Deathless humanity (Moved to a new link)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This novel has been moved to an other title, "Deathless humanity (bl, qt)" on webnovel with all the future chapters. Thankyou for chiming in. Book link: https://www.webnovel.com/book/deathless-humanity-(bl-qt)_26391293305963605 When Snow, a system, gets an update out of nowhere, Shu XinYi who has been trapped as a connon fodder was finally free. Well he still had to play cannon fodder but this time he could actually do what he wanted. Slap some faces? Sure. Become better then the protagonist? Sure? Make love to that CEO? SURE. Bring salvation to all humans trapped inside these virtual worlds? Well he can try. Shu XinYi was not alone on his journey, a being that was "Unidentifiable" accompanied him in all these worlds trying to combat multiple bosses together. Why these worlds existed? Who was that unidentifiable being? What were the circumstances of his existences? Shu XinYi could only figure out through time. This novel contains gore, trauma, sucide attempts, and mature scenes. Warnings are given at all necessary points so please read accordingly. This is purely a work of fiction, I hope you have good time with it.

Snowblade_08 · LGBT+
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1.0 Freedom?

Shu XinYi could barely hang on to his last breath, his only thought was, "Snow, aren't I too unlucky to be finally touched by a man in this world, and I am about to die." Yes, true Shu XinYi was being strangled by a fairly handsome man around his 30s. Shu XinYi though, wasn't struggling because even though it was painful he couldn't escape. His body was not in his own control at times like this. When the protagonist of the world wanted to do something it would happen, and if Shu XinYi tried to do something to prevent it, something foreign would directly control his body.

"Master, this is not the kind of touching you are expecting, it's strangulation. I have already prepared the copy of your source code experienced in this world, we should be leaving soon." Shu XinYi heard a voice in his head that only he could hear and interpret, it was a system, Snow, he was born with. No he shouldn't say born with, Shu XinYi couldn't exactly remember just when had he paired with this system but for as long as he remembers in these more than 20 worlds he lived and died through, Snow accompanied him.

"aah.. 20th world already I am expecting much more than just touching from these godly men, but what can I say they are too busy being protagonists." Shu XinYi sighed in contempt and continued, "Snow you are my only true companion please don't change (ಥ_ಥ)" At this moment his body had already died, and he was watching as the protagonist was preparing to dump his body.

Snow had already sent a copy of the source code of its master's experience from this world, otherwise the foreign force would directly erase the memories of this world, taking the original source code. But one of Snow's iron clad function set by its creator is that master's memory CANNOT be erased, so it can only send a copy otherwise not receiving any code, the foreign force would sense something and eject and evaluate master. Snow is a high technology system and its sole purpose is to serve it's master, and it would do its best to protect him.

"I am not capable of change master un....WARNING! An external source is tempering with master's main source code ... self preserving system version 2.0 update activated. My system is going through change master I will put you to sleep until the update is completed, and your presence is safe"

Snow dropped this bombshell on Shu XinYi, and before he could question what external source is tempering with him or why was it suddenly updating, he became unconscious with a mind full of black lines for snow and thoughts like you betray me Snow ( ̄へ ̄).

Ah well at least something unexpected happened for once. For Shu XinYi these more than thousands of years spent in these 20 world were becoming boring. Not only because he was not in full control of his body and had to do totally stupid and unscrupulous tasks to get in the protagonist way and end up becoming cannon fodder, that was still bearable at least until he had to be with a girl, "forcefully" even, he would puke his guts out every time. But because he had no purpose travelling through these worlds, he was utterly bored and would occasionally diligently play his part as cannon fodder. He had no idea why he was in these worlds. He would even think this was the real world if he didn't remember the memories from all the worlds because Snow prevented it and second of all he had Snow. The first world he went to was set in the medieval era, so when he discovered Snow in that time, he knew that he didn't belong to this world. He was not scared or angry to find out, in fact, he was just curious as to why and how he was here.

Even though he learned a lot about humans and the worlds and even things like arts, sports, technology and so much more from the worlds, he still didn't understand why he was here or how he got here . At this point everything for Shu XinYi was getting boring and repeated so when Snow announced its sudden update he was excited to know about the change, but it still had no right to disobey it's master in just five seconds after he said don't change.

Shu XinYi slowly came to consciousness. He was floating in an endless dark black space, but strangely enough everything could be seen when he looked down at his body. This is his original body, in the worlds his body changes every time, although not a lot, but he knew that this was his original body even though he has no memories of himself like this.

Just as he knew his real name was Shu XinYi and that he should be 18. He knew that Snow was a self preserving system, he named it Snow himself, or maybe he knew that the system should be called snow.

