Devil's Luck[Arc 5: Worlds Apart]

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi is a young man, destined to be chained by fate in the early story of canon. He was a man without ambition, drive, will and talent to become something great. Well, that'll soon change. For better, or for worse. .... AN: Alright, let's do this one last time. Here's another Medaka Box fanfic that I hope it'll get to a hundred chapters before I drop it, or not? It depends on life really. And positive comments and reviews, I don't really care much of power stones(tho, that doesn't mean you can't...) but positive feedback on my work really inspires me more to write. Want to check out my pa-treon and be ahead of your fellow WN kin? Well here's the link: pa–treon.com/FroztDouluo *Just get rid of the dash. Edit: I just couldn't find any good art for the cover.... Is this fine? Schedule and the amount of chapters I'd be popping out? Tuesday and Thursday(UTC +8), 2–3 chapters a week(it's usually just 2 chapters because I'm slow at making anime related stories).

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Chapter 122: Chaldea Tour

"So." Zenkichi started, crossing his arms, a small smile on his lips.

"So," Gudako repeated, looking awkward as a ginger haired man dressed in a somewhat doctor's outfit and Da Vinci sat on each of her side. "...we meet again?"

Zenkichi chuckled. "God, we didn't see each other for like an hour and you're being so awkward."

"Well it is awkward! I really felt like we wouldn't see each other in person for a long time, but here you are, appearing in Chaldea without being summoned or get detected by security!" She huffed, looking exasperated. "Do you know that you almost gave us heart attacks when the base started quaking!? We thought that the Mage King had finally decided to kill us all!"

"Which, by the way, am curious how you managed to bypassed whatever enchantments placed on this facility." Da Vinci chimed in.

Zenkichi waved her question off. "I absolutely have no idea. Bring that up to the higher being that sent me here in the first place."

"A higher being? Are you talking about a... God or complete Divine Spirit? Ah but, could and would they even do this?" Romani muttered, looking at Zenkichi with suspicious eyes.

He shrugged. "I dunno. I am but a slave to it or they, but they've been extremely helpful to me so far. So I can't really complain."

Gudako raised an eyebrow. "And what exactly are you doing here, Zenkichi? Besides giving us heart attacks, that is."

Zenkichi leaned back, his smile turning into a smirk. "Well, you could say I'm here on a quest from the big guy who sent me here. I'm here to help you guys fix the next singularity, probably even the final singularity as well."

"Final singularity?" Gudako looked confused, as she thought there was only seven singularities(not including the Fuyuki one).

"... The battle against the King of Magecraft," Romani solemnly added, his expression serious and cold. Very unlike him that Gudako noticed.

"Yeah, that's the one," Zenkichi confirmed, his expression turning serious. "But I'm not sure. I was only given the quest of helping you on your next singularity."

Gudako exchanged a glance with Da Vinci and Romani, a mixture of concern and curiosity in her eyes. "So, you're here to help us with the seventh singularity and possibly whatever comes after that?"

Zenkichi shrugged, "Seems like it. I don't have all the details yet, but I'm guessing it's going to be one hell of a ride." he lightly said. "So, do you guys have any idea what the next singularity might be?"

"Well, we've pinpointed the coordinates but we're still going to need a few days of preparation before we-"


Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sounds of metal hitting metal echoed from down the corridor, drawing everyone's attention.

They exchanged a quick deadpanned look, before both Zenkichi and Gudako stood up with resigned faces and walked towards the door.

"We just left them for like, five minutes." Gudako muttered, her voice tinged with annoyance.

Zenkichi nodded in agreement, a wry smile playing on his lips. "Well, they can't really help it. One wants to defend herself while the other wants to kill her because of some curse or trauma from her past."

"Couldn't your Valkyrie just hide those swords into some sort of sub-space or something? Doesn't she uses magic?"

"Too late. Brunhilde is well truly pissed off now and let me tell you, she can hold a grudge like no other," Zenkichi replied with a chuckle.

As they approached the source of the commotion in the training room, they found two familiar figures locked in combat: Brunhilde and Brynhildr, both of similar identity but different life story. The clash of their weapons reverberated through the corridor, each strike filled with intensity.

