There aren't many residents here in this area. Probably because a major slaughter happened and this is rather remote. I also grab some more of the strange dead trees with me. I test my new limbs and must say, that despite doing this while I was close to death, it is good work.

I will of course pull off something better, but for a few hours of work, not bad.

I also check out the minerals and other useful materials I will use to build and construct the next thing I have in mind. I already had plans for 'Pickle Batman'. I can't do that here, but I'm not powerless here. I will just become 'Chimera Batman' instead. That might even be more scary. I will show this dimension and its inhabitants what true fear is. Not even Parallax can swallow what I'm about to do to this place.

After gathering some samples of different things, I make my way back to the cave. This will be my base of operations for a while. Until I expand my operations to include the entire dimension at least. I will work my way through it systematically. But for that, I will need tools and a much better body. I place the things I gathered to the side and begin cleaning. I need a clean and organised place for this. Hundreds, thousands of different plans and ideas get born in my head and I discard and save all of them while cleaning up and preparing for my work.

First order of business: A new body.

Second order of business: improvements to the new body

Third order of business: complete and utter takeover of this disgusting place


Things are getting crazy my friends. He is not crazy mentally but all inhibitions and limits are off. This mini-arc is not called Rip and Tear for nothing.

This will show you why he is so dangerous. No one is safe ... no one.

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