22 Sleep

As for their leader, she was the only one he recognized with ease… well mostly because he saw a post where someone referred to her as the female version of Galactus minus the powers.

Big Barda.

Maxwell stood where he was without any fear, he wasnt exactly a master at combat but his mind wasn't one for joke.

Easily dodging through each and every attack as though he was fighting against children. Despite their varying and sometimes unpredictable weaponry, Maxwell remained untouched.

Using a massive telekinetic blast, Maxwell sent them all flying back. 

"Your fighting prowess is too low for a group called Darkseid's Elite" Maxwell commented as he raised his hand into the air

"Let's do that again but this time, no weapons" he said as he easily disarmed them all. 

Playing with them was a luxury he could afford, due to the sage force supporting him. It not only advanced his mental abilities but it seems its evolutionary fire had also enhanced his body more than he had designed it to be. 

It may not be by much but he had noticed it when one of the furies cut off his hand. By his design, that hand would regrow immediately but it had waited until he wanted it to do so.

His abilities had merged with his mind which meant that every ability he had added to his design was as strong as he wanted it to be.

"Heretic!!" One of the furies shouted before the four rushed into battle.

Each one much faster than before and seemed to have lost their minds or something. Looking at this animalistic side of them, Maxwell could immediately tell how far back he was.

Granny Goodness had yet to even condition the great female furies. He may not be a fan of DC comics as much but he knew that the Furies were old. 

Thousands if not millions  of years old and never has the comics ever shown them with animalistic personalities which meant that Granny had only just started to condition them to the monsters they would eventually become.

"Sleep" Maxwell said  as all of them immediately dropped on the floor asleep.

If they were only at this level then he would never be able to actually push him to test the limits of this new body but at least he had gained something. 

Flying up to the knocked out bull-is new god, Maxwell immediately extracted the Fatherbox from his body. 

He had great plans for it. As soon as he held it, several tendrils began to grow out of his body as they attached themselves to the Fatherbox. 

Immediately that happened, he immediately forced his full mental power into it. 

Even if the Fatherbox was omnipotent due to its connection to the source, it would eventually succumb to the power of a trillion minds enforcing on will. 

Soon he saw a massive boomtube appear in space just outside the planet's atmosphere. Seeing it he smiled since it worked, he had overridden a Fatherbox's programming and connection to its master. 

Using telekinesis, he lifted the five and sent them back to Apokalips through the boomtube. None of them had posed a threat to him and honestly deserved death. 

However, it was more insulting to send them back than to kill them. His goal was to be a nuisance for as long as possible until he was sure that he had the power to face Darkseid. 

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