1 Chapter 1 Entering the Earth

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Dark clouds were covering the sky, different types of fire were scattered around the landscape, and the atmosphere was full of the sulfur smell; this was the legendary Hell.

A black-haired extremely handsome man was sitting on a throne that seemed to be made of obsidian.

In front of him was a dwarf that seemed to be made up of clay.

As the man flicks his finger, the clay dwarf bounces up and slams into the black stone above it.

And a mushroom-shaped thing emerges from the black stone with a ding sound.

Then, as the mushroom fell from the black stone, the dwarf jumped forward to swallow it.

And in the blink of an eye, the clay dwarf which was about 50 cm, turned into a big dwarf of 100 cm.

"It's so boring."

The figure sighed and waved his hand.

Whether it was the stone or the dwarf, i.e., Super Mario in front of him, turned to ashes and disappeared.

This black-haired person's name was Andrew, and he is the master of this new hell.

"After all I'm also a transmigrator aren't I, so why am I so unlucky?

When other fellow travelers go to another world, they can cultivate immortality, or arrive in the anime world and form giant harems.

So why do I have to transmigrate to a brand new hell that didn't even have bugs?" Andrew sighed.

He has absolute control over this hell.

At first, when he just arrived here, he was still a little excited, but after spending a year here, all he was left with was loneliness and mania.

Shaking his head to get rid of some dangerous thoughts. Andrew moved his eyes, trying to penetrate the void; once again, looking at the dimension above him, there was a planet brimming with life.

Although he didn't know why, this planet has a mysterious connection with his hell.

Andrew also wanted to enter this planet, but the problem was that he couldn't.

As there was some kind of golden defense cover consisting of three nodes outside this planet, which was preventing him from entering this plane.

Andrew once sent his projection near the planet trying to enter; but before he got to do anything, his projection was smashed by a golden magic whip.

After that, he tried many methods, but none of them were successful.

Andrew knew that even if he failed all these times, he still had to try or he would be stuck here for eternity.

He needed to find a way to break through defense cover and get onto this planet.

And he was determined to find a way, no matter how difficult it was.

He was determined to find where he was and to see what was hidden on that mysterious planet.

Obviously, on that planet, lives a super powerful being or guardian, that even a hell lord like himself has to be afraid of.

"the more I look at them, the more they feel like something I have seen!" Andrew said, looking at the three power nodes.

"Where have I transmigrated?"

Andrew leaned back in his chair with a desperate look on his face.

If this goes on, he might go wild.

What's worse, he can't even commit suicide - as he seems to be immortal. i.e. - unless this hell somehow gets destroyed; he, the lord of this hell, will never die.


As Andrew was going through his regular monolog and self-loathing, he noticed that a dark shadow was quietly approaching the planet.

There was a strange layer of dark energy on its body, due to which the guardian or protective shield seemed unable to find it out.

Andrew beamed with joy after seeing this; as he quickly sent his projection to approach the shadowy figure and silently attached itself to its body.

The strength of this Black hooded figure was far inferior to Andrew; who is a bonafide hell lord, so he or she didn't even notice a thing.

As they quietly went near the planet's protective shield and used some kind of dark magic to make a small hole in the protective shield. And then sneaked into the planet's atmosphere.

"Looks like it is my lucky day."

Andrew was overjoyed seeing this, but as the hole was too small for more than one person, so to make sure that he could pass through safely, he turned 90% of his power into a curse and merged it into the shadow of the hooded figure, leaving only 10% of projections power with himself to continue to be attached to the shadow.

Soon, as the shadow completely entered the planet, the defensive cover returned to its former self.

Andrew let out a breath as his projection finally entered this new plane and murmured to himself: "Finally, no matter what happens, this projection must stay on that planet, otherwise, I will really die due to boredom in this isolation."


In the late dark night; A shadowy figure appeared on the earth; as ominous dark clouds gathered in the sky and a constant flickering of thunder sounded.

As he gained his bearings, a burst of loud maniacal laughter sounded in the surrounding: "Haha, I have finally entered the earth, you old fool, just you wait, till I find the Contract of San Venganza, then whether it's the earth or the hell, it shall only belong to me the great Blackheart."