With an annoyed expression, Gudako turned to the spectators watching the battle with amusement. "Did no one seriously stop them?"

"Well, it felt like it wasn't our place to stop them, master." Sasaki cheekily said, before turning back to the battle with growing excitement in his eyes. "In fact, it's making me want to spar with someone right about now."

"Oh? As expected, you also feel the same way assassin." Said a man with spiky blue hair, blood-red eyes, and wearing blue spandex-like battle armor. He strode forward confidently, a grin on his face. "You up for some light spar after their little dispute?"

Sasaki smiled and replied, "I'll be honored to fight the Child of Light of Ireland, lord Cú Chulainn."

Cú Chulainn clicked his tongue, rubbing the back of his neck. "We've known each other for a while now, assassin. Just call me either Lancer or Cú. I don't like all that formal talk."

Sasaki nodded. "Very well... lord lancer."

"...." Cú Chulainn groaned. "You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

"Oh? I don't know what you might be talking about."

Their fighting spirit ignited as they stared at each other, ignoring both Gudako and Zenkichi.

Gudako sighed, rubbing her temples. "This is going to be a long day."

Zenkichi smirked, his eyes glinting with amusement. "Looks like we've got our work cut out for us. Shall we intervene?"

Gudako looked at the training room.

The training room was like a simulation room, creating all kinds of environments for combat training. From a burning city to a serene mountain landscape, the room could replicate various scenarios to challenge the combatants.

Right now they were in a vast grass landscape, numerous pits and craters was seen as a result of the ensuing battle between the two valkyries.

"...So how are we going to stop them?" Gudako asked aloud, looking nervous.

"Couldn't you just use a command seal to stop Brynhildr?"

"I, uh..." Gudako stammered. She was hesitant at using her command seals unless it was a necessity or emergency. But looking at how Brynhildr wasn't calming down despite her efforts, she realized she might have to resort to it. With a deep breath, she raised her hand, ready to activate her command seal.

Clang! Clang!

Brynhildr was just about to land another blow on Brunhilde when Gudako's voice cut through the tension-filled air.

"Brynhildr, stop!" Gudako commanded, her voice firm and unwavering.

In an instant, Brynhildr froze mid-strike, her eyes widening in surprise as a red magical energy enveloped her entire body.

"Master..." Brynhildr glanced back at her master in question with sorrowful eyes.

She was about to ask something when a fist hit her square on her right cheek, sending her stumbling back onto the ground, passing out in a second.

"..." Everyone stared at Brunhilde, who stood triumphantly over her parallel version with a smug expression.

She then tucked her weapons into a sub-space and turned to the spectators. "What? Show's over, get outta here!"

The spectators made up of the staff and servants grumbled before leaving, with the exception of Cú, Sasaki, Gudako and Zenkichi.

Cú Chulainn grinned. "Sorry girlie, but my friend and I are next to use this training room."

Brunhilde waved him off. "Sure, whatever. I don't give a damn, at least carry this girl out of here."

Both servants exchanged a look.

""Not it!""

They both turned to each other.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" Cú Chulainn suggested, raising an eyebrow.

Sasaki nodded, accepting the challenge.

"Rock... paper... scissors... Go!"

"Got everything out of you?" Zenkichi asked Brunhilde as she walked up to them.

Brunhilde shook her hand. "Eh, still a bit pissed off that she started swinging at me. But I understand that it's not entirely her fault. I can tell that she wasn't in complete control of herself, is it a curse of some kind?"

"Probably?" Gudako responded with a shrug. "It's hard to say for sure. Maybe it's because you're her parallel self? I heard her mentioned by passing that she'd sometimes go out of control when she see something from her past."

"From her past, huh..." Brunhilde muttered, her expression softening slightly. "I can understand her."

"So, Gudako. Mind giving us a tour around Chaldea?" Zenkichi asked, changing the subject.

Gudako nodded, relieved for the shift in conversation. "Sure, I'd be happy to show you around. Considering you'll be staying here for the time being."

As they began to walk through the corridors of Chaldea, Gudako pointed out various facilities and explained their functions. Zenkichi listened intently, asking questions here and there, his curiosity piqued by the advanced technology and magical artifacts within Chaldea.

