10 The Executioner 1

Walking out the Captain 20 ranger and 30 Shield guards pressured to Follow him just in case he sighs before agreeing Not wanting to deal with this testing a Dimond tier Weapon takes Priority. Walking out with his Group he starts using Conceptual Creating a craft on Treads with a Large Radar dish on top of the 4 Tracks beneath being attached to a fairly large body the Steel forming a Platform that the Tracks are attached to the Dish Starts to spin A Small Robotic Limb with a Camera on it looking towards Jack Making happy beeping noise Jack Face it taps some keys on the board the radar Sending Out 6 Large scale Impulses Giving a display of the terrain around him moving at a rather decent pace. it sends out Intervoles of waves into the environment displaying quite a bit of the hilly terrain around them. it Picks Up red dots jack Smirks taking out his Halberd the group Freeze seeing the Dimond Grade weapon "Don't freeze up just because of this" he Bellows out a Deep Laugh stopping and getting serious Zombies starting to appear in front of him Using the Conceptual construct he forms 2 spinning blades attach to a rotator attach to tracks the blade speed up before Spinning like a Saw blade the Twirlers move out quickly

[twirlers is a Mobile blade spinner that packs a Punch against Zombies level 1 to 2 the blade happens to be 2 opposite blades spinning around be careful it Cuts.]

the Twirlers move faster Scouting ahead and severing any Zombies legs from their Torso Jack Leaps forward bypassing the Twirlers as he hammers down in the middle the hammer Head cracking the ground destabilizing the zombies he looks at 1 before tossing the halberd It Spins around before Connecting Severing the Zombies head from its body. The head rolling beside Jack's feet he lifts up his metal-covered boot and stomps it into the ground Cracking under the shock wave the Halberd Spinning Continuing before teleporting back to his hand he thrust its point forwards skewering another 1 the Rangers Fire off Volley of Arrows at the weak level 1s he dashes towards another group positioning his halberd Behind him axe blade forwards Slashing it across severing the Torso from the legs again. The Zombies fall to the ground the Twirlers doing their Part in disabling other Zombies. Aye Tier 2 emerges From a building Leaving its position and Rushing at Jack.

"hmph" he javelin throws the halberd Nailing it in the shoulder blade staggering it temporarily the halberd appearing in his hand before he positions it in front to the side swinging it diagonally up the Zombie it Staggers backwards howling in rage looking at its detestable prey claws emerge from its fingers Vanishing it appears beside jack slashing it's clawed hand at him hitting the side of his helm and Neck the Deflection making the claw slide off he Spins his halberd stabbing the backed into the Zombies Leg it Grasps it with 1 hand before Vanish appearing a good 30 feet away it growls the Archers Fire off a volley of Shots the pesky arrows annoying the tier 2 it looks at them before a bullet form Jacks side arm distracts it the bang attracting more Zombies. "seems I need to stop playing." Jack points the Halberd forwards it glows a suspicious black mist emerging from it forming a sort Of ring around the blade Vanishing the ground Cracks Jack Swing downwards severing the arm of the creature thousands of spectral entities appearing before circling it. The Zombie swings its arm frantically trying to destroy the entity before they sync stabbing the Zombie their hands having morphed into large Lance blood spurting everywhere. from the many large Holes created the spectral move backwards spinning around it with Their Lance's arm before pointing it at it and stabbing it again. It howls Out dying Shortly after having its head impaled as well.

Seeing the other Zombies Jack Tosses his Halberd spinning counterclockwise it Severes a Zombie closing in on them From a Mile Out shifting his hand inward the halberd Appears. in his hand Moving it downwards, he begins a light jog before the Ground cracks under him appearing in front of the Zombie Before Slashing out the halberd a misty blade following through extending the blades range severing countless more zombies heads. The shield guard Protecting the Rangers as they can't help much. Jack dashing backwards before stabbing the Halberd point down into the ground the Mist Completely Surrounding him before tens of thousands of wraiths having Long Skeletal claws and a cloak veiling their figure rush out homing in on Zombies their terrifying screaming faces Slaughtering the Zombies before Vanishing. He Looks around the Countless shredded Corpses More tier 2 leaving their building to hunt Seeing the Open group of humans attract them as their jaw lax open drool dripping drown at the Feast of flesh in front of them. Sprinting at them Full force the shielders regretting their decision to Come with their Lord Jack looks at this. Vanishing and appearing in front of The T2 Zombie Above it he Slashs the halberd Diagonally down the face It staggers Backwards screaming Opening its working eye to find the perpetrator a pointy Spear tip facing it Before a hole is punched through its skull. Tossing the halberd again Clockwise as it curves towards another tier 2 slashing down its back skimming deep enough to knock it forwards onto 1 of the shields guard spear tips. before it appears in his hand again. he slashes it in an arc horizontal moving from the front to the side. Killing multiple T1 zombies. "That sad their No tier 3s"

Just as he says that a Zombie in a suit looks like a gangster with a suit and a fedora. looks at the beautiful feast in front of it a bullet knocking it out of its Stupor Looking with anger at the perpetrator billions of eyes Surrounded it blinking periodically and always Following it before it covers its eyes screaming leaning over into the ground Multiple tumours growing from it's Back before exploding 2 Skeletal blade wings Appearing from it as it's skin melts a core Forming in its torso Screaming as it Stands up from a leaning position It falls to its Knees a moose Skull appearing in place of its human head crushing it in the process as its bones divulge and shift at a rapid rate before it stands its Legs Like a werewolf looking around wildly it Finds the first Zombie and sprints madly at it eventually using all fours before swinging it's massive Claw down on it killing it.

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