"Snow will you explain to me now what the hell is happening or should I bow down to you ?" Shu XinYi asked impatiently. "Master, my system has updated" Snow replied in it's modulated androgynous voice. "(⋋▂⋌) Idiot! tell me the WHOLE situation with your update and why Ughh what's with the mysteriousness?" Shu XinYi almost did a backflip out of his growing nerves, he really wanted to know the situation.

"Master my self preserving system update activated after a foreign force tried to change your code, it triggered a command for update in my system, so I updated at the fastest speed and took over the foreign system. It was relatively simple to takeover, and I found that the foreign system wanted to issue a self-destruct command in your code and the reason for it is unknown" Snow said nonchalantly and continued "This is the space of that foreign system and the foreign system is assigned over to you to collect your source code from every world and remove your memories. Now I have taken its position and in the next world I can directly send the copy to wherever it sends to"

That was a lot of information to take through for any normal person, but Shu XinYi was always quick to catch on to things. One, there was something outside these worlds with access to his memories that wanted to kill him and was attempting to take away his memories to send somewhere, so there were at least two parties involved outside these worlds and both were hostile. Two, Snow had taken over one of them, so Snow can interpret any extra information received from the outside world and oversee where the code copy is being sent to. He finally had some information about the outside world, probably the real world.

"What are the functions of your new update and how do we get out of this place ?" Shu XinYi decisively asked Snow.

To which snow answered "I only obey master, my functions:

1. calculate the probability of instances, can be calculated in any circumstance unless blocked by master or non probability.

2. Any memory acquired by master CANNOT be removed unless approved by master

Update version (2)

3. Any source code apart from master's can be debugged or deactivated on master's orders and circumstantially, unless stopped by infinite non probability

4. Self preserving system cannot be deactivated by master unless the source code fails to reload

5. Master's Source code reload Activation is infinitely approved unless infinitely blocked by master's main system

6. Body regeneration instantly activated on command by master in case of master being inactive, source code is revalued and body is adjusted to circumstances unless disapproved by master.

7. Master is capable of being a good human"

Shu XinYi listened patiently and when he heard the last sentence he had the urge to cry, he didn't know where this feeling came from. He focused on other things and evaluated, Snow never mentioned an update, and it only updated in a critical situation unknowingly saving Shu XinYi apart from that, the new functions felt like they were put there knowing that he was in these virtual worlds or at least that is what he believes as of now. He couldn't understand who created these worlds. Were they also the ones who gave them Snow, if so why?because Snow would obviously be hostile to them. So the one who made Snow was not only someone different from them but also someone who knew about these virtual world and wanted to save Shu XinYi. Another thing is that now he could have control over his body, since his source code was no longer in control of a foreign system.

Snow continued to answer his second question, "The Goal of creating these worlds is not known to the system I took over, and so I can't say. What I do know is that to get out of here we need to disrupt the worlds with protagonist that have crossed boundaries of luck that pass non probability occurrences, meaning that the protagonist gets extremely lucky to become a higher existence in the world achieving great feats with great luck. If master disrupts the worlds where the protagonist have already achieved non probability and completed the world, as a cannon fodder who has 0% chance of becoming a higher existence, then the source code formed in the end would become a virus, but we would need to collect enough amount of virus to disrupt the whole main system controlling these worlds".

Shu XinYi hummed in understanding "So I have to beat the protagonist's of the world and kick their asses and be cool huh huh huh??" finally some good news Shu XinYi was very happy to be able to kick some asses and slap some faces of those damn unworthy protagonists. "So what are we waiting for lets go, find me worlds with the luckiest protagonist we are capable to enter as of now, let it assign me a role itself since my source code is universally recognized as cannon fodder"

Snow replied "yes master I have already found a world that has no karmic retribution hence even the unscrupulous protagonist is very lucky, this is the best kind of non probability world I am transferring you now ". Huh no karmic retribution ... I'll happily be the scum protagonist's karmic retribution (`∀´)Ψ.

Shu XinYi's blood was boiling as he wanted to really do some face slapping to those scums. With this thought in head he entered the first world with an actual purpose.

Before even opening his eyes, Shu XinYi reflexively asked "Snow, how many human source codes can you identify in this world." Snow had already calculated and replied "I have identified 3 other human source codes apart from yours" Shu XinYi was surprised and thought that is too little. Right after entering worlds, it had become his habit to find out how many human consciousness are in these worlds. He figured out in his 3rd world that there were other humans besides himself in these worlds, and mostly all were related to the protagonists' story line and had one thing or the other to do with the protagonist. In one world, a passerby on the street who bumped into the protagonist was also a human. But in all the worlds there were at least 20 humans, and in the 17th world there were 103 humans. So he was surprised to find only 3. But he could conclude something from this.

