Destination: Xendra

Author: Dark_Triad
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What is Destination: Xendra

Read ‘Destination: Xendra’ Online for Free, written by the author Dark_Triad, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [On Hiatus]They say lots of people die every minute across the world...well what happens when over 30+ people die across...


[On Hiatus] They say lots of people die every minute across the world...well what happens when over 30+ people die across the world, all at the exact same second? ~~~~~~~~~ A bunch of people are picked up or rather, extracted from their daily lives and thrown into random locations in this new world, where the theme is... SURVIVAL...no surprise there. The only thing they don't know is why? Why were they picked? What is their purpose? Is this simply a new life? Or is this freaking hell a punishment?! Unknown to them, there is no major plot to their storyline, the only purpose they serve is entertainment to the unknown entity which picked them, totally at random, and threw them into the new world. Will they break free of their fate? Or will they die in agony? Just a side note, everyone in this world has a system. The only difference is that the group from earth have a slightly more unique system Follow them on their survival journey as they explore their different races, roles, abilities and... basically their lives in general.

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He wrote let there be humans and elves, the humans and elves appeared. Until one day the Creator disappeared. Our MC is a destitute writer from Earth that was struck by lightning sent from the heavens. Our MC is thrusted into this world of peril, he makes friends and enemies and maybe even (a) lover or lovers. In this world full of strong beings where a single arrow can destroy a planet, a swing divides the earth straight in half and a spear breaks the heavens, our MC is a mere speck of dust with the hope of rising into the heavens and onto the throne of the Creator. ********************* "John, we'll forever be enemies, after all my years of fu****g around you go ahead and kill the son I worked hard for", said the God of Infertility. "Old man, don't tell me you don't suspect the boy's mother, you're the God of Infertility for Creator's sake, you've been cuckolded bro... you're even meant to be thanking me", said John. ******************** "Oh, John did you see my Stick of Fire", asked the Fire God. "Oh is it a black stick that emits heat?", asked John. The Fire God nodded. John scratched his head. "I think I used something like that in removing the strands of dragon meat stuck in between my teeth". "What?". The cover art is not mine I got it from Pinterest. If you are the owner and you want me to take it down inform me. I'm being hesitant on adding the comedy tag on this book. My sense of humor might be different from the readers I'm posting this novel on royalroad.com also

grimreaper906 · Fantasy
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