DC: True Power of Ancient Saiyan

Cadmus, a secret division of the US government dedicated to countering the power of metahumans worldwide, particularly members of the Justice League. Famous for creating the Doomsday clone and Galatea, what if there are other secrets hidden deep within this division? After a major discovery and some lucky coincidences, they have managed to create a new project. An enhanced being from one of the best warrior races ever to exist in the fictional world, who fights, kills and destroys anyone who gets in its way. A person who wakes up in a Saiyan body, however, soon realises that he is not in the Dragon Ball universe. He is an anomaly that should not exist in any other universe; survival will be his only goal, or he will overcome the odds and become something much greater.

Demon_King22 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
13 Chs


RIP Akira Toriyama 

May he rest in peace ❤️