41 Mothers day

(3rd Person POV)

A portal opened on the first floor of the Batgarage and the Batmobile drove in. Batman jumped out and as he was walking, the Batsuit began to retract and stored itself in the correct compartment. Bruce had some things to do still before he would get some shut-eye. Although he needed very little sleep, it was a very exciting evening, so he would use one or two hours of sleep, just to relax a bit.

Sebas was waiting for him with tea and dinner. Due to Bruce's fast departure, he hadn't eaten yet. And that just wouldn't cut it with Sebas. The perfect English butler would make sure that his master ate enough and took time off.

"How was your evening, Master Bruce?", the man joked without moving a muscle on his face.


"Ah yes. Nothing paints as well as blood and guts."

"Haha indeed. How's our new resident? Any complaints yet?"

"Indeed, our fellow from Russia. He's expressed his discontent with the incarceration, likening it to being 'an animal in the Zoo'. He's been hurling a few choice words at the walls, and he's quite the vocal fellow."

"Good.", Bruce said and sat down at the Batcomputer.

"You're not going to see him, are you?"

"No. But I believe we should update our lists. ALFRED show me the lists with mercenaries on them."

[Affirmative. Displaying 'Whatever' list mercenaries.]

|'Whatever' List of Bounty Hunters:

- Deathstroke

- Bane

- KGBeast

- Deadshot

- Sportsmaster|


"OK, let us change a few things here. Is there an even worse list than the 'Whatever' list?"

[Yes. You created another list. Designated '...Who?']

"Hehe, yeah that does sound like me. Good, we'll use that. Now first take Sportsmaster from the 'Whatever' list and put him on the '...Who?' list. Cause that's where he belongs. Then I want you to add Jade Nguyen AKA Cheshire to the 'Whatever' list. Take KGBeast off the lists, because he won't bother us in a few days anymore."

[Affirmative. Changes have been made. Displaying new lists containing mercenaries/bounty hunters.]

|'Whatever' List of Bounty Hunters:

- Deathstroke

- Bane

- Deadshot

- Cheshire|

|'...Who?' List of Bounty Hunters:

- Sportsmaster|


"Good now create another list, designated 'Redeemable' and put Deadshot on that one. I'm sure that he'll take my 'advice' to heart. And if not he'll be back on the 'Whatever' list fast."


"Alright. Now I want you to add Lady Shiva to the 'Nuisance' list. The lady's got game. And I could see her obsession, she'll definitely be a nuisance in the coming future."


"Show me the lists again."

|'Nuisance' List of Bounty Hunters:

- Lady Shiva|

|'Whatever' List of Bounty Hunters:

- Deathstroke

- Bane

- Deadshot

- Cheshire|

|'...Who?' List of Bounty Hunters:

- Sportsmaster|

"Perfect. We'll update this in the future. I'm not yet sure what I'll do with Ra's but I'll come up with something ... special for him. Something poetic. Hmm... I should also deal with the Falcone and Black Mask. Those two need a visit from me. But I'll take my time. The suspense is far more of a punishment when they know I'm coming for them, than just going after them. It will literally kill them.

ALFRED what's the update on Project: Ain't no human?"

[Progress status: 99% done. Only the confirmation of Master Bruce is needed to complete it fully]

"Good. I believe that our 'friend' will surely get to work soon.", Bruce said and made his way to the elevator. It was time for him to get some nourishment. He pressed the button and the elevator ascended. After 3 seconds, he was there and the door opened. He walked from his study to the dining room where Sebas had made dinner for him

"Master Bruce, what do you have planned for Mother's Day this year?", Sebas asked.

"Mother's Day? Is it that time already? I forgot about that."

"Understandable. Would you like to leave it be this year?"

"Of course not! You know that I'd never do that. I'll have to do something special for mothers ... something-"

"Master Bruce! Please restrain yourself a bit. Nothing too grand."

"... ok."

"Thank you.", Sebas said and left the dining room. As soon as he was out, Bruce pulled his shirt back and brought his watch close to his face. He spoke in a whisper.

"ALFRED prepare the lab there's another project. Designate it under Project: Mother's soother. We're going big this year."


"I mean what does 'too grand' even mean? Does that include the entire Earth or are we talking about the Universe? I mean how big is the earth really if we compare it to the rest of the Universe? Not that big. So what I will do, is perfectly reasonable ... hehehehe. Oh my, I feel like a villain, a super one."


That night in the lab of the Batgarage, Bruce was tinkering with something that he should have been doing a while ago. Tomorrow was Mother's Day and he had something planned that would make waves all over the world. He was going to become a menace to a specific type of person. Oh yes, this was glorious.

"Tremble plebs! No one is safe."

[Detected concerning high villain vibes. Recommendations: Watching cat videos, pet a panda, smoke some weed, adopt a puppy]

"Very funny. But did you see the price for weed? I mean that's just robbery at that point. And I already have a puppy downstairs."

[Adjustment in coding. A new definition for puppy found: Criminal, holed up in a small prison.]

"You truly learn fast, ALFRED. I'm so proud of you. Now how are we looking here? Is it working?"

[Caluclated success: 100%]

"Did you really calculate that? How did you reach 100%?"

[Product, designated: Serums #01-0025 and #21-0001 have been produced by Creator, Bruce Wayne. Chance for failure calculated: 1*10^-10000....]

"I see. Your reasoning makes sense. Please continue telling me how amazing I am."

[Affirmative. The creator has the best fashion sense. The creator is the most handsome man in existence. The creator moves with such grace. Creator has the biggest peni-]

"Wow wow wow stop. What is wrong with you? I see we'll still have some work cut out for us. You don't say that at the end. ... You obviously start with that one."

