51 Done

(Batman POV)

"Bruce Wayne ... so you were still alive, haha. But what is that form? It looks like you had fun. I am impressed that you were actually able to summon me like this. I truly am impressed with your intellect."

"Ah, yes. There it is, the stupid and condescending tone that I have been waiting for over 700 years.", Batman said.

"I must say, you changed a lot of things in here. Wait a minute ... is that Dis? What happened to it?"

"I changed a few things around here. It was far too gloomy for my taste. I know that might sound a bit hypocritical coming from me, but even I have a limit to the cringe I can allow in my presence. Now it is something of a 'Neverland-ranch'."

"It is more like an amusement park."

"I assumed you would understand the reference. Oh well, I guess we have better things to do anyway."

"Indeed, like telling me what amusing plan you came up with to detain me or ... oh 'deal' with me. Hahaha", he laughed amusedly.

"It's good that you have a sense of humour about all this. You will need it."

"There you go again. So arrogant for no apparent reason. You play with toys and think you're powerful. You scare a few weak specks of dust and think yourself to be Parallax. That is the reason why this happened to you. You had better remember who you are talking to."

"How scary. But it is you who should be worried and think about who you're talking to.", I say with a smile, as far as I can smile. It is quite hard with this new body.

He doesn't say anything. He only looks at me with disappointment. Like you would look at your favourite sports player after a disappointing game. He sighed.

"*sigh* and here I thought you were fun to deal with. I feel like I need to act more like my title again. Now take notes boy, for you will understand what true fear is.", he said.



"I am indeed scared. Such an awkward pause ... I have never experienced something so menacing.", I say to him and smile at his confused expression.

"What ... what is going on?"

"I was going to explain but now, I feel like it would be much better for you to find out yourself."

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!!!!!!!", he screamed but his voice had no power behind it. Where normally his whisper could destroy universes and his word create new ones, was now only the sound of an angry man. Batman looked unimpressed.

"You thought that you could come into my house, control my butler, drink my tea and act all high and mighty, just because you were born first? Nonsense. I didn't care about the highest tier of powers. I had no interest in anything outside of Gotham but you had to come and ruin all of this. You sent me to hell ... literally. But I knew that this would be the most likely outcome. I guessed that at that moment, I would have the chance to do this.

I planned it all. The way I would be 'punished' for my 'insolence'. I expected this. I made my way through blood and gore. I ripped and tore through this shithole you once ruled. I killed and experimented on anything, took control of the city of Dis and waited. I bid my time, creating technology from nothing and then upgrading it year after year.

I improved myself. Transferred my brain, soul and consciousness to a new and better body. I trained, researched, invented, tempered my mind and waited. I finally created my magnum opus after many years. And for this ... I knew that this was my greatest creation. What I had planned for many years, had finally come to fruition and had a real chance of succeeding.


Hehe, I was ecstatic. Things started to get into motion. I began to collect energy and waited again. It took another few decades until I could use what I had collected. I began to isolate the realm and after I was certain that I had full control over the dimension, I began to change things. I had to wait and in that time, I would rather have some fun and destroy all of your work, while I was at it.

And now the time came. The time when your fate has been sealed. The day we finally meet again."

"And why all of this? What could lead you to do something like this? Because I came to your house? Is that truly your motivation for all of this?"

"Because you drank my TEA!!"

"... What?"

"That's how it all began. Even if you come to my house uninvited, I could forgive that. But you took control of Sebas. That was your undoing. Literally. I added some of my own creations to your tea. A special variation of larvae, a type of nanites, I created for when I would come into similar situations. I didn't expect you or anyone as powerful. I also wasn't sure that it would work."

"You honestly want me to believe that you would manage to create something that could take me here forcefully? Don't kid yourself, boy, I am far too powerful for something like that."

"My little larvae aren't normal nanites. They siphon off the smallest parts of energy from their host. This can take forever, but those with more energy normally don't notice as much. I made sure to have them take as long as they could.

At first, they only feed off of the energy and grow their special abilities. The more energy they collect, the harder they are to detect. I spent considerable time and my very own 'universal programmer' to give them that particular ability. As soon as they are undetectable, they go over to the next stage.

In the second stage, the larvae begin to strengthen themselves. They use the energy they collect to grow more and more resilient and over the course of this stage, they will be impossible to destroy, depending on who the energy is taken away from. As soon as they have collected enough energy, the larvae hatch and the third stage begins.

The third stage is the active stage, where the nanites can do what I want them. And it is this stage that took about 4 months to achieve with you. I created a device which not only allowed me to collect the energy my nanites collected from you, but I could also control them and use said energy.

Now this might not sound like a hard thing to create, but can you imagine how hard it is to control your energy? A being of your power, your energy should be impossible to control and yet ... I managed to create it.

