Desire of Immortality (Harry Potter AU)

When a ruthless CEO gets run over by truck kun, he wakes up as a new person. He was now Tiberius Black, the son of Sirius Black and Amelia Bones. He was neglected by both his parents, but he didn't care as he saw no use for them. This is the story of a man's greed for power and Eternal Life.

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Science Lab

In the Hogwarts Express, Tiberius is thinking about what Daphne just said. He was shocked that already he had a fiance.

Tiberius thought about the benefits of this engagement. He would gain political support from the Greengrass family.


I was quite shocked at what Daphne just said, her future husband? I should ask Arcturus more about this.

If I do marry Daphne, then I could gain more political support, and my child could be useful in the future.

The Greengrasses are famous for their affinity with Herbology and Potions.

There was a one-time Severus Snape that was offered to marry one of the female Greengrass, but he refused.

Astoria looked nervous at how quiet I was, and Daphne was silent.

After a long time, I spoke.

"If what you're saying is true, then it nice to meet you, Daphne. Let's what the future holds for us."

I looked out the window once more, ignoring the presence of Daphne and Astoria.

We reached our destination, and I got off the train, followed by Astoria and Daphne.

Arcturus was there along with Walburga and one man and woman.

The man was tall and had a moustache. He was also bald. The woman was tall and looked like an older version of Daphne.

The man introduced himself.

"It's an honour to meet you, Tiberius. I've heard that you can use the Patronus Charm.

The Daily Prophet has been giving you the title of Grey Lord due to your mastery over the Dark Arts and the Patronus Charm."

Grey Lord, I like that name.

"It's nice to meet you to Lord Greengrass. This must be Lady Greengrass."

The lady smiled and nodded yes.

Arcturus explained about the engagement between me and Daphne. He also told me that Astoria will be my concubine.

I looked towards the two girls. These two will be useful in the future.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you both, I hope we get along."

They all nodded at my words and left with their parents.

Arcturus spoke.

"So, how do you feel about the engagement?"

"Well, I was surprised, but then I saw the benefits of my engagement. My children will be talented and hard working if they have my resolve, which I hope they do."

"Yes, I hope your children are like you."

We headed home shortly, and I went back to daily routine of training.

After a few days, I began going on dates with Daphne to get to know her.

There was no love between us. To put it simple, we were basically business partners. Daphne seeks to marry only because of political reasons.

I see her as someone who will give me children who could be useful to me as my servants or sacrifices in rituals.

On one of our dates, she told me about my reputation among the pure blood families. I was feared for my magical prowess and intellect.

Most of the pure bloods respected me, and the Lords and ladies would encourage their children to be like me.

Except for the Weaselys who feared me and saw me as a Dark Wizard who might be the next Dark Lord.

Overall, Daphne feared and respected me due to my power and intellect.

Daphne was a smart girl who was good in all her classes.

Currently, I was exercising, and my power level was slowly growing.

After I finished my training, I decided to ask Arcturus about the lab I wanted.

"Grandfather, may I have a science lab, please."

He looked confused about why I wanted a lab. I explained to him about the experiments I wanted to do.

"The reason why I want a lab is to conduct experiments that will help break past my human limits."

Arcturus thought about my request and agreed to it. The next day, he showed me to my lab.

Arcturus took me to the libary where I first learned about Dark Awakening. He pulled a book that I had never seen in this libary.

Rather than coming out, the book was like a lever, and the bookcase opened to reveal stairs that led down.

I followed Arcturus down the stairs, there was a door and he opened it.

Inside the door was a lab full of equipment such as syringes, chemicals, and other stuff.

In front of me was a woman who was strapped to a table. She was unconscious.

Arcturus spoke.

"Here's your lab, Tiberius. I will be looking forward to seeing what your experiments will bring."

He then left the room, I looked at the unconscious woman and the equipment.

It's been a long time since I last experimented on a petson. Let's hope I didn't get too rusty.


A few weeks later

Arcturus POV

When Tiberius asked me for a lab, I was curious about what he was going to do with it.

He told me about the experiments that will break his human limits. This intrigued me, and I granted his request.

I wanted to see how his experiments would break his human limits. A few weeks passed, and I was closely observing Tiberius.

Tiberius has been trying to create a potion called a serum. He told me that a serum can be very similar to a potion.

He has been hard at work, creating monsters from the corpses of dead muggles.

I asked Tiberius what kind of magic this was, and he said that it wasn't magic. It was science.

I was quite shocked at the creatures that were created by Tiberius through science, this made me respect the muggles even more due to their science.

Tiberius also told me about human evolution and how all of us were once primates.

He theorised that we magical folk could be the next step in human evolution.

This was an interesting piece of information, but I'm not sure most of the pure bloods will agree with this theory.

Tiberius, soon it will be time for me to pass down my title to you, but I don't think that will satisfy you.

I just wish that I could still be alive to see the incredible things you will do in the future.