Desire of Immortality (Harry Potter AU)

When a ruthless CEO gets run over by truck kun, he wakes up as a new person. He was now Tiberius Black, the son of Sirius Black and Amelia Bones. He was neglected by both his parents, but he didn't care as he saw no use for them. This is the story of a man's greed for power and Eternal Life.

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26 Chs

The Master Of Death

Tiberius attacked the Potter Manor and searched for the two Deathly Hallows. He found only the invisibility cloak.

Dobby tried defending the golden trio from Tiberius, but he fried Dobby through his Force Lightning.

The golden trio was shocked and heartbroken at the death of Dobby.


Using my superhuman speed, I rushed to Ron and snapped his neck, I knocked out Hermione and read the mind of Harry.

The resurrection stone is with Lily Potter as Dumbledore gave the stone to her.

I knocked out Harry and took him and Hermione to the Black Manor. I left a note telling Lily to come to the Black Manor alone with the resurrection stone.

I placed Hermione in my room and told Kreacher to make her stay there. I prepared my soldiers that I called upon and gave them firearms with enchanted bullets.

I sent scouts to destroy the Horcruxes, and I gave them the location of each one and gave them the fang of the Basilisk.

I also had tons of tyrants just waiting for my command to attack. The door opened, and Lily Potter came in.

But she wasn't alone, Vivian, James Potter, and Zack were there as well.

Lily spoke with a venomous tone.

"Where is my son, you sick bastard."

"Give me the stone, and he lives."

"Let me see him first."

I clicked my hands, and Harry Potter appeared.I planted a magical bomb inside him, and he knows it, I told him, but he can't talk as I bind his mouth.

Lily got out a stone, I used my magical sense to see if it truly was the resurrection stone. It had a powerful aura around it.

I used my magic to pull it towards me, and I did. All I have to do is reunite the three Deathly Hallows.

"Now give me my son."

"I would give you Harry, but first tell your aurors to back of."

I sensed a squad of aurors outside the Manor, I telepathically communicated with my soldiers, and they appeared behind me.

Lily yelled.


Aurors took off their invisibility cloaks and casted spells, and my soldiers opened fire on them.

I unleashed a barrage of Force Lightning, which killed most of the aurors.

The aurors outside were being killed by my tyrants and soldiers.

Lily screamed, and I heard thunder strikes. She grabbed her son, who tried to speak but could not.

Suddenly, Harry glowed, and I gave Lily a smirk. Harry had tears running down his face as he desperately tried to tell Lily to run.

Lily realised what was going on and hugged her son whilst crying and apparated.

I heard an explosion from the sky, how touching Lily refused to leave her son even when she knew that he would explode.

Arcturus fought my siblings, who were losing Vivian, who was using her phoenix flames, but I bombarded her with Force Lightning.

She was reduced to a crisp, and Zack shouted no, James tried to attack me, but I grabbed his wand and snapped it.

I burned him alive using Fiendfyre, Zack was killed by Arcturus using the Killing Curse.

Soon, all the aurors were killed, and Kreacher brought me the cloak and the Elder Wand.

I got out of the stone, and the three Deathly Hallows began floating. They all were around me in a triangle.

They all glowed and formed the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. Then, a beam of light erupted, and I was engulfed in darkness.

3rd person POV

The beam of light slowly disappeared, and out came Tiberius Black. He had done. He was now the Master of Death.

Tiberius looked towards Arcturus and spoke.

"Father, you taught me so much, and for that, I thank you. but you no longer have any use to me."

Arcturus was confused about what Tiberius was saying but soon realised what he was saying.

Before He could defend himself, Tiberius had only moved his right hand, and Arcturus's neck was snapped.


I looked at the corpse of my true father and absorbed his soul. His experiences, skills, and power were now mine.

My scouts have told me that the Horcruxes were all destroyed. Using my newfound power, I located Voldemort.

I had the power to see and locate any soul, I located Voldemort by using this power. He was surprised to see me.

I didn't speak, I just grabbed him by the throat and absorbed his soul.

Now I was really powerful, I enslaved Bellatrix Lestrange along with her sister.

With my newfound power, I will now conquer this entire world.

3rd Person POV

Tiberius then went on to conquer the entire Wizarding world and then the muggle world.

He manipulated the mind of all the people on earth to be loyal to him and only him.

Tiberius had his scientists and engineers create new and more powerful technologies.

He established an Empire called the Empire of Magi, where he called himself the Magi Emperor.

Tiberius's wife was Daphne Greengrass, and his concubines were Hermione, Luna, Fleur, Astoria, and many more.

The Magi Emperor has many titles, King of Magic, The One Who Conquered Death, and the Master Of Death.

Tiberius now sits in his throne, smiling at the fact that he had achieved his of immortality.

Finally, his Desire Of Immortality was gained.

Author's note: Thank you so much for the support you have given me, I'm very sorry that the story was fast-paced and not that great.

I still consider myself a novice author. I plan on making a kingdom building story in the future where I'll try to make it less fast-paced.

Once again, thank you for reading. Hopefully, this novel encourages you to make your own Harry Potter fanfic with an evil mc.