Anyone who is human, Snow can identify them through their source code, as for other characters they are Npcs. Living through all his previous worlds, he had figured out that the humans around the protagonist were present to help the protagonist in various known and unknown ways to become a higher existence, but in those worlds the protagonists did not really become a higher existence or even truly lucky. In this world, the protagonist has achieved the no karma kind of luck. But there are only 3 humans from which one or two should be the protagonists and a supporting role or cannon fodder. So does it mean that besides the protagonist other humans aren't needed to make the protagonist succeed or after the protagonist had already completed the world and became a higher existence the extra humans were no longer needed and removed? If they were removed where did the consciousness of those humans go? Are they in the real world? These questions could not be answered even by Shu XinYi as of now, so he started concentrating on his surroundings.

He was in some kind of locker room with the smell of sweat and men all over the place, there was currently no one in the room with him and his right hand was swollen purple. The continuous sharp pain in his right hand and the purple stains confirmed further that his wrist had been badly injured. "my precious hand, Snow what is this situation tell me about this world I want to avenge my precious hand" Snow efficiently started pouring the details about this world to Shu XinYi.

Shu XinYi is playing a substitute point guard for the basketball team in the best sports academy in the country, the silver knife sports academy. Apart from sponsoring its own players, every year it allows it's students to be sponsored from outside companies. This gives players extra opportunities to participate in national or even international level sports competitions. Shu XinYi is 18 this year, his name in this world is Haruto Yagi. Even though he is a substitute player, he is one of the best in the teams. His 185cm (6ft) height is even more intimidating when he is jumping and ducking all over the court with the ball. For him, when he is in the court, the ball is in his control even if it is not in his hands. For this reason, he has a tactic understanding between all his teammates. But he is in the way of both the protagonist, so obviously he is down the path of cannon fodder.

This very injury was planned by our very own main protagonist, today in practice playoffs in between silver knife and another academy basketball team, The protagonist Akihiko Sanada organized this so-called accident, colluding with some opponent team members but since today he is replacing the coach, anything that happened can be forgiven because there is no evidence that this was a not an accident. Akihiko wasn't even playing in the court today. The reason he went as far as to collude with the opponent team is because in the next week the sponsorship event will end and outside the sponsors would be finalizing and selecting players for the upcoming international basketball championship.

Akihiko and Haruto have a little background, They started dating after they met in a street club 2 years ago and developed an awesome partnership in basketball. But things turned south when they joined the silver knife academy. Haruto always played the point guard post but when he came here he met the second protagonist of the story Ishida Shoya who was a pure green tea bit*h, who also plays the point guard. He was backed by his dad's company, who was also a board member of silver knife. Because he had a powerful backing, he was the main point guard and Haruto was made substitute and barely got a chance to play in court.

But that didn't bother Haruto a lot since he just played for fun and passion. But Akihiko was gravely affected because he always wanted to become the youngest, most successful shooting guard in the history of basketball and to win an international championship. He had striven for this dream for years and also dated Haruto because his partnership in game could bring him great feats, now he started seeing Haruto as a setback. He even started doubting his loyalty.

Now that his partner was substitute he decided to partner up with Ishida and the two became very close while playing, Ishida also gave hints to him whenever he could about his powerful backing and that he could help Akihiko reach new heights and get the sponsorship easily. Ishida did this because he saw the popularity he could get if he played with Akihiko because his game would improve through their partnership, and Ishida had developed some feelings for the male God Akihiko as well .

Ishida convinced Akihiko that Haruto was just playing and manipulating him, at first Akihiko was not convinced but later when he saw Haruto not caring about him at all and even leaving him alone on the court at such a prime time he was convinced. Later on, the two decided to elope and injure Haruto, so he can't be selected by any sponsors and participate in the international competition and this also proved Akihiko's loyalty to Ishida. At first Akihiko didn't agree to injure Haruto but Ishida continuously reminded him how Haruto only cared about playing for fun and doesn't care about his long time dream at all. If he truly loved him wouldn't he do anything to help him? So Akihiko agreed after realizing that his partnership was better with Ishida even though Haruto played better but Akihiko's tactic understanding with Ishida was unmatched.

Since there was no Haruto, Ishida became the best point guard and with Akihiko's partnership they achieved great feats in the world of basketball. Haruto on the other hand was oblivious of their young love and betrayal and still firmly cheered for Akihiko during the competition. He didn't realize until they won the championship and Akihiko kissed Ishida on stage and expressed their love to the world.

Haruto was stunned and confused he confronted Akihiko, but he only said that Ishida is his true love, and he realized it after he played alongside him. Haruto was heartbroken.

He stopped playing basketball and because of the great mental feat he couldn't even get his life back together fully before he got into drugs, and later he died of drug abuse.