1 Ye Firm’s Bankruptcy

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Lightning flashed across the night sky as the thunder rolled in the distance, but this weather did not mute the bustle of the city at all. The roads were busy, the lights dancing.

Dim Night—the largest bar in Rongcheng City.

A girl in a black dress was making her way down the wide corridors with trays in her hands.

Her hair was draped over her shoulders, her petite figure exuding an elegant aura. But at this moment, she stiffened.

Ye Banxia slowly reached out to hold the doorknob, her bright red lips pursed tightly. It was a simple act of pushing the door open, but it seemed like she was having difficulty executing it.

In the luxurious private room, the lights were dim and the walls soundproof. The bustle of the outside world was blocked out.

Mo Chenyan was sitting near the corner, with his usual cold demeanor. He had one arm resting on the backseat of the couch, and he appeared to be in a very casual mood. But still, his presence alone—even if he didn't utter a word—was enough to make people feel pressured and intimidated.

"Young Master Mo, this wine isn't to your liking?"

A tall and slightly plump man asked upon realizing that he had not touched the wine glass before him.

Mo Chenyan was the Second Young Master of the Mo family, the one in power of Rongcheng City's leading trade empire.

Before he responded, the door was knocked.

The door to the private room was then pushed open.

The group of people turned around and saw a girl in a black dress standing at the door. Her petite stature was emphasized by the ordinary female server's uniform. In the dim light, it wasn't clear how she looked exactly, but she was completely expressionless.


Someone immediately whistled, while a few men mumbled suggestively in the background.

"Isn't this Miss Ye, the rich girl of the Ye Firm?"

"Young Master Han, you're only half right. She was the rich girl of the Ye Firm three days ago. Now that the Ye Firm has gone bankrupt, you should call her the down and out bar waitress instead…"


The people around burst into laughter.

Han Feng had a sly smile as he waved Ye Banxia over. "Come, come, bring me the alcohol you've got and let us try it. Let's see if the alcohol tastes any different when it's served by a once-rich girl."

With that, he glanced at Mo Chenyan beside him. "Our Young Master Mo over here can have a change in taste."

Ye Banxia was still expressionless and silent. She went forward and placed the bottles on the table before them.

She then bowed.

This was the rule at Dim Night. The customer was king, and even more so when the customer was an influential figure in Rongcheng City.

"Pour it."

Han Feng pointed at the glass before him, then rubbed his chin deviously.

Ye Banxia flinched ever so slightly, but she still bent over to fill his glass anyway.

She did the same for the glass beside his.

She was about to straighten up once she'd filled the two glasses when she felt a strong force on her arm which thrust her forward.

Ye Banxia was shocked. She lost her balance and almost landed flatly on Han Feng. Thankfully, she'd reached for the wall behind the couch to maintain some control over her body.

But before she'd fully reacted to the situation, Han Feng was already inching his face towards hers.

Seeing that a kiss was about to land on her cheek, Ye Banxia felt a chill down her spine and instinctively splashed the remaining alcohol in her hands onto Han Feng's face.

It wasn't a huge movement, but it stunned everyone in the private room.

Those who were enjoying the show previously now stared in shock. The room was utterly and oddly silent.

Even Han Feng was caught by surprise. Nobody had ever done this to Young Master Han!


He yelled, "Do you still think you're the rich girl of the Ye family? Look at yourself in the mirror! You're just a bar girl, what arrogance! Are you courting death?"

He raised his hand, ready to give her a tight slap to the face.

Right as his palm was about to strike Ye Banxia's cheek, someone grabbed him.

"Young Master hitting a woman, wouldn't this be the joke of the town if word gets out?"

It was said in a calm tone, without a hint of anger nor joy. And yet, it was tinted with coldness.

These were Mo Chenyan's first words since Ye Banxia entered the room. There was a very subtle cold undertone to his words, but it was the only thing that gave her warmth in this room.

Han Feng was indignant. "Young Master Mo, you saw what happened. I hadn't intended to do anything, but this bitch acted against me!"


Ye Banxia's lips curled up slightly in a mocking manner. Her eyes narrowed as she directed her gaze at him. "Young Master Han, that was a toast to you for what you just did. Was it too much for you?"

Han Feng was taken aback by the dominance she asserted in her eyes.

But he scoffed all of a sudden as if recalling something. "You're serving drinks here, why act all high and mighty?"

Mo Chenyan let go of Han Feng's arm and turned towards Ye Banxia. "You, leave first." It was a casual instruction.

Ye Banxia swept a glance at him…

The man was indubitably handsome. In the dim light, his features seemed to be carved even deeper, bringing about a sense of honor and class. His nicely-tailored black suit was ironed to perfection, while the silver cufflink was low-key but reflected a certain status.

He was as the rumors made him out to be—extremely good-looking and charismatic.

She nodded towards him gratefully and quickly took her leave.

This suffocating place…

Once she left the private room, she made her way to the washroom and splashed cold water at her face.

Looking at herself in the mirror, face wet and lashes dripping with water, Ye Banxia's brows furrowed.

Just three days back, she had been the Second Miss of the Ye family that everyone could only dream of being. But tonight, she'd been forced by circumstances to serve alcohol for an income.

But she had to adapt to this.

Grandpa had just passed away and Hanyan was still lying in the hospital, awaiting money for the surgery.

She needed the money, and this place, Dim Night, was where she felt she could earn the fastest cash.

She took a deep breath and looked up again. Her clean face had regained its composure, and she was ready to walk out confidently.

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