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DC: The Slayer


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“They are rage. Brutal. Without mercy. But you...you will be something worse. Rip and tear until it is done, Slayer.“ This was what was boomed inside my head as I woke up in what felt like the Sahara Desert. Heat. Blistering heat that felt like I was being cooked alive. The sun beamed down at me like it wished to set me on fire. But I quickly realized something: it felt too wet to be a desert, so I looked down and saw I was in a puddle of blood and gore. But I felt nothing. No fear. Or disgust. Only anger and bloodlust and the very meaning of the word wrath that seemed to flow through me. I was normal. But now I am not. I looked up and saw what I registered as an Imp. I can't remember where I last saw this creature or why I know what it is. But that doesn't matter. I only had one mission. One objective. A modus operandi. A single reason to be here in this realm. Rip and tear...Rip and tear...Rip and tear! Until there's nothing left!


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