3 Vampire problems

I could hear everyone getting into their respective bedrooms, I waited for them to fall asleep Oliver should have his little nightmare tonight, and they might check up on me after that so I will act like I'm sleeping.

Unlike Oliver, I actually prepared before coming back to this city. I have been doing my 'vigilante' work for a couple of weeks before I came back here.

Oliver and I separated when we got off the fishing boat. I knew Oliver came back in 2012 so I decided to wait for him.

I'm sure he has many questions and wants to know how I knew he arrived but tough luck I am not telling him shit.

It's funny the name they have been giving me is Azrael, the name means angel of death in some religion's most prevalent in Islamic origins. I originally got the name from Iran more specifically Mashhad, I visited there to see if I can find any rare items that can help deal with my Garlic problem, I was recommended that region by an acquaintance. Of course, I needed sustenance and so I fed on the criminals in the region. People started finding bodies drained of blood. You would think the logical deduction would be a Vampire rather than an angel of death but it wasn't I started getting called Azrael eventually I left to venture elsewhere after having no luck finding what I so deeply wanted.

It was just a stupid coincidence once I started making moves in Starling City a man that has heard of me from Mashhad, started raving to everyone Azrael is coming for him. He was a bad man so I did but that basically solidified my name.

Of course, some people call me the vampire or even Dracula but Azrael is the main one.

I honestly don't know what to feel about it the names better than the Arrow, but I'm not even of Islamic or Hebrew decent. Then again being called Darcula is the worst I mean what it's so cliche and I feel like there might be the real Darcula out there.

Hours went by as I waited for everyone to fall asleep I eventually heard Moira and Walter Check on Oliver, and then they checked on me I feigned sleeping of course.

After they left I got up and transformed into a bat, I flew out the window I cracked open. the heavy rain drenched my bat form as I flew towards the city.

In the Arrow tv show they really only show him fighting the people on the list mainly because Oliver was so driven in taking them out. But, there is a lot more crime than just that.

I flew down until I reached an alley behind a certain bar. The bar was under the name Jonathan Green, my old name. I opened the back of the bar and entered. The bar was classy, and there were nice chairs and recliners. The bar was clean no one was currently here as it was closed. I change my face when I work here but I might 'buy' this bar from myself as Lucas Queen. Vampires have loads of pros, we can live as long as we have blood, we can turn into animals, we can change our looks, and there are many more boons.

The bar was originally a speak-easy during the Prohibition era, I bought it and refurbished the bar completely, hardly anyone knows about the history of the bar, and even if they did I can show them the 'secret' area behind one of the liquor cabinets. The real secret room was in the original secret room all I have to do is use the old phone as a keypad then the floorboard behind the bar will open up and I can walk down.

It's pretty cool if I do say so myself, I walked down into my base of operations. The setup was kind of like a mix between Oliver's and Batman's. There was a huge computer and weapons carefully displayed.

My outfit was cool as hell. A white skull mask with black armor and carbon fiber steal weaved into the chest area. The mask can open at the bottom allowing access to my fangs.

I put on my outfit and turned back into a bat, traveling through pipes I specifically made to leave in this form I left.

I flew around looking for some bad people I can feed on, sadly because of the weather not a lot of people are out and about committing crimes.

Sigh, if I can't feed tonight I'm going to be irritable all day.

I was about to head home when I saw two men loading off boxes into a van, I could hear them talking as I perched on a lamp post.

"Boss said to ship this stuff off fast," one said

"Yeah so don't worry too much about damaging the goods." another spoke

The men cracked open the crates and I saw a batch of guns.

I flew from my perch and turned back into my human form mid-air.

I dropped onto one, my hand formed the shape of a hook as I yanked him back, the bottom of my mask was gone and my fangs were out.

*shink* my fangs sunk into his neck

"Ahhhhh!" he screamed as a forcefully sped up the draining process

"Stop!" one man shouted pulling out a gun

*bang* I saw the flash of the gun muzzle my body moved at extreme speeds I tossed my blood bag away and rushed the shooter

Before he could pull the trigger again my hand shot forward and crushed his throat.

"GahaahhhhhGaahhhhh," he tried to speak but he couldn't get air

I swiftly stepped behind him and let my fangs sink into his skin.

I left then took one of my daggers and began to rapidly stab the puncture marks from my fangs on the two men. Not a lot of blood came out seeing as I drank enough from both of them to last me a couple of months.

Seeing I was dome I turned back into a bar and flew back into my room. My head hit the pillow and I just stared at the ceiling, it's so weird being here right now, the island changed me I don't even know if I am the same person anymore. I will think about it tomorrow time for bed, it's not like I need sleep or anything but it's enjoyable.

[The morning]

The feeling of my skin getting burnt woke me up, I didn't even scream as I am so accustomed to the pain.

Sun doesn't affect me like regular vampires, usually, I would be burnt to a crisp right now but because of the tattoo, I have of the eye of Ra the Egyptian God of Sun I am safe. The tattoo or marking keeps me safe from dying in the sun but, I still feel the pain of my skin burning just no real damage is happening to me except for the pain and suffering I feel.

I got the marking on the island, of course, Constantine wasn't the only person who knew magic on that island.

At first, I had to hide during the day and only roam the Island at night but, one day a man found me. Or should I say I found him.

'Lucas was running through a forest, he saw a man and he was bleeding while chanting something in a foreign language. Lucas rushed forward ready to consume his 'meal'. The man stopped chanting and thrust out his hand *bang!* an invisible energy crushed into Lucas's body sending him flying back.

"A vampire on this island?" the man spoke with an accent

Lucas gained a sense of clarity with the pain, "kill me," he begged

"No, I will not. I have a task for you." the man replied

"How can I do this task when I can't even walk in the light," Lucas asked sadly

"I can fix that." the man replied with an evil glint in his eye'

He gave me the markings of Ra and Horus, the marking of Horus boost my ability at night and under the moon.

That human is now dead.

I began to dress myself when Oliver walked in.

"How did you know when to get here? We arrived at the same time that couldn't have been a coincidence," he asked eyeing me skeptically

My eyes narrowed in irritation I sneered out a response, "it's none of your business Oliver, maybe you should focus more on not randomly switching languages in front of Moira."

"It was a mistake and not a big one, and why are you not calling her mom?" Oliver asked in confusion his tone laced with thin anger

"Why do I have to?" I retorted

I did get all of the memories of Lucas and that's why I felt so attached to dad but I can't stop thinking about how she is part of the reason why I was stranded on that God-forsaken island.

"Because she is our mother," Oliver replied heatedly

"I suppose I could call her mom to her face," I replied nonchalantly

"I'm going," he sneered and left

While he was going I said behind him, "my my showing emotions now are we?"

I would always be the first to admit when I have the chance to annoy Oliver I take it. He is awfully serious.

I heard Tommy's car leave which means I have to be in the house and deal with some awkward conversations.

I walked down the stairs only to greet Moira coming up them.

"Lucas how did you sleep?" She asked in a caring tone

"Wonderfully mother," I fake smiled back at her

"That's great honey, there is some breakfast on the table help yourself." She said then continued up stairs

"Will do," I replied

I reached the table and saw an assorted display of breakfast foods. I greedily took a bunch of bagels and muffins.

I then took a car and left.


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