58 Darkseid

(3rd Person POV)

"I am entropy. I am death. I am ... Darkseid.", the deep and powerful voice of Darkseid is heard across the city.

The shockwaves have buried a lot of the heroes underneath the rubble and only Barry is already up again. He walks to the others who are lying quite close to where Darkseid is standing.

"Uh ... guys? Is anyone else awake yet? I'm not that good at making chitchat.", Flash says.

"I'm up. But not to talk.", Superman says. In the next second, Darkseid's eyes glow again and he fires two Omega Beams at the two heroes.

Flash runs while Superman flies away from the beams. They are locked onto them. Flash manages to phase through three Parademons but Superman is not so lucky. He gets hit with the beas and is knocked out.


A chopper suddenly begins to fire at Darkseid.



The giant looks into the air at the approaching chopper and fires another set of Omega Beams. But something he didn't expect happened.

The beams ... phase through the chopper. No, that's not correct. The chopper phases through the Omega Beams.

Before anyone can understand what is happening, Batman flies the chopper into Darkseid's face and jumps out just in time, to not be caught in the explosion.


He added some of his own explosives to the mix, which is why it actually did some damage. But it also enrages the titan and his eyes lock onto Batman.

Again his eyes shine bright red. But before he can fire his Omega Beams, I point a laser pointer at him and then ...


A ginormous yellow beam of energy descends from space and impacts Darkseids body.





Everyone except Batman is pushed back by the shockwave. He stands there and waits for the big guy to return.

"Why are you here? What is it that you want here?", Batman asks, knowing full well, that there shouldn't be anything that Darkseid wants on this planet, given that ... it's not even the original Earth of this Universe.

But thanks to Batman's Universal Programmer, it became this universe's Earth and made Darkseid quite angry for seemingly forgetting this planet.

As the dust settled finally, a hurt Darkseid is seen. He protected himself with the Omega Sanctum's energy, but he still suffered surprisingly a lot of damage.

"You ... impressive for a human. Now, die!", Darkseid says and finally fires the Omega Beams at Batman.


Batman waits ... time slows down to a crawl as the two deadly energy beams approach him. They get closer and closer and in the last second, he twists his body to the side and lets the two beams pass by him from the front and back.

He throws a bunch of small smoke bombs on the ground.



The smoke rises immediately. It is much denser and even hotter than normal smoke. But that doesn't work on Darkseid ... or does it?

"I can still see you.", the New God remarks. The two Omega Beams are locked to Batman and change directions reaching him a the same time.


"You can't escape Darkseid.", the giant says.

"I beg to differ.", the voice of Batman is heard as he lands on Darkseids head. He swings his sword that has appeared in his hand again and pushes it into Darkseids eye, damaging him badly.

"RRRAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!", Darkseid screams in pain and rage, as Batman pushes the blade deeper and deeper into the giant's head.

Darkseid grabs hold of Batman and smashes him to the ground over and over again, creating a deep crater.






With his teeth clenched his eyes shine read again and he shoots his most powerful Omega beam attack at Batman, at point-blank range.





Batman shoots far away and crashes through many buildings. As he is lying on the ground, he suddenly speaks to ALFRED.

"How was it, ALFRED? Results?"

[Indeed sir. Data acquirement has begun. Virus implant. Estimated time ... 1:29:02.]

"Good. What about the suit? How are the readings to the energy?"

[Wonderful, sir. It is as you guessed, the adaptability of Nth metal truly makes for a powerful combination and suit, overall. But with the added bonuses and 'programming' you designed ... It is working flawlessly.]

"Good. Sort everything out that you have on the energy. We'll get back to it after the party is over."


"How is Experiment 626?"

[Ready to deploy, sir.]

"Good. Wait for my signal."

[As you wish, sir.]



Green Lantern lands a few meters away from where Batman is after having challenged Darkseid to a 1v1. But only a few beings can do that in the universe and Hal Jordan is not one of them.

"Where ... where are you going? Ahh..."


"You ... you're still alive? Just what is that suit made of?"

"He levelled the rest of the block. We need to stop and find the others and regroup."

"Out of my way Batman. Don't need you. Don't need ... anyone. I can handle this.", Green Lantern says.

"Your arm is broken."

"Ring's still working. That's all that matters.", Hal says and creates an energy construct to hold his arm in place.

"No out of my way!", he says and looks at Batman. But the latter doesn't react. He only stands there and reminds Green Lantern of what happened when they first met. He suddenly sees a monster in front of him again. The same one that put him in his place the same one that grabbed Superman's heart ... and the same one that just fought Darkseid and doesn't even have a scratch.

"Get out of your own way. Focus on what's important here: Everyone else. So far it's been batter up, but we need to stop playing around."

"You were playing around?"

"Go regroup with the others."

"And do what?"