This figure, wearing a long black coat, and having a pale face and the looks of an evil villain, is the son of the hell lord Mephisto- Blackheart.

"Blackheart? Son of Demon King Mephisto?"

Andrew, who was attached to Blackheart's clothes, was taken aback for a moment. This name seems to be a character in "Ghost Rider". Could it be that he has traveled to the plane of the "Ghost Rider"?

"No, it should be the Marvel plane. Those three nodes should be the symbols of the Kamar Taj. The one who shattered my projection before should be that baldy, ahem, it must be sorcerer supreme, ancient one. Finally, it all makes sense."

Andrew quickly tried to recall the plot of "Ghost Rider" which he had seen in his last life, and soon his eyes narrowed slightly with happiness: "In other words, this is a god sent opportunity. If I can succeed in doing this, no one can stop me from entering the earth."

It is worth mentioning that although Blackheart said these things in English, Andrew could understand them because his power could analyze mental fluctuations.[T/L-mc is Chinese, but I have changed the name and will try to edit the non-healthy things]

In fact, he can learn any language very quickly.

While Andrew was contemplating, Blackheart had already come to a motorcycle bar.

But as the tall guard at the door wanted to stop him from entering, but he just pointed his hand at the guy's chest.

In the very next second, the tall guard's body started to turn black, starting from his chest.

And soon, he turned into a mummified corpse and fell to the ground; his death later was found out by forensics to be due to sulfur poisoning.

"Little bugs." Blackheart smiled disdainfully, as he walked into the bar and killed everyone in it.

"woohooo~Accidental bumper harvest."

Andrew's eyes lit up as he quietly took away all the souls lying around.

Unlike other demons, Blackheart has no soul, so generally, he does not devour souls.

After killing everyone, Blackheart began the process of summoning his subordinates.

Soon as the ritual was completed, a mass of dirt formed a bald man in the corner; it was an earth demon. Then, a man with long hair and water all over his body emerged from the water.

And finally, a gust of wind blew in from the outside and turned into a long-haired bearded man.

He was the wind demon.

These three demons are all fallen angels from heaven. They have stayed in this world and have merged with natural elements to become demons.

From their tattered clothes, it can be seen that they did not live a well-off life.

Blackheart demon said, arrogantly looking at his new minions, "Help me find the Contract of San Venganza, and then we shall dominate everything."

"Okay, we also don't want to hide every day, in these precarious situations." The three demons looked at each other and chose to agree.

All these years, in order to avoid The pursuit of Kama Taj and Heaven, they had lived an exceptionally miserable life.

That is, it is a good thing they did not need to eat; otherwise, they would have been absolutely malnourished.

Black Heart was about to continue talking when a loud shout came from outside: "Blackheart !"

It was Mephisto who had arrived.

Andrew did not go out with Blackheart.

It's not that he was afraid of Mephisto; it is just that he didn't want to announce his existence for the time being.

Mephisto, dressed as an older gentleman, has come to persuade Blackheart to return back to hell with him.

Blackheart was naturally unwilling.

So he shouted: "You Old fool, haven't you lived long enough why don't you just die already, damn it."

What is the greatest sorrow of a prince? It's a king who will never die, so to get rid of his father, the prince Black Heart has to come here to find the Contract of San Venganza and build a small hell on earth. Only in this way can he become the hell lord.

" I'm not your opponent On Earth but that does not mean you can insult me, kid, beware if you don't stop this foolishness my knight will find you and kill you."

Mephisto saw Blackheart, who didn't want to relent, so he left a cruel word and disappeared by turning into a phantom.

The Sorcerer Supreme protects the earth, and Mephisto can only send on a projection with little power to deceive people into signing a soul contract.

"Ghost rider? The hellfire on him will soon belong to me! I black heart will become the ruler of hell and this world." Blackheart shouted smugly as he thought his father was running away due to him.

But suddenly, his body couldn't move a single inch.

Immediately afterward, he heard a faint voice: "I'm sorry, my friend, your role seems to be over for now, so it's time for you to go."

Accompanied by this sound, a large amount of black gas came out of the Black Heart's body; engulfing him and compressing him into his look alike statue.



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