62 Akagami

(Unknown POV)





Help?", I say but I know ... no one can hear me.


I remember it like it was yesterday ... the way I was hiding behind the bush in our garden and listening to Mom and Father, as he was talking to her in his condescending and hard tone.


"She's probably out playing with her friends.", Mom said.

"PROBABLY? She shouldn't leave this house! Her skin condition. That's not something we can take lightly. It's not safe for her out there.", my Father screamed.

"It's not safe in here either."

"What did you say?"

"We can't keep her locked inside forever. The lotion the doctors prescribed protects her. She covers herself and limits her time outside. She wants to go out and see things. To grow.", Mom tried to tell him.

"Since I'm paying for her treatment, I say what she does. NOT YOU!"


I tried to hold my hands over my ears, but I still heard the smack as he hit Mom. When she came out ... she tried to be strong.


"Do you know why this garden is my favourite place?", she asks me, ignoring the big blue eye that she had.

"The flowers are pretty?"

"They are, aren't they? But that's not the main reason. It's because they listen. And sometimes, if you're quiet enough, they'll even speak to you."

"What do they say?"

"Maybe you can tell me.", she says and stood back up.

"Mom? Your face..."

"Honey, parents disagree sometimes. But it's okay. It's nothing for you to worry about."

Some days were worse than others. A bruised arm. A broken bone. Sometimes even the fear of being hit would be enough. But one thing remained consistent.

He always bought of her forgiveness. ensuring the abuse would continue. And her garden would grow with his apologies. My father taught me that flowers could manipulate others.


I came to understand that just like Gotham, a beautiful surface .. only hides the horrible truths beneath. In a fit of rage, my father killed my mother. Burying her in a garden of his making. And adding another lesson to be planted in my mind.

In order to control those around me, I must never lose control of myself.

A special lawyer was responsible for making sure that my Father was put behind bars for life. I could see that it was personal or ... important to the lawyer my father dealt with. Years later I found out that the lawyer worked for the Wayne Family. Or what was left of them.

Bruce Wayne ... it was the first time, I heard that name and it would follow me for the rest of my life.

The similarities were there, but we lived in two different worlds. I was given a chance to attend college and my living arrangements were taken care of ... also by an organisation funded by Wayne.

college was spent finding my true potential. And like other students, I turned to drugs. Only, I wasn't a buyer. The pheromone pills I created in class could be given to students outside of it. To study their effects in secret. But it still caught the university's attention.

Academic probation was off the table. Expelling me from college wasn't. A possible criminal indictment was next. I used my one call to contact the Dean.

The semester before I tested my pills on friends and faculty, I had already met my first case study. I 'convinced' the Dean I was always in his best interest. And all men like pretty things. I was prepared to go all the way, but for some reason ... something always came between.

Nevertheless, the charges were dropped. I graduated summa cum laude that fall. With a new opportunity on the horizon.


"Please remain seated. Physical contact is not allowed. Gotham State Penitentiary thanks you for your consideration.", I was told and sat at the small round table in the meeting area. I hadn't seen my Father since the murder. With the direction my life was headed, I felt it was time.

What do you say to the man who changed your life? To the Father who killed your Mom?

All he could do was stare. Stubborn. Gutless. Without remorse. Forcing me to speak or make the first move. And when all words fail ... actions speak!


I kissed him ... on the cheek, my goodness. My Father was found unresponsive in his cell the next morning. His cause of death was listed as 'heart failure'. By the time a thorough autopsy could be performed, the toxin secreted from my lips would have dissipated. Never to be discovered.


I landed an internship at Wayne Enterprises directly out of college. It was their RED site, formerly Kane Chemical before the merger. I worked in their Bio-Chem division. We helped develop pharmaceuticals and even cosmetic applications. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have greater aspirations. So when opportunity knocked, I answered with a smile.

"I'd like to present you with a business prospect. And cut your advertising division by one hundred per cent.", I said to Bruce Wayne. 

"And what do you propose?", he asked.

"I stand before you as proof.", I said.

"O-kay... I'm not sure I understand.", he said and I had to smile.

"Don't play coy, Mr. Wayne. You might be called a playboy or philanthropist outside of work, but a first-year intern doesn't get a private meeting with you without a little pheromonal help.

Most living species excrete chemicals that trigger social or behavioural responses. Information, territorial boundaries, defence and breeding are just some of their many uses. With my research, we can develop chemicals to target clients in technology, government ... even the military. The sky's the limit.", I was proud of my work.

"It sounds to me like brainwashing.", he says like an amateur.

"I like to think of it as catered product placement. Meeting the specific needs of the customer."

"Or extorting them. Your way removes the act of choice.", he said.

