Devil's Advocate; In Good Faith

Author: QanorasTales
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What is Devil's Advocate; In Good Faith

Read ‘Devil's Advocate; In Good Faith’ Online for Free, written by the author QanorasTales, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, SLICEOFLIFE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Warlocks. Those that would make a pact with otherworldly beings. The power offered by spirits can be tempting, and the p...


Warlocks. Those that would make a pact with otherworldly beings. The power offered by spirits can be tempting, and the price often only reveals itself after the pact is made. In the country of Getemen, the Civic Alliance Party is trying to figure out legislation to govern the Warlock practice. For this, they have asked the advice of Jurian Cornelissen; a contract lawyer who has, over the years, made a career out of helping these warlocks get out of their bad deals. In this first short story, Jurian tries to make his point to the Party by telling the story of his first interplanar courtcase. For more information about future updates, or if you wish you support me, you can look here: https://shorturl.at/PSY69

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