52 Guess who's back

(Bruce POV)

I pressed some buttons on the computer and then waited. It has been far too long.

"Bruce ... how good to hear from you again.", the voice of my butler is heard over the speakers. I can't help but exhale. It has been over 6 months for him but 800 years for me. I have changed somewhat. I became ridiculously stronger in mind and also body in a way. I got what I came here to do. There was not much that could be said other than that.

"Sebas ... I'm coming home.", I manage to say.

"Those are most wonderful news. Gotham could need some of your ... methods again. Lately, ALFRED has warned me that a certain Clown will start soon and asked me whether he should begin the plan you set in motion."

"Already that time, eh? Ain't no rest for the wicked, I guess. Did ALFRED create what I communicated with him?"

"The 'I have had enough of this *beep* hole and am coming back now'-inator is ready, sir.", Sebas tells me and a small smile makes its way to my face for the first time after 800 years. I love my naming sense, it's just so clear.

"That's good, Sebas. Have ALFRED activate it, I'll send the frequency beacon through and he can connect to it. After that, it will work on its own."

"Very well, sir. I shall await your return, Master Bruce."

"Alright.", I say and then end the call.

It seems like Decoy Batman has been keeping Gotham clean but now that the 'Face painter' is coming, I better get back to personally welcome him to Gotham. It would be a waste if I had created all those plans for him and wouldn't get to use them on him, would it? I press some buttons on the computer and then activate the sequence that should connect with ALFRED on Earth and then open a portal out of here. I had to create a powerful key to exit this dimension because I used the energy I gathered from Lucy to reinforce it and stop anyone from entering.

The communication alone was a challenge. I had to create a way for us to communicate across time in a way. Time in this dimension passed faster. One minute on Earth is one day here. So to talk normally, like on a phone, I had to get creative.


One day later in the portal area, the computer picks up dimensional disturbances. I checked it out and saw that the frequency matches the one I was expecting. The time has come. I watch as the portal slowly opens and I see the other side. The Batgarage is revealed. Now, all that is left to do, is to take this equipment I created here with me. And for that, I ripped off Dragon Ball technology ... in a way.

I throw a small disc on the floor, at the centre of the entire base I made. The disc opens up slightly and blue lights begin to scan the entire area. Then everything, all my equipment and the tools begin to dissolve into blue light and flow into the small opening of the disc. There we go. An entire base, stored in a disc the size of a thumb, using space and light technology of my own design.

The only thing left now is to get Mangog. I already have a way to make him with me. The Batballs or Ripp-off Pokeballls with three 'L' so I don't get cancelled. I have collected all the good boys, I have experimented on in the Batballs. So I finally leave this dimension behind and step through the portal.

"Home sweet home."


"Welcome back, Master Bruce. You were missed.", Sebas says as I step through the portal and into the Batgarage. It's been a while.

"Indeed, good to be back. How was everything, while I was gone?", I ask him.

"I dare say, good. All things considered, they went well. Now, before we start exchanging stories and you go all Batman again, I would suggest a very long shower and maybe some sleep ... and some food?"

"... Yes, that would be ... nice."

I took that shower and then went to bed right away. I was still in my Chimera body at the moment. I have learned to use minor telekinesis in Hell. It was necessary, otherwise, I could have never used the computer the way I did. As soon as my body hit the sheets, I was asleep and I stayed that way for an entire week.

After that week, I woke up, refreshed and ready for everything. I had a lot to do before I could sit back and relax again. I was gone for 6 months technically and that was an eternity in terms of missed intelligence. Thankfully, there was Decoy Batman as well as ALFRED who kept things in check and recorded everything. So I only had some catching up to do and then potentially some adjustments to my plans to make. But other than that, it looked good.

I went down to the dining room where a freshly cooked meal was waiting for me. I devoured that food ... literally.

"So Sebas, how are things looking? Did I miss anything?"

"Not really sir. I must say since you 'met' with those Mercenaries and gave that present for Mother's Day, things have calmed down, even in Gotham. Decoy Batman has kept the fear of you as high as it was. But ALFRED has gotten news of the new 'breed' of villains making their debut very soon. As I said, the 'Clown' is about to make his debut and there are others as well, like a certain Wrestler and a man who is trying to save his wife."

"Hm ... I see. So I came back in time then. Well then, let's go and see ALFRED.", I say and together we make our way to the Batgarage. There the giant Batcomputer fires up and I am greeted by my trusty AI.

[Greetings, Master. It is good to see you again. I was worried ... for the Hell dimension.]

"You wouldn't recognize it now. Well, ALFRED, hit me with the things I should know."

[Affirmative. In order of their importance:

#1 Designated: Pantomime

He has started his preparations for his debut and his first 'show' is due soon. The plans you have in place have been adjusted and are ready as soon as you give the go.

