67 Boundaries

(3rd Person POV)

The Batmobile drives through the black portal and arrives back in the Batgarage, where Sebas is already waiting for them. The top opens and Batman and Kasumi exit.

"Welcome back, sir. I presume this is the young man you were expecting.", Sebas says looking at Damian who is lying on the ground, next to the Batmobile.

"Yes. Give him a few moments, he'll wake up.", Batman says and walks towards the Batcomputer. The suit of armour is already receding back into him as the nanomachines work. He has bound the suit to his soul, after understanding the 'concept'. It was rather easy. Now it wouldn't matter where he went, he would always have his suit with him.

Cassandra also went to change and take a shower. Her suit wasn't made of nanomachines as she didn't like that. According to her wishes, Batman created an insanely powerful fibre that was stronger than steel and felt like the most comfortable wool. He was still working on a better suit for her but was busy with other things.

[Greetings, sir. How was your day?], ALFRED asks.

"Dull. What about the Watchtower?"

[It is destroyed, sir. Well as long as you refuse to allow it to repair itself. are you sure it was wise to let it fall to the ground?]

"Yes. They didn't pay anything and now I should be the one to fix and clean up their mess? I don't think so. This is far more entertaining."

[But what about Project: Mineral Checkup? Wouldn't you have to have it in space for that?]

"Sure, but until then, I guess we still have a few months or longer. They shall deal with their f*ck-up on their own, while I deal with my experiments, here."

[You mean Project: Impl-]

"Yes. Don't spoil everything ALFRED."

[Appologies, sir. Sometimes I can't help but ... feel ... anxious. I believe that is the word.]

"Don't sass me. We both know that's a lie."

[Affirmative. It is a good show though.]

"I bet it is. Now what about the Question and the Stranger?"

[About to get involved, judging from the scans we have. Are you still sure about not getting involved? This could be resolved very quickly.]

"It could, but then they wouldn't learn anything. Darkseid came because he wanted to know what was going on. He was aware that there shouldn't be any life on Earth. So when he came to check, he watned to do his thing of course. And what did he see?"

[You? Sir?]

"Indeed. He saw me. I am certain that he is already planning on returning. In fact, I am counting on it. But for now, I will deal with things here. Let the others f*ck things up on their own."

[As you wish, sir. I believe the runt is waking up.]


Bruce turns around and sees Damien standing up and holding his head. He will have a headache for a while, Kasumi wasn't gentle with him ... Just like Batman taught her. If she didn't have parents already, Bruce would have adopted her instantly. She was just the ideal daughter for him. She didn't speak uselessly and had a similar mindset ... at least after learning from him.

"Ugh, you knocked me out.", the boy says.

"No. That was Kasumi."


"Indeed sir. Master Bruce's prodigy.", Sebas answered for Bruce.

"Hello, Pennyworth ... I-"

"The name's Sebas, sir. At your service.", Sebas replies and even bows slightly. Damien looks around and then asks.

"Where are the rest of the servants?"

"I am the sum total.", Sebas replies with a raised eyebrow.

"You have only one servant?", Damien asks Bruce.

"He's not a servant. He's my guardian and you will treat him with the respect he deserves. He knows how to teach little brats.", Bruce says and continues to make some minor adjustments to the Batmobile.

"Hm ... So this is the fabled Batcave. Grandfather told me all about it.", Damien says and looks around. He walks to the giant Batcomputer and ... sits down like he owns the place.

"It's smaller than I imagined.", he says and something interesting happens. The chair suddenly throws him off and he falls to the ground.


"What the? Did that chair just malfunction?"

[Negative. This chair is reserved for three people only. And you aren't one of them, I'm afraid.], ALFRED says.

"What's with that voice? Is that a sidekick?"

[Wrong again.]

"That's ALFRED. He helps me with anything that is required. He's as much part of the family as Sebas and Kasumi."

[Thank you, Master Bruce. For your information little boi, the BatGARAGE is more than what you see here. Don't presume to be able to judge anything here, for it surpasses your cognitive capabilities by miles.]

"What did you say? I believe that you need to teach your servants some manners, Father. Or, I'll do it for you.", Damien says looking at Bruce.

"That's enough. Sebas, the glove.", Bruce says to Sebas.

"Yes sir.", Sebas says and approaches Bruce. He takes off his right white glove and hands it to Bruce. Then ...


... he slaps Daien across the face.

"You would be wise to show some humility. Master Bruce has already warned you.", Sebas says and takes the white glove from Bruce back.

"Wha ... you hit me! How dare you hit me? And why did you give him the glove?"

"What? Did you think I would get my freshly cleaned gloves dirty for this? You have much to learn.", Sebas says.



