DC :Vampire Queen

Our MC wakes up in DC Universe, confused and annoyed And worried about his weird family and what he should Do in his new like in a world of heroes and villains because he can't think he will fit either of those so what will he Do now Check out how a terrifying new girl on the block of DC can Do Discord link: https://discord.gg/MBFcEVeS If you Dont know how to open it in app go to website

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A new minion

After meeting Miss Martian at Mount Justice, all of the protégées welcomed her with open arms, though some were a bit too enthusiastic. As the day went on, Robin returned to Batman, Aqualad to Aquaman, and Kid Flash to Flash.

Now, only three people remained at Mount Justice: Juli, Miss Martian, and Superboy. Superboy looked at the two girls and then walked away, seemingly disinterested. Miss Martian tried to follow him, but Juli called her out.

"Hey, Miss M, can I call you that?" Juli asked. "If you're okay with it, how about we have a talk?"

Miss Martian turned back and smiled at Juli. "Yes, you can call me Ms. M if you want. And what can I call you, Rose?"

Juli smiled and agreed, "Yeah, you can call me Rose. I heard you're new to Earth. It must be tough for you, isn't it? Being in a completely different environment. I can't even imagine what it's like to be on a completely different planet."

Miss Martian hesitated at first, but then she started talking about her journey from her home planet. She mentioned having many cousins and how her journey was lonely and challenging. However, she wanted to come to Earth because she felt it would be a new adventure for her.

As Juli listened, she knew that Miss Martian wasn't telling her the whole truth. In reality, Miss Martian was a white Martian who fled her home to escape the genocide by the Green Martians. Juli could understand how difficult it must be for her to trust people and open up about her issues.

Nonetheless, Juli still wanted to befriend her and extend some form of friendship. After talking for some time, Juli invited Miss Martian to join her friend group and suggested they hang out together. Miss Martian was overjoyed and agreed to come, and they bid each other goodbye.

Later, Juli decided to seek Batman's permission to take Miss Martian out and help her familiarize herself with Earth to avoid any future complications. She found Batman in the Batcave and asked for his approval, promising to keep an eye on Miss Martian and ensure she doesn't cause trouble.

After getting permission, Juli also bothered Batman with some questions about Cadmus and requested some tools to enhance her gadgets, like a new smoke bomb with a larger radius.

Once everything was settled, Juli was excited for the upcoming week. But before that, she went on her nightly patrol to deal with small-time criminals and feed on some of them as a vampire. But first she returned home to rest and discovered the existence of Twitter in this world. She couldn't help but notice some brainless and hateful posts, but also some related to superheroes she almost felt at home looking through it like one of them said How Superman was a god and he should rule us

And many other so after losing her braincells she went out for tonight.

In Gotham City, every day was hectic and today was the same. Julie was on a night hunt and she recognized some of the problems that were happening. Just like a major threat was coming along in the name of Solomon Grundy.

After she recognized the threat , she was excited to test her new powers out on Solomon Grundy, because he was the perfect thing to test out power on, she recognized, because he was undead being and cannot be killed. She went ahead and started to fight it and it lasted for almost hour and a half when she gave up on it.

Solomon Grundy was something else entirely because no matter how hard you punch it or no matter how powerful of a beatdown you give it, he will come back always and he was also really strong so it caused destruction in the surrounding area and she doesn't wanted more destruction to spread as people were already abandoned everything in the area that they were fighting in so she reluctantly called Batman for backup.

It was not a fun night, to be honest. In the starting she was having some fun, but in the end, Solomon Grundy proved herself to be too much even for her. He was a beast of an undead. She didn't even know what he runs on. The magic curse was too strong, but still they somehow took care of and Grundy was half killed again for next time to come back from the swamp.

After taking care of it, it almost took all night to deal with a menace like Grundy, but still she evaluated her powers. It was still not nowhere close to superman level power, but still she can go almost toe to toe with some of the big powerhouses now, but still she was now little more humbled after her experience tonight.

After everything was over, she went towards the place that she has recognized as a safe place and an empty place where she can conduct some of the shady things she wanted to do. So she went there, and from her darkness, a dog came out, and from it, two of the corpses were now laying in front of her. It was now almost morning, 6 , sun was just coming out.

she looked at the two corpses and got a little excited because tonight's and there were no people that she can drink blood from so she first looked at the two corpses and first she went for the smaller one the 10 year old looking clone and she started to drain it dry and the familiar burning sensation went towards her body and empowered her even more.

It took herself half an hour to drink every blood and savour it and get more powerful from the first clone. And where she was right now, sun was now up and first morning rays were drowning them and from it she heard a crunch. In her still empowered state she first dismissed it but now looked back and she was a little shocked.

what she was seeing was the clone the girl that looked like a standard for a 18 year old she looked that the broken neck was fixing herself in the sun rays and she recognized what was happening it was showing of Kryptonian bloodline power that was happening in front of her a miracle almost

Julie when looked at the clone she called bullshit in her head it was such a bullshit thing to happen but still she can't complain much as she can come back from even worst even if somebody chopped her head in hundred pieces she will be back in no time anyway so she can't call others partial immortality bullshit but still she was a little shocked with the Kryptonian resilience to life

The clone was done fixing herself and her eyes were still closed but now she was breathing again and almost looked like will wake up at any time, she was sleeping peacefully but when Julie looked at her she had a nice idea because this was not a clone that will live long and will fail in some time anyway so she recognized she can do one thing, she formed an idea of making it her a minion.

before the clone fully wake up or become fully charged she leaned at it and planted her teeth in it and started to form a connection between herself and the clone her vampiric blood started to flow through the minion and Julie felt a connection with the clone she recognized the clone has some basic memories but she was still like a little child with almost nothing.

When the process was finally over, the clone slept like a baby. It still wouldn't wake up and she recognized that it will not wake up for some time. But still, she carried it to her home and directly laid it on her bed. It was an exhausting day, but still, Julie was more than happy that she finally had a companion. And not just any companion, but a Kryptonian companion to herself.