#2.1 Body

The tank you have created in the Hell dimension has been fixed and damages have been removed. There are no flaws in the design, as usual, and I added it to the medical sector. I hope that is alright.

#2.2 Body

The necessary materials for your new body have been acquired and are ready for processing. They are stored in their usual place. We can begin, whenever you like. The possible designs you created have been prepared and await your judgement.

#3 Inventory

Everything you have created and stored in the 'Inventory discs' has been extracted and added to their respective places in the Batgarage. Should you wish for some things, you only have to ask. I have created a way to transfer materials to the different floors, no more teleportation is needed.

#4 Situation in Gotham

The currently active villains in Gotham are: ... No one. It seems that everyone is waiting for something to happen. My calculations show that the emergence of the Mime might have that effect if you weren't who you were.

Nuisance List of Bounty Hunters, Lady Shiva has come to Gotham a total of 8 times in the last 6 months. She seems to enjoy watching you or in this case, Decoy Batman bash in criminal heads. There might be something wrong with her. Calculations show that she might be clinically insane. Chance for error: 0.0024%.

#5 Orphan

A young girl has been spotted two nights ago coming to Gotham. She has beat up a group of criminals who were most likely planning on 'harassing/molesting' the girl. Noted that she is exceptionally trained. Not on the level of you, but her skills are almost at the level of Lady Shiva. Certain similarities have been found that might link the two together ... estimated them to be related.

#6 Bruce Wayne

Decoy Bruce Wayne has attended a *Error* amounts of galas. It is starting to get weird Master. Calculations are unable to find reasons for this many galas. Question: Are there no other events in Gotham?

#7 Floyd Lawton

Former Mercenary, Floyd Lawton has turned around a new leaf. While he hasn't set foot into Gotham again, it would seem that he has taken up a 'Hero' persona under the same name. Success: questionable. Your threat seems to have worked and he doesn't take jobs which target innocent and righteous people anymore, but that would lead him to Gotham. Due to your warning, he has stayed away from Gotham and tried to contact you a few times.

#8 Green Lantern

Hal Jordan has returned to Earth with a new Lantern Ring. The data recovered from the nanites has been stored under a new folder designated: Hard Light. It should be possible for you to replicate this technology, should you want to.

#9 Crime

Crime ratings have gone down all over the world after your Mother's Day 'gift'. Congratulations, sir.]


"Those are a lot of things to go over. Thank you ALFRED. Well then, since the Mime is taken care of, for the most part, I guess I have time to create my body again. I wish to wear the Batsuit again after all this time. And talking about the Batsuit, I want to do some upgrades. It is time I take some defensive measures and prepare for any eventuality.

Start a new file, ALFRED. We call it, Upgrades. There are several things I want for both my body, the Batsuit and the Batgarage. I will use the L-energy I gathered from our friend to boost the Batsuit's capabilities to oblivion."

[As you wish, sir. Anything else?]

"Yes, create another file. I am going to designate some time and research some of the powerful metals I haven't done yet. Element X is long overdue. Another thing I will do is finish my research on the soul, which I started in Hell."

[Very well. Files created. We are ready to start.]

"Good. Let's start then.", I say and descend to the medical floor.


I began working on my new body. And this time, there was no holding back on what my body could do. I had tons of plans for it and had already done some pondering about its design which I have sent ALFRED. The height and the looks are going to stay the same. Other than that, I was going for the lean but powerful build. None of the swimmers build that people seem to like.


During my time in Hell, I did a lot of biology research and managed to create 'artificial' or new muscle fibres, which work similarly, but were so much better. I changed the entire metabolism of the future body and changed the genetic material to work differently. I knew that I could use the energy I acquired. I called this energy, L-energy. Using this energy, I removed all the setbacks I still had.

I got rid of waste, the need for nutrients and the production of Lactate. I wanted my body to have no virtual upper limits. I modified the L-energy to manage all of this and combined it with my soul. Using the 'Hercules Method', I had some ideas about how to change the way I would use the Batsuit.

My reason for wanting to research the soul, was because I had planned to fuse the Batsuit with my body. I at first wanted to make it out of subatomic nanomachines, I had created and then have it manifest whenever I needed it to. But that quickly became Plan B, as I began to research the soul. I wanted to fuse the Batsuit with the soul and have it 'become' me, in a way.

I then combined what I wanted for the suit with my designs for my body and what came out of it ... was glorious.


Guys/ Ladies, I have a problem. I have no idea about what reason I should use to even create the Justice League. The MC has surpassed my expectations for maximum badassery. He has reached maximum Lone Wolf(ery) ...

So if you have some ideas why the Justice League would be created, then I would appreciate it

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