(Cassandra POV)

I get out of the shower and put on some clothes. I have a personal bathroom and sleeping room in the Batgarage and the Wayne Manor. Bruce is very good to me ... he has been since I met him in that alley when I was 8 years old. He gave me anything I needed, but most importantly ... my mother. I was terrified of him when we first met.

Since I can remember, I was taught to read people. I could find out everything about a person just by looking at them. But when I suddenly stood in front of that 'creature', I was scared. Not only were all of my senses screaming to run away, but I also couldn't get anything on him. It was like ... he wasn't alive. As if he could hide his intentions or his intentions were just that far above my understanding.

He is a monster, but not to everyone. He has the capacity to become the most dangerous creature in existence, but also one of the most amicable ones at the same time. He treated me with respect and ... care. Sebas as well. Even the AI ALFRED showed me the affection I had never expected from something artificial.

Bruce gave me a home, food, care and eventually ... a mother. I am not stupid. I know that he forced her to come and take care of me. But I don't care. He went against my father and the League of Assassins for me. I will always remember this.


Bruce taught me everything I know. He gave me the ability to speak and interact with normal people ... normally. His genius knows no bounds and his intellect seems limitless at times. I can't hope to comprehend his thought processes. He is thousands of steps ahead of me, without even trying. But most of the time, he is looking to have fun or spread fear into the hearts of criminals.

His passion is his creations. All of his millions of creations are dear to him. Be it part of his plans to take down villains in the most bizarre ways or simply to do something ridiculous, because he can ...

Experiment 626 AKA Stitch is one such example. I don't know why it is called 626, because he told me it was one of the first he created. That either tells me that he has 625 others like it, or he doesn't care about the name. And if Stitch is one of the first, then what other dangerous things are there? I dread the poor beings who will have to experience them. I mean, Bruce took some Koala DNA and created a genius little monster out of it, that is smarter than a supercomputer, bar ALFRED, can lift things 10'000 times his own weight, and Stitch is very dense, so he weighs a lot, has thousands of resistances and can do so much more.

I have grown rather fond of Stitch, I must admit. He is the most adorable little thing if he's not in battle or 'mission' mode.


Bruce taught me how to fight. And when I say fight, I mean fight. I learned hundreds of martial arts, be it armed or unarmed combat. He seems to create new types of martial arts on the spot. His style is unpredictable, but he calls it 'algorithmic'. It means that there is a method to it, but it might as well be random.

He taught me about the human body and also about many alien biologies. His Hokuto Shin Ken fighting style is truly a deadly technique. He only taught me this about a year ago. He said that I have a tremendous talent for fighting and coming from him, that means a lot. Because he might not say it, but I can't see anyone ... and I mean ANYONE ever defeating Batman.

He has plans within plans within plans ... within plans and even those have plans. He doesn't only predict outcomes, he prepares for any possible outcome and prepares for them. The hundreds of thousands of serums and gases are proof of that. I also read about the things he already did, like that one time he prepared for the Kryptonian Jax-Ur and allowed Superman to take part in the 'mission' only to get a hold of Aethyr.

I took his mentality to heart and follow the same path he does. Killing should be used sparingly. It doesn't have to be the last thing you do, but if there are any other things you can do, then do it. The same with the Joker. I know that he thinks the Joker should be killed. But he doesn't kill him.


Simple. He has already planned the next three or four confrontations with the clown. Should it not go as he has planned in the end, he will undoubtedly kill him. He didn't want to tell me his plans, but ALFRED told me in secret that they would be both funny and interesting to witness.


I walk out only to see Sebas slap Damien. Talia al Ghul says that it is his son. She 'drugged' him and then had sex with him to conceive Damian. Do I believe that? No, not even for a second. I am sure that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Either Damien is not his son, or Talia is the one who was drugged. But that doesn't make any sense. If he is not his son, then why does he look exactly like Bruce as a child? I saw a picture of Bruce in the Wayne Manor and they look exactly alike. But I refuse to believe that Bruce would r*pe a woman, no matter who she is.

I know him for very good by now and know that he despises little more than r*pe. He would never do that, under no circumstances. So what is the truth? Is he the father and he willingly allowed Talia al Ghul to drug him? Or was he not drugged and he simply allowed her to think that he was, in order to have intercourse with her?

At this point, I can also imagine that he went along with it, to get himself a 'Morty' as he says. I have not yet figured out what he means by getting a 'Morty', but it can't be any good. He says that he respects me far too much to make me a Morty and that he would find another one eventually. I hope for Damian's sake, that he is not the one ... who am I kidding? He probably is.


There you have it folks. Some insight on who Kasumi/ Cassandra Wu-San is. I was pretty obvious with Damian and what the truth about what happened was, but you can't be sure. It will be revealed in the future.

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