6 Survival

Doing so, I immediately felt some form of invisible pressure pushing me into the floor. The force was so heavy, I could barely move.

"Motherfucker!!" I shouted as I quickly began my well practised methods of taking back control.

Destroying the Parademon program and the like, my mind ran at speeds I didn't think were possible even now. I never feared death while still stuck within the parademon, but things are different now.

I was free; my death would be just that—a death. If the parademon had died, and I had followed suit, I would barely be bothered since that life was worse than death.

However, I was free. I  destroyed the Parademon program, replacing it with what I have come to call my consciousness. It was still a set of codes, but they seemed way different compared to everything else I have seen so far.

With the parademon's body now totally under my control, I immediately created a sonic canon, which replaced my fist since it was the only free part of my body that wasn't close to being buried six feet under.


A loud sound was heard as the pressure on my shoulders immediately stopped, Without wasting time, I immediately began repairing myself.

I had yet to learn more about the Parademon make-up… well specifically I have yet to fully master the tiny nanites that a parademon was made of but that could be done in battle.

Reconstructing  myself from scratch, I immediately began reducing in size as some legs grew out and the destroyed parts of my body slowly began to return but i was now much smaller compared to normal parademons.

In fact, I could be compared to a human child at this point, but that didn't matter, survival did. Jumping into the air and immediately activating my flight feature. I found myself floating in the air.

As soon as I flew out of the hole the alien had forced me into, I could see the creature on the ground, writhing in pain. His brains could be literally seen leaking out of his ears.

"I don't know what makes your planet so special or how unlucky your race may be to attract the attention of Darkseid, but if there be anything I can do, it is to avenge at the very least. You can rest easy knowing that" I said as I squatted beside the alien.

I didn't need any form of psychic ability to know that this guy has been dead for a long time now. Nobody could survive that orbital strike; a parademon couldn't, so how could it with its lower durability?.

It was using its psychic abilities to hold its body together, and even with its brains nearly gone, it was still trying its best to get up. This was the definition of spiteful, but it still didn't change the fact that it was a foolish act against the New Gods.

"Who are you?" The alien asked

Now that I thought about it, I could understand what it said, despite only just coming in contact with it. Oh no, wait, its language is one of the millions I learned while surfing the Apokalips Pit.

"Page, that is my name," I answered truthfully

"Then Page, promise me that you will put your hands through the chest of the ones behind this." The Alien spoke


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