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A young man awakens to find himself face to face with god himself, only to learn that his own fate will be decided through Canon Shifts, choices made by the readers themselves.

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Well, it looks like I landed in...

Thunder clapped, lightning flashed, and as if waking up from a dream, the young man's eyes parted slowly. His face, arms, and legs were covered in lacerations that stung as drops of rain filled them and a knife was inches deep into his neck. 

[Canon Shifted]

"What the hell... Was that real?" the boy muttered weakly; gargling on his blood as his quivering eyes noticed the cuts on his body. "It had to be; this isn't my body," he said, lifting a trembling, tawny-colored hand. "The readers aren't gonna like this once they google what that color is..."

His weak hand fell, colliding with a puddle on the pavement; he could hardly keep his eyes open, watching the clouds drift across the blackened sky. "I'm gonna go out on a limb and say DC won and I'm in Gotham," he whispered, moving only his eyes to see the vehicles driving past the alleyway's opening. "Looks like it could be New York, maybe Brooklyn or something. But even then, isn't Gotham based on Brooklyn? Damn it, I wanted Marvel..."

The young man gawked at his lacerated arms, amazed at how he was still among the living. "Who the hell cut me up so bad?" he asked weakly. "I guess this is going to be a murder mystery too, huh? Well, God put me into this mess so there has to be some way out of it. I need to figure out how to turn the system." as that final word was spoken, a holographic screen appeared just above his head. "I guess that's the keyword."

[Name - Ky Tempus]

[Age - 17]

[Status - Injured]

"Yeah, no shit..." he muttered. "I guess my name's Ky now. Inventory," he said, prompting the screen to switch to his inventory, which was completely empty. "Great. How about... Skills?" his voice trailed off in uncertainty; lucky for him a new screen appeared as he spoke the trigger word.

[Powers - None]

[Full Recovery - 1/1]

"I have to find a way to get my own powers? Ugh, so much effort. And what's that beneath the powers section? Do I just say, 'Full Recovery'?" Ky whispered and as those words escaped from between his cold, shivering lips, his wounds began to seal and the knife that was lodged into his neck was spat out onto the ground beneath him. Meanwhile, in his field of vision, Ky noticed a change within the user interface. 

[Full Recovery - 0/1 - Cooldown: 23:59:59]

"So it resets every twenty-four hours, I presume?" Ky winced as he peeled himself off the pavement-- the full recovery was still taking effect and the aching was slowly waning. Ky inspected his rain-covered body; no longer was he wounded, and the aching had ceased. He hopped energetically from one foot to the other, flicking his arms. "It feels like it worked; it took a bit longer than I'd like it to though."

He interlocked his fingers, stretching his arms toward the greyed-out sky booming with thunderous lighting. "I wonder what else this system thing can do. Map?" he said, prompting a map of the city to appear before him.

[Map - Gotham City]

"So, it looks like I am in fact in Gotham..." Ky rested his hand on his chin. "Which means...I don't really know what this means. I have no powers, so maybe I should find Batman? Hmm... If I do that, how would I even approach that?"

Ky gestured as if he were greeting an invisible Batman. "Bruce! Hey, what's up! Wanna train me?" Ky chuckled to himself. "Yeah, then next thing I know, I'll be strapped to an interrogation chair in the Batcave. Oh, right, people are actually reading the words I say, huh? Well, lucky for you readers, I wouldn't actually say something so stupid. I am seventeen... Maybe I could become a Robin if I could somehow get him to adopt me. Sounds like a lot of work though..."

Ky used his fingers to interact with the screen in front of him, seeing the cities that surrounded Gotham. "Central City is pretty close. Maybe I could somehow replicate what happened to the Flash? I mean, one visit to Star Labs, and I'm bound to run into something that'll give me powers." Ky's finger then zoomed in on yet another location on the map. "Metropolis... Superman is there, and LexCorp. However... I don't think that's a good place to start."

Ky began walking with his hands in his pockets, still reading the map in front of him. "There is a library nearby. I could get out of this cold, and I could access the internet. Maybe that'll give me a few more ideas."

Ky strolled the streets of Gotham until he found the local library and gained access to one of their public computers. "Interesting, I wonder if I could get my hands on a Green Lantern ring somehow..." Ky whispered as he looked at a photo of the currently active Justice League. The members consisted of Batman, Superman, the Martian Manhunter, the Flash, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern.

"Hmm... Let's check the news tab," Ky said as his pointer finger clicked the left mouse button. He scrolled through tabloids and other insignificant articles until one of them caught his eye. "Ex-Arkham inmates arrested for selling metagene awakening services. That's possible? Interesting."

"Well, I know what I'm going to do, I'm going to-" Before Ky could decide for himself, the system interrupted. 

[Commencing Canon Shift]

[Where shall Ky seek potential power? Readers, make your choice by leaving a paragraph comment on your desired outcome. Every power stone given will count as an extra vote for that person. For example, if one were to vote for DC and then give three Power Stones, that would count as four total votes! Comments left on this paragraph will be discarded.]

"What? I don't even get to choose my own powers!?" Ky asked-- though his voice was utterly ignored.

[Find a way to get a hold of a Lantern Ring - Comment Here]

[Get adopted by Bruce Wayne - Comment Here]

[Visit Star Labs - Comment Here]

[Have his own Metagene activated to become a Metahuman- Comment Here]

[Go to Metropolis and sneak into LexCorp - Comment Here]

[Choose wisely, readers! Ky's fate is in your hands!]


Sorry, I expected Marvel to win and was planning around it. I have a plan now for DC, so new chapters will come out faster. Leave stones to show support!

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