And now you're here...

Here with me and we can finally settle this. And settle it we will."

"Oh? Haha, do you think I would allow this? Do you think you can do anything to me?"

"What do you think? Do you think I create such a plan and then don't account for this? In this realm, I decide what goes and imagine this. You and your power are what made this happen. We will see how you fare against the things I had to go through as well. Welcome, to the simulation of my experience.", I say and spread my arms.

In the next moment, the surroundings change. Uncountable horrors become visible and crawl from the holes I put them in. The landscape changed as well and hundreds of different biomes could be seen. It ranged from the hot temperatures of a supernova to cold ones close to absolute zero. Lush green fairy forests could be seen as well as the dryest of deserts and ocean biomes.

"What is this? Did you create entire biomes using my energy? And how is that going to defeat me?", he asked.

"No, I created this using technology. And don't underestimate the biomes. Everyone houses creatures that live there and have been changed by me personally, to be the most dangerous they can be in that environment. I hope you enjoy.", I say and then a powerful energy dome covers everything, sealing his escape.


It was a slow start. He didn't want to do anything at the beginning but as soon as the first creatures arrived and dominated him, he got serious. I had created my very own Mangog as a pet and protector. I even gave my Mangog the same ability to absorb the hate and suffering of those around it and grow more powerful. So imagine the variety of monsters I could create using all of that time.

Live feeds showed me how he died over and over again. He was chewed and stung, poisoned, crushed by a python and eaten like that. He was impaled, burnt, frozen, and dissolved using acid. I could hear screams and made sure to record everything.

Now one might ask him/herself how it is possible, that he could die. Well, I created a revival dome. You could die in there but would revive. However, the pain inside has been amplified to 1 million times higher than normal. If you stepped on a Lego in there, you would experience the worst thing in existence ... and I placed Legos all over the place.

This went on, the days passed and the fights went on. I wanted to simulate my experience for the first few weeks and that's what I did. Over and over again, the torture was the worst thing imaginable. And then after an entire year, I stopped and reverted things back to normal.

I saw that it left psychological scars. When I absorbed the energy from him and transferred it here, I waited until I had enough to overwhelm him. And when I teleported him here, I transformed him into a normal human in mind, body and soul. He was for all intents and purposes a human now and therefore none of the resistances or skills or mental age were the same as before. That is why this was the worst torture.


"How was it? Did you enjoy that? Well, I hope you did, because we're not yet finished. We are now going to fight. We will fight and determine that way, what will happen. I will make you bleed my friend. I will show you what I have learnt from these 700 years in here.", I say and set the stage again. The biomes returned but this time, there were none of the monsters. It was only me and him.

"I can see the little hope you still have. Good. That will make it more interesting.", I say and smile. I then start the stage. I send out a mental command and in the next moment, I am covered with nanomachines. They come from inside me and begin to cover me in armour. I spent a long time creating this armour and I made it fitting to the environment.

Slowly I am covered with the strongest metals that exist here and that I could create and mould. And not long after I stand in front of my adversary in my strongest armour yet.


"I named it Hellbat armour. Quite fitting don't you say? I infused it with your energies after taking them from you. Now it is nigh indestructible. I still want to upgrade the materials though. I believe 10th and Nth metal would be a good addition, wouldn't you say?", I said and then got into motion.

The fight ... wasn't even a fight. It was a brutal beatdown. I created a sword similar to the one from Doom Slayer. It was red and crackled with lightning and malice. I used the power of emotion while I was in here. I made my first steps in using the different emotional spectrums and weaponized them. I will do more research on that later.

I ripped and tore the guy for days and weeks. I let out all of my revenge. I didn't have hate for him or anger. I came to terms with things the moment I landed here. My will is now stronger than almost anyone in this Multiverse. I literally walked through hell and killed everyone, made them my slaves and made it my personal storage space.


When I was finally done, there was nothing left of the former 'Star'. I looked at the empty shell and knew that we were done. I finally want to leave this place and go back. I want a scene change. It has become boring for me. They're all piss ants and none can challenge me anymore.

I am already making plans for the body I will create when I go back. I want a human form again, but I will make a lot of adjustments to secure my safety and more. I will still keep this body though. You never know when you need to rip and tear again...


There we go. Next chapter he will go back. He will also create some powerful tools and a body now. For those who don't understand. The reason why the MC said that he had created his 'magnum opus', was that he had created a device that not only could control the energy of the Morningstar, but also apply it and use it to literally change and alter reality.

The 'universal programmer' is similar but it only uses Crisis and Anti-Crisis energy. That is already very powerful but beings of Morningstar's level could resist that. And now he has a way to make the 'Universal programmer' even more powerful...

It will get crazy in the future.

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