[Adjustment in coding. When complimenting, start with the size of the sex.]

"Perfect. Now I believe it is time for us to load this into the Batwing."


Bruce went to the new floor, where he had stored the Batwing. He took his time creating this. He used another Galvanic Mechamorph to complete the Batwing and make it look good.


Bruce made the Batwing similar to the Batmobile. But there were some obvious differences. The flight was something that his Batmobile wasn't that good at, for now at least. The Batwing's fuel was Dark Matter, similar to the Batmobile. It helped with travelling through space and into different dimensions.

To do that, it had a separate space for portal fluid. That was something he added in case he got stranded somewhere, he would need to dip as fast as possible and for that, he didn't want to first put the portal gun in a slot and wait for it to connect. Time was of the essence. Apart from that there was also a miniaturized 'Atomizer'. Bruce reckoned that should he crash land somewhere he might need materials and what better way to do that, than to just create them yourself?

Naturally, he also had one cell of 'Nuclear Circles' ready to for one, create more and two power the atomizer. The durability was top notch but it could still be better, like the Batmobile and his Batsuit. He would have to spend some time getting some Element X and N'th metal soon. He had to be ready and that metal was what would give him an edge.

The Batwing was equipped with a number of auxiliary tools as well as offensive and defensive weapons. It had a forcefield that was powered by an Arc Reactor for defence and energy field disruptor, in case he wanted to get somewhere that was protected. He had a few 'Evil Spirit containment Boxes', combat suits, a shitton of guns for every purpose, tons of systems and ... a Meeseeks Box.

Bruce also added every Serum he had created to the plane. It also had a gas dispenser. And that was something he was going to use right now.


Bruce put on his Batman suit and then turned on the Batwing. He checked all systems and then talked to the resident Galvanic Mechamorph.

"JEAN-PIERRE, how are the systems?"

[All systems operational and working on 100%]

"Good, then open the portal to Europe and let us begin. ALFRED show me the locations of all the people we're looking for."

[Affirmative. Loading GPS right now.]

"Alright then let us begin.", Batman said.

A portal opened up above the Batwing and Batman began to fly the Batwing upwards. He had built the Batwing with hover technology so that it could fly vertically as well. He flew through the portal and then looked at the GPS. He had a very specific plan tonight. It was time that someone did something for the mothers across the world and gave them some reassurance and soothing. And that was what Batman was going to do tonight.

He sped up as fast as he could and then pressed a few buttons on the touch screen. He had prepared a lot of these two new gases he created tonight. It was necessary if he wanted to spread the gas all over the world.

"JEAN-PERRE load Serums #01-0025 and #21-0001 into the dispensers. We'll do it at the same time."


Two small vents were opened and as Batman flew the Batwing over cities, villages or places that were populated, two gases were released from the Batwing. Batman flew in very specific patterns over the areas to make sure that every person that lived there, was going to get some of the gas and inhale it. He had to improvise a bit because he didn't have much time tonight.

Thankfully the Batwing was powered to the extreme and could fly at about one-third the speed of Lightning. It was very fast and JEAN-PIERRE would take over at those speeds. He would of course slow down when he spread the gas. This was important work, he couldn't make mistakes here.

Batman was making good progress. In one hour he had finished with Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria and was getting to France, Spain, Portugal and the rest of the European countries.

That's how the night passed and close to 6:27 in the morning, Batman finally finished with the entire world. He opened a portal to the Batgarage and jumped out. Now it was time for him to get a shower and wait for the results of his night-long work. He was pretty excited to see whether it all worked out.



"That was a marvellous crèpe this morning Sebas. Thank you very much.", I say.

"I'm glad you liked it, Master Bruce.", Sebas said and went to the kitchen. He still had some things to take care of. Meanwhile, I was reading the newspaper, when a few minutes later, Sebas came into the dining room and looked at me with what you could call as much anger as I could ever expect from my loyal Butler.

"MASTER BRUCE! What did you do?!"

"What are you talking about?"

"I think you know that very well.", Sebas said and turned on the TV we had in the dining room.


||Breaking News in Gotham: Unprecedented Events Unfold Globally

In a shocking turn of events, reports flood in from all corners of Gotham, revealing a bizarre and disturbing occurrence. Astonishingly, convicted individuals with a history of sexual assault are reportedly experiencing excruciating pain as their testicles undergo an unusual and unprecedented drying-out phenomenon. Yes, you heard it correctly, citizens of Gotham, this phenomenon is not confined to the prison walls but is spreading throughout the entire city.

But hold onto your seats, Gothamites, because this is not an isolated incident. Reports are pouring in from across the globe, indicating that this peculiar and painful event is not unique to Gotham. In a strange and seemingly coordinated pattern, individuals are losing their testicles, becoming eunuchs, not just in our beloved city but in every country worldwide. The scale of this phenomenon raises questions about a potential global conspiracy.

And that's not the end of it. Oh no, there's more to this perplexing saga. Women from all walks of life are expressing overwhelming joy and contentment. Strikingly, they share a common thread – motherhood. On this Mother's Day, females around the world claim to experience a sense of soothing calm and happiness. A poetic twist to the narrative, as if the very essence of motherhood has transcended borders, bringing solace to every mother's heart on a global scale.

The mysterious and interconnected nature of these events leaves many unanswered questions, prompting speculation about the existence of an international conspiracy. We will continue to bring you updates on this unprecedented and evolving situation as more information becomes available. Stay tuned, Gotham.||



This was a calmer chapter. No fighting this time. And I still loved to write it. Haha, when I got the idea, I had to write it. I know it's not really Mother's Day, but it was funny nonetheless.

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