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DC: Snake In the Garden


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What is rock bottom? For our MC it is the current state of his life. He has nothing and no one. He's lost, scared, and angry. His sorrows are heard and answered, though not in the way he may have hoped. Follow Stygian as he finds himself in a world wrought with danger as he seeks to find and claim that which he feels owed. He is owed strength. He is owed courage. He is owed understanding. He is owed wisdom. He is owed conviction. He is owed acceptance. He is owed wealth. He is owed heart. He is owed comfort. HE IS OWED PEACE. THIS IS COMPLETELY AU. EXPECT ME TO MAKE UP RANDOM BS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yo, this is my re-attempt at a DC novel. I hope for this to be rather slow/tame and serious. The story revolves around the MC and only the MC, don't expect many POV changes. Its supposed to be a story of struggle, redemption, and rebirth. The MC is broken/damaged and craves each of the things I mentioned in the synopsis. Given a chance to start anew a being transmigrates him to DC as a creature known for its ability to shed its skin. Here he will be given the opportunity to grow and mature and achieve everything he seeks if he can overcome his greatest enemy. Himself. Don't know how often I can/will post chapters or how long they will be. I want to take my time and actual enjoy writing this so bear with me.


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