Different Batman

What if in a strange twist of whatever twists, a soul from Earth gets to choose between one overpowered wish or three templates that don't have any superpowers? Wait ... intelligence doesn't count as a superpower here? What a mistake on the twister's side. The soul will of course rather choose intelligence over a boring OP wish. Because three OP wishes are always better than one. Watch as this is a ... slightly different Batman.

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Batman is born

Please send me pictures of suits for Batman. You will find out what I have in mind when you read the chapter. But the following points are important: #1 His face is not visible. #2 It has to be durable. (very much)


(Bruce POV)

I stand in front of the Wayne manor in thought. It's been three years since I left. And even though I kept in touch with Sebas, it just hits differently to be back here now. The door opens and Sebas comes out to greet me. I can see the relief on his face as he sees me. His eyes travel over my form and I can see his recognition.

"It would seem that the journey was fruitful, Master Bruce.", Sebas says and I smile. He embraces me. I am surprised at that but reciprocate his hug. It has been a while since I have gotten a hug. Although ... that's not true. There was this hug with ... ah whatever.

"It's good to see you again Sebas. How's Gotham?"

"As usual. Still, the massive and all-encompassing darkness and depression seem to infest everything. Just the way you left it. But now please tell me about your journey."

"Well, it was indeed fruitful, as you noticed. I have trained under a lot of teachers and learned from the best. I got to see many different cultures and learn from them. Just like I told you, I have gathered hundreds of different recipes to cook and I believe you might also be interested in that."

"Oh? I am indeed interested to see what you learned."

"Great! Then let me get a shower and then I'll cook something. I will make you a few dishes ... *chefs kiss* ... to die for."

"I can't wait."


I was standing in the Batgarage. It still looked the same as when I left it. I had designed the Batgarage in a skyscraper-like fashion. Just that instead of up, it went down. The first and highest level, where my car was located was a very simple level. It was there purely for defensive purposes. I created something of a mix between a simple ramp for the car to enter and exit and a portal gate.

The way I did that was to design my car as a key that would open the portal to this floor. That way only someone who drove the car could ever enter here. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. The car was what I called a smart car. It was fully equipped with pretty much any function you could think of.

I wanted to make a Batmobile that would be very durable. I wasn't planning on spending money on building a new one over and over again.

So I began to first think of things that I wanted to build into the Batmobile before I even thought about any design. There were many things that I wanted to have but I had to wait a while before I built a Microverse that could store everything I needed. I'll do that as soon as possible though.

So what had to go inside?

I wanted to have a fuel source that allowed me to power all weapons that I would add. So the Nuke Circle was my first thought. But that wasn't optimal. So I worked on creating ... Dark Matter Fuel. That's right, I thought that if I was at it already, then why not cover the chance that I had to travel to space?

So that was the fuel taken care of. After that, I took care of the defences. Apart from using the Atomizer and the Creation tool, to make the hardest materials, I had seen up to this point, I also had a forcefield added that was always active. It would flow in between the layers of the chassis and make it nigh indestructible.

Then I had to create a powerful engine and advanced suspension systems to enable the Batmobile to navigate Gotham City's streets at high speeds and handle various terrains. And when I say various, I mean any terrain. I wanted the Batmobile to be able to drive through a portal, we land on a planet made of lava and then say, no problem and just drive like it's a typical Friday.

So I added my Terrain Tool to the Batmobile. Now, what I did was to add not one, not two, but four different ones on all four edges. This would allow me to drive forward and backward without any problem. The terrain tool would manipulate the terrain while driving and make it perfect to drive on.


To power this though, I decided to add the Nuke Circles after all. The way I dealt with the excessive energy was that I would pump it into the Microverse Battery I would create in the future. Which is now.

So we have driving fuel, energy to power the defences and Terrain Tools. After all of that, it was time to add the weaponry. I created something I called smart guns. They did what their name suggests. They were guns that would only hit what I told them vocally.

For that, a program was necessary to aim the weapons. It was either that or I had to program the shells to be smart and I just thought it was a bother to do that. Now apart from smart guns, there were various energy-based weaponry that I tried out and thought were useful. I even added an energy cannon. I just had to ...


Leaving the guns I also added a compartment where I could add the Portal Gun. It was necessary to travel to ... anywhere I wished. I would be the fastest Batman in every scene.

There was an assortment of smoke bombs, sleeping gas, bombs with antidotes should the entire city be affected, and various types of oil slicks to help me evade pursuers or create confusion during pursuits.

Finally, I decided to create an AI that controlled everything inside the car. All the weapons as well as all the other miscellaneous functions, such as telephone communication, internet, satellite connections and most importantly the Terrain Tools. I thought that it would be too complicated to control the terrain tools while driving, so that made things much easier.