"What if consumers don't know what they want?"

"The decision is always left up to the individual. What you're proposing forces their hands .. and their minds."

"We have time to fine-tune this. To make it acceptable to the stockholders.", I tried to say and appeal to his monetary side. But ... he didn't have such a side.

"I hold your concerns for the stockholder's interest in high regard but don't worry. Even if all of them leave tomorrow, I wouldn't notice. Please don't misunderstand, I think you are a brilliant woman and have great potential, but I prefer to leave the public with their free will ... as ironic as it might sound."

"I'm sorry you see it that way, Mr. Wayne. I'm sure other companies and investors won't be so shortsighted.", I told him and turned around. I thought he would stop me or something else. But that never happened.

"That is your right, Miss Isley. But I hope that you will use your talent for things that are better than to influence others for something as simple as money. If you lack money or wish to open a fund for certain people, I am more than willing to listen."

"Don't bother.", I thought he would stop me. I had used the pheromones for this and yet ... he was unaffected.

Back then ... I thought he was stupid. I was a fool.


This was the first time in my life that someone and not to think a man, was unaffected.

Bruce Wayne ... Bruce Wayne ... again that name.

I took my research. It was mine. Everything I had sacrificed. Everything my family sacrificed. And I had to have it ... anyway I could.

Doused by my chemical compound, it opened my eyes to a new world. I could hear and speak the language of plants. And command them to do what I wanted. I became stronger and immune to all poisons and viruses.

The green of this planet was connected to me. And those that hurt it would feel my wrath.

I was called an eco-terrorist. Even gained a cult following from the youth willing to take up my extremist and anarchist ways. For a time, I was even part of a team. Until they outgrew their usefulness.


Through all that, I was always in the shadow of Batman. He was there the first time I punished those who abused the green.

He lived in the darkness, to protect the light of this corrupted city. The only other comparable person was ... Bruce Wayne. During my first meeting with him, I used the exponentially more powerful pheromones that I could create. But to my utter shock ... he was unaffected.

That was the second time that happened. I didn't realise it at first, but when he 'offered' me his help and I was brought to Arkham Asylum and met my first real friend, Harley Quinn, I had enough time to think.


It was so obvious.

How could I have been so blind?

Bruce Wayne and the Batman ... Bruce Wayne was Batman.


This realisation hit me like a freight truck. They were the same person. Things changed then. I tried to get him to understand me. He said that he did and ... he even spent time listening to me. Me ... a criminal, an eco-terrorist.

The media pulled him through the mud after that and everything he did was considered nefarious and dark.

I never saw him with a happy expression ... I never saw his face at all, not even his mouth. But for some reason, I never saw him as that dark and brooding figure that spread fear.

He was dangerous, that much was certain. When he looked at you ... it was as if a predator or a giant tsunami of poison crashed on top of you.


But he didn't seem to pay me any attention after the beginning. He was busy all the time. With that new group of his ... ~the Justice League~ ... ugh, what a stupid name. I know that they just want him for his money.

And that woman ... ~Wonder Woman~... I can't stand her. I increased my activity and even went back to my old ways to get his attention.

And then ... one month ago ...


"I-I n-now pronounce you m-man and w-wife.", he said and I was finally married ... to Clayface.

I broke Clayface out of Arkham Asylum, manipulating him into becoming my husband - and therefore my bodyguard. I controlled Clayface and used him to attack different locations.

We clashed with Batman of course. I used Clayface to fight him. He stood no chance. None whatsoever. But I could see that Batman wasn't giving his best. He was holding back against Clayface.

When he cancelled my control over Clayface ... I could see the sadness in Clayface and what was worse ... the disappointment in Batman. I couldn't see his face ... but I could feel it. He was disappointed and ... just left after that.


Which leads me to my current predicament.


*thud thuck*

What ... what is this?

I hear something happeneing above me. The coffin I was buried alive in, is moving. Someone came for me. But ... who?



"Was it worth it ... Isley?", the same deep voice asks me that I have come to know over the years.

"You! ... you came."

"Why wouldn't I? I don't kill indiscriminately. Many deserve it and those are not safe from me. But I never thought you deserved to die, Isley. I am convinced that you have the potential for greatness if you would just put your mind to it."

"Yes yes ... you already told me. But I- Wait! Where are you going?"

"I have work to do. You have hurt Basil Karlo ... another stunt like that, and I will put you behind bars. And this time, I will make sure that you stay the full sentence ... is. that. clear?", he asks me.

I have never seen him like this ... but he's right ... I messed up this time.

When I look at Batman, he is already gone. I hate when he does that.


This is the first chapter of this kind. I did not really like it, to be honest. The next chapter will be different. Something that I enjoy.

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