"You're loud. They'll listen to you if you've got something to say. Try to at least sound smart. Keep them alive and keep Darkseid busy until I get back.", Batman says.

"Get back?! From where? Hey where are you going?", Green Lantern asks the retreating figure.

"I'm going to address the heart of the problem. And maybe get Superman.", Batman says. In the next moment, a black portal appears in front of him and he walks through.



(Batman POV)

I appear in front of another portal and then walk through. When I get to the other side, I am greeted with a world of lava and different constructions everywhere.

"Hm ... pathetic architecture. I did better when I didn't have tools and was nacked. What is your excuse?", I say to no one in particular. I am ashamed to see what I am seeing here. All that power and he has a lava fetish.

I walk forward and plant bombs wherever I go. I can't come to another planet and not bring any gifts now, can I?

I reach the place where they keep Superman and hear the voices of two servants of Darkseid, talking to each other.

"The Parademon hives on Earth were ill-equipped to reprocess his flesh."

"But what pleasure it's been to cut it and cut it again."

"Do not acknowledge pleasure, Desaad. It is forbidden."

"The Kryptonian was not brought here for you. He was brought here to become a new breed of soldier. One who will prove vital in the search for the daughter of Darkseid. Our master will not stop until she is found Steppenwolf."

"Then neither shall we. All Hail Darkseid."


"Now isn't that interesting.", I say as I walk towards the two. They turn around surprised that they didn't notice me approaching.

"Who are you, creature?", Desaad asks me and Steppenwolf walks towards me.

"Another experiment walked right into our home, how lucky.", he says.

"I wouldn't touch me. If you touch me you die, there is nothing afterwards only pain, so I give you the tip, don't touch-"

"Haha-", he laughs and then grabs my shoulder ...



... only to immediately fall to the ground.

Desaad, who is holding a sabre in his hand steps back in surprise and looks at me in ... fear or confusion.

"What was that?"


"What kind?"

"Instant. Terrifying thought isn't it? I told him that would happen, so you can't really blame me. Now, what to do with you.", I say and take something out of my Utility Belt.

"How dare y-", he begins and I throw the small cube at his feet. The moment the cube makes contact with his feet, it fuses with him. The next second glowing white lines start to spread from that place and slowly cover his entire body. The process ... is extremely painful, judging from his screams.


But after a few seconds, everything is covered in those white lines and he becomes silent. The white lines suddenly shine brightly and his body begins to transform, from flesh and blood ... into something else.

"You know, you should count yourself lucky that I used this on you. As hard as it is to believe, this is a purely technological wonder you are experiencing. There is no magic mumbo jumbo involved.

What is happening to you, you're asking?

Good that you ask. You see, the small cube that you saw, I call it, the binary transferase. Funny right? Yeah, I think so too. It turns biological material into binary code ... let that sink in for a minute.

The coolest thing about this?

You really ask the good questions. You see the coolest thing about this, is that I can basically use a memory stick to 'download' your entire being and then use you however I wish. I can analyse everything about you this way.

I know what you're saying. A device that powerful, should have a downside or a weakness, no?

Actually, it does not. I spent a long time coming up with the binary transferase ... probably two days or something. So now you can enjoy your existence as a temporary program until I find something more useful for you."


I take out another slightly bigger cube and throw it on the ground. The cube begins to transform and change its shape. It becomes bigger and I have a small computer station in front of me a moment later.

I enter the necessary codes and then start the special program I created for the 'Binary Transferase'. A cable extends from the side of the computer and inserts itself into the head of the 'Binary Desaad'.

*tap tap tap*

I tap away beginning the extraction process. All of his knowledge is downloaded and absorbed by me into the computer. I have two goals for coming here ... ok three. First, I wanted to give Darkseid a nice Batman-esque gift. Something to remember me by.

Secondly, I wanted something very valuable. Something I wasn't able to acquire just yet. But this is the perfect chance to get it ... 10th Metal or Element X.

The third ... what was that again? ... Oh right the boy scout. Yeah, I was here to rescue him as well. But that is not as important as the other things.

*tap tap tap*

Finally, I got what I came here for. There is a lot of dark shit in that guy's brain. But also a lot of knowledge about the research he did on the Parademons and other stuff. But everything is ... subpar honestly. I find that embarrassing. But the true gem is still here.


The binary Desaad gets sucked into a special memory stick I have at hand. Now for the other one ... I think I have the perfect thing for him.

Every tyrannical warlord needs a general they can trust, and luckily for Darkseid, he need not look further than his uncle, Steppenwolf. As one of the immortal New Gods, Steppenwolf's capacity for violence is nearly unmatched throughout the galaxy. ... nearly.

We'll see what happens after I'm finished with you.


10 minutes later, I am finished and take a Pokeball and throw it at Superman. I wouldn't want to forget the one thing the others thought I came here for.








"And three, let's go. Am I a bad person? ... Hahaha, let's go."

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