18 Libriomancy

A/N: just want to let y'all know just in case you don't read the bottom author note that when he uses a spell I will say the book name if I don't mention it in the story at the bottom. Also, some books might not be in Dc, I don't know if they are or not but I just want to say this.


A couple of days have passed since I took Dembe to Metropolis to see his family, I couldn't help but smile just thinking of it, the man carried a huge smile on his face the rest of the day.

I could tell he was happy.

Since I got back I have been only doing two things, studying Libriomancy and preparing for the shooting of my first movie, it kind of excited me, the prospect of making a movie. Even though I stole the idea like a cop-out the process is truly a unique experience. I can see why so many go into the film industry.

I also had another idea, when I was in Gotham the sad and almost dystopian-like feeling it exuded reminded me of a book I read in the past, ready player one. They had these futuristic Vr pieces of technology that let them escape into a different world.

It was honestly amazing, I thought about it quite a bit and decided I'm going to go for it, the idea will take a while to build up seeing as I have to be good enough in Libriomancy to be able to keep the objects I take from books out in the real world.

Of course, I wouldn't release the best version of it right away, even an idiot can tell that this type of virtual reality will entice many to just sit around all day and disconnect from the horrors of real life.

Anyways it is just an idea for now.

Currently, I was in my living room opening another box of books I ordered, I have a giant library room I'm going to fill with an abundance of literature that I can practice with. Plus I like reading so this magic is a win-win.

As I looked through the books I heard a knock on my door.



Before Dembe could even get up to answer it I heard a set of keys getting inserted and then twisting, the door opened revealing my sister.

She walked in and stared blankly at the plethora of books I had stacked around me, "nerd," she mumbled, I wouldn't have been able to hear her without my enhanced senses

"Wow! New books!" she said louder appearing to be thrilled

I rolled my eyes, "I know you don't like reading but I do,"

"Sicko," she replied with a grin while she plopped down next to me

She immediately went on her phone, "say have you talked to Ollie?" she asked

"Not recently why?" I replied while putting a fantasy book in the fantasy pile

She lowered her phone and narrowed her eyes at me, "because you guys haven't talked since you moved out,"

I sighed, "Thea, Oliver, and I spent a lot of time together, we can not talk for a while,"

She rolled her eyes, "yeah well you two seem hostile whenever you are in close proximity,"

"Just give it time," I replied with a shrug

"Like I gave you time to talk to me?" she shot back

"In a couple of days, we will talk about some of the island okay," I told her firmly

"Finee," she replied with a small smirk

"God, I wish I could just send these photos to all of my friends at once without making a group chat," she groaned

I looked at her weirdly, "what?"

"I was trying to change the depressing conversation," she replied dryly

"The one you started?" I said with a small laugh

We talked for a little longer then she left, Thea didn't know it but she gave me a great idea, one arguably better than the Vr one for now.

One that will bring toxicity back to the internet at full swing.

Social media, Dc is sorely lacking in this department.

Setting down the last book from my package, I picked up some paper and started to outline for Dc's first social media platform.


It was the next day and now I'm prepared to finally try my first shot at Libriomancy, I took a book from my shelf, it was a children's book, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix.

I went outside and decided to start off with something basic, flipping to the right page I began to speak, "in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces." as the words left my mouth I swiped my hand forward



The wind began to pick up, more specifically, the wind began to howl, and rain began to pour out from the book and fly toward some trees, the soft relaxing rain pierced into the trees like iron bullets, and I saw frost beginning to buildup on the floor around me.

I felt the addicting rush of power that engulfed my body begin to fade as the howling winds began to die down.

I looked at the aftermath of that simple exert, it was amazing. Frost still covered the ground, the air still felt cold, and the trees still had small holes in them.

This was Libriomancy.

I am a Libriomancer.

And I felt fine, only a little light-headed I'm sure that happens when you cast your first spell though.

Smiling I pulled out another book and began to repeat the process.

I spent hours outside practicing my magic, once I got inside I had some water and then took a shower. My head was hurting a little bit but, the pain was quickly receding.

The large grin that made its way onto my face from my practice was still present, even when I got the call about one of my actors dropping out.

Magic, I really did it, I really can do it. The feeling was surreal. I couldn't wait to practice more and eventually master the art of Libriomancy.

[one week later]

The film starts shooting today and I'm at home with a bottle of whisky nursing a huge headache, I messed up pretty bad last night. I was doing so good with my magic, I thought 'why don't I try to summon Excalibur' bad move on my part.

The consumption of that item was insane, I barely even made it to my bed before I blacked out.

Excalibur just had too much history and power, a lot of people even believe it was a real thing in history only making it stronger. On a plus side, I learned a valuable lesson. Don't try to summon something you are unsure of being able to, it only leads to major headaches.

Pulling myself up I got out of bed, I stumbled down the stairs and sat at the dining table, Dembe saw me and scowled, "you should be resting sir,"

I scoffed, "I am rested now I need to start getting active,"

"Sitting is active?" he asked with an amused tone

"No," I grumbled

"The walk here was," I added in slyly

"I'm sure," he replied with a serious face, I couldn't discern his emotions

"Ha. HA. Ha." I fake laughed while sipping the water Dembe placed in front of me

"How's the app development going?" he asked suddenly

"Good actually," I replied

The Social media app was coming along nicely, I wanted it to be more like Twitter than anything else. But for my app, they can post whatever they pleased.

Even though Twitter was already pretty good, I just wanted to add a little extra freedom.

In other news, Christmas is coming around soon and I need to get some gifts, I personally hate Christmas, nothing against the holiday itself but Christmas brings feelings of wanting snow, and the coming of coldness.

I hate, hate snow, I died in my past life because of snow and the harsh winter seasons, that type of thing sticks with you.

I remember Oliver threw a Christmas party, I wonder if he will this time around? It could be nice seeing everyone.

Deciding to think about something else I took some water bottles and went back upstairs, time to read the magic book once more.


Thinking of doing a couple more chapters than a larger time skip, I want to settle the glade incident and some other things before I start pulling the arrow into some other stuff. I know this chapter wasn't the most interesting but, I wanted to show an example of Libriomancy, next couple of chapters will get more action!

As you can see Lucas likes to jump around with ideas, one second vr the next social media, I got the social media idea from TheDarkWolfShiro's work. Check him out he has some good ff slow updates but long chapters.

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