Along the way, they encountered familiar faces, exchanging greetings and small talk with other staff members and servants. Despite the occasional interruption from curious servants wanting to chat with Zenkichi or ask about his mysterious appearance, Gudako managed to keep the tour on track.

On their way back to the command room, they started chatting.

"So, you're no longer a servant anymore?"

"Nope. So I'm no longer your, servant, oh great master." Zenkichi said.

Gudako snapped her fingers. "Dangit! And I wanted to order you around some more."

Zenkichi chuckled and shook his head. "But I still managed to retain the class skill of Madness Enhancement, which is pretty neat. And the rewards I got for helping you guys are quite nice."

"Oh right, speaking of rewards. The Holy Grail that you got from the Sun King, do you still have it?" Gudako curiously asked.

Zenkichi nodded and brought out the Holy Grail from his sub-space. "Here."

She hurriedly stopped him. "Ah, no, no. Keep it. You were the who got it after all, besides, we don't really use the Holy Grails we get from the singularities. We usually just store them or..." she then went silent.

Confused, Zenkichi turned to face her. "Or what?"


It was at that moment, the wall to the right in just a few feet suddenly burst open with a deafening crash, sending rubble flying in all directions. Everyone instinctively shielded themselves as dust filled the air, obscuring their vision momentarily.

Once the debris settled, they saw two figures fighting in the midst of the newly created breach. Both were girls with platinum colored hair and dressed mostly in black, one held a ominous looking black sword while the other held a flag.

"You gluttonous bitch! That was my meal!" The girl with the flag roared, her voice filled with anger and frustration. Flames surged around her, responding to her emotions.

The other girl, wielding the black sword, smirked defiantly. "You snooze, you lose, stupid woman. Besides, you've had your fair share of meals."

"I haven't eaten yet!"

"Not my problem!"

The two butted heads, trying to overpower the other.

Magical energy crackled in the air as their conflict intensified, threatening to engulf the surrounding area in their fiery exchange.

Gudako's eyes twitched. "Not again..."

Zenkichi raised an eyebrow and asked. "So, should we step in or...?

"Nah. If these two are here, then "he" should be near to stop them."

It was at that moment, a voice sounded from where the broken wall was.

"Stop, or I'm not cooking for you two for a week."

It was almost an instant that the converging magical energy dissipated, and the two girls froze mid-motion, their eyes widening in horror. Slowly, they turned to face the source of the voice.

Standing in the midst of the broken wall, arms crossed and a stern expression on his face, was a man with gelled back white hair and piercing silver eyes. He wore skin-tight black sleeveless shit, black pants and boots.

The girl with the flag slowly stepped back, "E-Emiya, easy there. W-We were just having a little disagreement..."

The other girl, wielding the black sword, gulped nervously. "Y-Yeah, it was just a little dispute..."

Emiya's gaze softened slightly, but his expression remained stern. "I don't care what your excuses are. You know better than to cause a ruckus like this in Chaldea, again." he glanced at Gudako, Zenkichi and Brunhilde. "Look, you're embarrassing yourselves in front of newcomers. Now c'mon, I got some burgers for you girls."

The two gulped, the sword wielder's eyes shone.

As Emiya turned around, the girls immediately followed after them.

Not a second too soon that they left, the broken wall gradually started to repair itself, as if nothing had happened.

"Well, that wasn't awkward at all, or would be in the near future." Brunhilde said, obviously noticing the semblances on Emiya and the girls' faces.

"As long as we don't mention the camelot singularity." Zenkichi said, and Gudako nodded.

"And as you can see, the servants could be pretty rough with each other or just create trouble. So to save up on some resources and energy, we use the Holy Grail to help reconstruct any damages the facility incurs," Gudako explained to Zenkichi as they watched the wall repairing itself.

Zenkichi nodded in understanding. "Ah, that's pretty convenient. It saves a lot of time and effort."

She smiled. "Exactly. Plus, it's one less thing to worry about when dealing with the antics of our rowdy servants." she stopped, a pondering look on her face.

"Hey, Zenkichi."


"Wanna try and summon a servant?"

They both stared at each other.


"An oath shall be sworn here...!"

Blue magical energy crackled as the summoning circle glowed and a figure appeared before the excited Zenkichi and his friends.


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