So that was the Batmobile for now. As soon as I get more and better metals, I will add those to the car as well. It was easy for me to take the car apart and then rebuild it. That's what the second floor was for. The first floor just functioned as a simple garage for my Batmobile and some suits if I was out or needed an extra pair.

The second floor was the garage where I had something I called 'Energy suspenders'. It was a big cube where I could put the car in and using energy, it would begin to float. After that, I could sit at the computer and manually take the car apart however I wished and do repairs or upgrades.

It was a really cool feature. Like playing a game or designing your car on your computer and then having it 3D-printed in real-time. I could do that as well, but it was just so much cooler this way.


The third floor was my lab. It was a big floor with all sorts of different tools that I could ever use. I could work anywhere here and the entire floor was controlled by a separate program I created to help me in anything I could need help with.

Hundreds of mechanical arms could help me lift things, bring me materials from the fourth floor or connect me to the news and internet and the like. I had a testing ground here as well where I had mannequins that would help me test out various guns or bombs and the like.

I have many things that we will go over as we use them.


The fourth floor was the storage. And it was actually a separate dimension. I created this since I knew that it was too dangerous to just have a separate floor for this. So while it was a floor, you needed a special key to enter the dimension. And the machines on the third floor were imbued with the right energy to just pass through the barrier.

It was an important floor but since I had made it a dimension, it didn't take much space.


The fifth floor was the healing floor. Anything that concerned healing could be found here. From healing pods like those from Dragon Ball to pods to administer the Super Soldier Serum or other things.

I also installed a program here to be of help in case I needed to do surgery on someone or even myself. But my healing serums were better in those cases. But you never know what upgrades or adjustments I would add to myself.

I also did my biological experiments on the fifth floor. It was better this way since I could always use all the medical tools here. The robots and the program on this floor were different from the ones on the third floor. I coded them differently.

Here I would create clones or decoys. Or experiment with anything biological, chemical and the like.


And finally, we get to the last floor. The sixth floor was the training floor. Here I would spend my time training in ANYTHING that I wished. It looked like a very technologically advanced dojo. On the wall, there were all sorts of weapons to train with. Swords, Katanas, Sais, Naginatas, spears, guns and many more.

I first wanted to create a virtual reality to train inside. I was interested in having my brain go through years of training in a very short time, but since I did the entire 7 year training in three and that was only because I didn't rush, I got rid of that idea.

Instead, I created a Virtual Reality that was 'real'. That is a stupid sentence but the best way to put it is that I created a virtual reality where I could create anything and it would then form an energy construct the way I wanted. That would allow me to fight anyone and everyone I have seen before.

It was similar to the Nano Machine from the novel. (Picture)

I could have the program create Ra's al Ghul, Deathstroke or even Superman and could learn how to fight them. I could also make them more skilled or stronger than they were originally. The possibilities were endless.



I am in the process of creating an addition to the first floor, the garage part of the Batgarage. I had already covered all 6 floors with any and all metals that I had access to to protect it. Superman couldn't see through this and the energy field surrounding it ... well I doubt he could break through this. But I am unsure for now. I will need more data on the Kryptonian. And I will have to start as soon as possible.

Kryptonite was a must-grab and was at the top of my to-do list right now. As soon as I get one small piece of Kryptonite, I could analyse its atomic structure and then feed it to the Atomizer. After that, it was an easy process of 'printing' out more Kryptonite. As a protection, against the Kryptonian, I already built numerous radiation guns that could create a dome that mimicked an environment under a red sun.

I leave nothing to chance. For all I know, I could be in a dark universe. More research needs to go into this.


Now for the new addition to the first floor, I am talking about the Batcomputer. But not some backwater bullshit that the original Batman had. No, I am talking beyond Quantum-level shit here. I am talking femtoseconds to analyse the entire 20th-century internet. No, that is even underestimating this bad boy.

I did this for Sebas mostly. Having a computer of this magnitude was of course useful since I wanted to create Artificial Intelligence and make it as secure as possible. There were thousands of security measures. And the AI would be connected to me via a brain chip to make sure that I never lost control.


The door opened to the Batgarage and Sebas walked in with a tray of tea.

"How is the computer coming along, Master Bruce?"

"I am just finishing up. I believe we can start tonight actually. But I won't be using the Batmobile just yet. Just a retcon mission tonight and then we'll see how well she performs."

"Did you finish the suit, sir?"

"Indeed I did. I made it just how I wanted. I will replace the protections with something akin to an Edo-sym suit that was made from smart molecules, which I have plans on how to make. I covered up the entire face and added various life-saving features to it. I think it looks something like Batman One Million, but just more secure and with thousands of features."

"It would seem sir ... that Batman will be born tonight."

"He already is born, Sebas. He already is."