40 A Sewn Nichirin Sword?

Going back to Eientei after her walk with Selene, Kiyomi started to write a letter to Ubuyashiki stating that she wanted a few months of break time to finish creating her Nichirin Sword.

"Selene, can you help me give this letter to Ubuyashiki?"

Kiyomi said while tying the rolled-up paper onto Selene's thin leg.


Selene cocked her head to one side.

Realizing that Selene probably didn't know who Ubuyashiki even was, Kiyomi sighed and walked out of the house.

"Selene, I'll be giving you to Ubuyashiki to take care of for a month or so. I'll also be asking him to train you some more so that you'll be able to function normally as Kasugai crows do."

Mistakenly thinking that the owl was given to her by Ubuyashiki, Kiyomi had thought that Selene would also be able to talk like the Kasugai crows given to normal demon slayer members.

Quickly arriving at Ubuyashiki's manor, Kiyomi hurriedly went in to meet Ubuyashiki.

This time, Kiyomi did not waste any time and went directly to the courtyard where Ubuyashiki usually is in his free time.

"Kagaya!" Kiyomi called.

Kiyomi does not feel as much respect as all of the other pillars do because she has not personally experienced anything that Ubuyashki has done that deserved her respect.

Thus she did not call Ubuyashki "Master", like all of the other Hashiras do.

Instead, she called him by his first name, indicating that she saw him as a friend and will not be formal with him.

Though usually, she should have consulted with the person she would call by their first name, or when the friendship between the two reaches a specific point.

Sitting on the porch like always, Ubuyashki was reading a book of unknown content while sipping on a cup of tea.

Without even looking up, he replied casually without any change in expression:

"What is it Kiyomi?"

He was already very used to Kiyomi bursting in at random times calling him by his first name.

Thinking of all of the troubles caused by her, Ubuyashiki doubted whether his choice of accepting Kiyomi as a Hashira was the correct choice.

But thinking again, Kiyomi's strength was undoubtedly the strongest among the people he had seen.

While visiting the Butterfly residence, Ubuyashiki had inadvertently seen the sparring practice between Kiyomi and Kanae.

And of course, the spar ended with Kiyomi utterly crushing Kanae in all aspects, not that she rubbed it in Kanae's wounds, but it was just an unstated fact.

"Kanae said that she was going on a mission?"

The first thing that Kiyomi stated was very thankfully not a request.

Putting the cup of green tea in his hands down, Ubuyashiki replied:

"Yes, Kanae will be going on another demon extermination mission that will be at most meeting lower moon 5."

Smiling, Kiyomi said:

"That's good, hopefully, your intelligence isn't wrong this time, yeah?"

"The intelligence this time was personally confirmed by a Kasugai crow, so it can't possibly be wrong."

Getting the feeling that Kiyomi was about to bring up something annoying at the least and horrifying at the most, Ubuyashiki took up the cup of green tea on the table and took a sip to calm himself.

"Is that so~ Anyways, can you help me take care of Selene for a month or so? It would be best if you could also do a little bit of retraining with her. Thanks!"

Kiyomi put the owl that was standing on her shoulder next to Ubuyashiki.

Then after taking the letter that she has written and putting it on the table that Ubuyashiki was sitting next to, Kiyomi ran away quickly.

Looking at the owl that was standing next to the letter on his table, Ubuyashiki drank the entire cup of tea in his hand in one gulp and grabbed the letter.

"Owl... okay... retraining... sure... Selene.. castration??? ...Nichirin sword... three months? This girl can make Nichiren swords? But why did she ask for twenty sets of crimson iron sand and ore??"

Putting the letter in his hands back down onto the table, Ubuyashiki looked at Selene blankly.

"You were castrated and genderswapped?"


Selene hooted angrily at Ubuyashiki, fanning her wings.

Laughing unrestrainedly, Ubuyashiki smiled at the owl's misfortune.

"Well... It serves you right for laughing at my mispronunciation of English when you just arrived from out of nowhere you little feathery bird."

Being completely infuriated by Ubuyashiki's remark, Selene flew above Ubuyashiki and attempted an ariel assault on his hair.

*Hoot! Hoot!*

"Ack!! Get off me!!!"

Leaving behind the fight between the man and the owl, Kiyomi was giggling as she ran back to Eientei.

The moment she arrived, a few Kakushi and thirty newbie demon slayers greeted her respectfully.


Waving her hands impatiently, Kiyomi dismissed them almost immediately.

"Yeah! For you newbies, I believe Kagaya Ubuyashiki will be sending new instructions for you guys. For you Kakushis, you will be going to the Butterfly Manor to help! Remember to come and clean every few days! I'll have some important manners to attend to!"

After giving the workers and students that were in her manor instructions, Kiyomi ran into the manor and into her workshop where she created magic works.

"Hey, Miyu~! You awake yet?"

Closing the door to the workshop, Kiyomi locked herself in the room and counted the fish rations that were stored in the corner.


"Yah~ I'm awake! What's up Kiyomi?"

The mask on Kiyomi's mask spoke, clearly not fully awake yet.

"Eheheehe~ It's nothing, I just wanted to see if you were awake."


Opening its only eye, Miyu looked at the room.

"Okay then.. are you here to make more of your perverted tools again?"

Taking up the thread and needle, Kiyomi looked at the nicely stacked Nichiren swords in the corner.

"I agree I'm here to use the magic sewing kit again, but my tools aren't that perverted yah know?"

Squinting, Miyu looked at the swords in the room.

"...Alright.... perhaps the thing you make this time isn't 'perverted', but you really can't justify that scalpel you made to genderswap things, can you?"

"Oh come on~! That was just something I made when I was bored~ I didn't actually intend to use it on people!"

"Yeah, yeah, sure... I'm going back to sleep~ Good night~!" said Miyu as the eye on Kiyomi's mask closed.

"Yes, yes~ You have another nice rest Miyu! I'm going to think about what ability I'm going to attach to my Nichirin sword while continue to sew this ore that I had a blacksmith smelt and purify for me."

Putting her hands in a pair of gloves, Kiyomi remembered the promise she made to Kanae of letting her see her sword's color change.

And with one hand holding a needle, the other with a string of scarlet crimson iron thread mixed Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand, Kiyomi started her three-month-long crafting.

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