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30. Battle Result.

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Clark snapped his head in the direction of Metropolis, his superhearing picking up an explosion.

"Clark," Jimmy pulled Clark from his daze.

Clark turned to Jimmy. "Yes, what is it, Jimmy?"

"What are you in a daze for?" Jimmy elbowed. "I was asking if you got everything you need for the story. You need to write it for the paper, remember?"

"I know, Jimmy," Clark answered. "Sir, can you stop? I need to get down." Clark tapped on the driver's shoulders.

"Clark, where are you going?" Jimmy inquired.

"Where?" The taxi driver asked.

"I just need to get down to the side. You can take my friend to Metropolis," Clark answered. "I got something to do; you go without me."


"I think I went a bit overboard," NRG muttered to himself as he watched the crater he had created. The attack had devastated the area; if the molten ground and the red-hot lava were anything to go by.

The aftershock had blasted all the buildings away, and turned the surroundings into clear ground for new construction.

NRG landed near the rim of the crater and looked down. Kara was out cold, her cloak slightly burned, hair curled, and her skin red. NRG could already tell that she was healing, and she would punch him the minute she woke up.

"Need to clean up, fast," NRG rushed to his containment suit and confined himself. With NRG's radiation contained, the temperature visibly cooled, and the hot lava less hot. Since NRG wasn't the best at damage control, Zion slapped the Omnitrix to a new form.

"Majik!" NRG's bulky figure shrunk down to a human size, but the humanoid was anything but human. The purple alien of pure mana with electric purple flame for hair. The mana being wore a gold-black tight with short sleeves. The Anodyne Bio-Matrix in the Omnitrix finally came to use in the world of gods and magic.

[Don't argue with me that they don't have DNA. Alien X doesn't too.]

Majik waved his hand. A sphere enveloped Kara in gentle embrace and carried her to his hands. A gentle whisper, three spells invoked to fix his troubles. The mana obeyed his command; ruins weaved themselves into the spell.

- [לְרַפֵּא] First to heal Kara, her healing accelerated, and her face gained back its fairness and beauty.

- [ΑΝΤΙΣΤΡΟΦΗ] The molten ground flowed back and filled the crater; the blown building fixed themselves as if they were never broken.

- [Illusio] A great illusion cast on the area; anyone who steps in to check the explosion will only think of it as an accidental explosion.

Being an Anodyne that had dominance over mana, in DC where some sacrifice their life to gain this power was humorous. Some might never realize the rabbit hole they have fallen into. Only to dig a deeper hole for themselves to fall in; search magic, but draw your limits.

With restoration complete, Zion walked back to his lab, through the hole he made when he was shot out like a cannon. The building was left standing due to the space slicer activating in alert; if not, it wouldn't have survived. He carried Kara gently and placed her on his neat work table. He didn't have a bed in the lab; he didn't want to sleep in here. Kara sleeping, unconscious, was at peace, which only tugged at Majik's childish side, and he was petty.

Quickly rummaging his drawer, Majik found what he needed. The petty punishment was delivered, and Kara woke up on the last stroke. Her eyes glaring at the purple man before her, Majik, his face stoic, not like you can tell anyway, met her gaze unflinched.

"What did you do?" Kara inquired as she slid down from the table.

She clenched her fingers into a fist and could feel her strength returning. She remembered the feeling of weakness, the burning sensation, and the red pillar that struck down. She remembered it all, all the pain.

"A concentrated beam of red sun radiation, and a high-powered energy blast," Zion answered.

"Weakness of Kryptonians. Took you out easy."

And a fist approached, but this time, Majik reacted by grabbing the fist. Her fist firmly clasped in the purple palm, Kara glared at Zion, her eyes heating up.

"Sorry," Zion muttered as he activated the inborn skill of all Anodyne, mana drain.

"Ugh," Kara groaned as she felt her vitality drain, her strength weaken, and her knees buckle. She didn't fully understand what Zion was doing, but she knew that her energy was hitting rock bottom and she would die if more drained.

"Kara, I could kill you now," Zion stated as he stopped draining Kara, "Kryptonians have near-zero magic resistance. Your super-strength won't help in these kinds of situations." Zion pushed back the mana he drained back into Kara. "So, stop being a hothead. You are not on Krypton where your father is to pamper you."

His words earned a glare from Kara, her eyes burning holes in him. But he could see more than anger; he could feel her pain and sadness, and being an Anodyne made so he felt hers like it's his.

"I know you feel alone with no one to support you. I know that you are scared of being alone," Majik started, "But you can't soothe your pain with anger."

"Shut up." A eyes full of fury and sadness met Majik's eyes. Majik's hand firmly held Kara's, his eyes locked with hers, now glistening with tears.

"I can feel your pain, Kara. I can take all your anger."

"Shut up!"

"It's okay, Kara. I understand your pain."

"Shut up!!"

"You were scare and alone, with no one to rely."

"Stop talking."

"I understand that you are angry at the injustice."

"Stop talking like you know!"

"I know, Kara, I know all of it. I understand that you are angry at the world and you don't don't know how to make peace with yourself."

That was the final trigger, and rage burst forth!!!


Kara roared, her punch of fury ripping Zions body to dust. But Zion stood firm his hands holding hers.


"I know you are sad that you had to leave home."



"I know you are scared."



"I know you don't want to feel alone."


"I do."

















Majik stopped her fist; this one had no strength behind it. The broken body mended together, and the dam of sadness broke; tears filled Kara's eyes. She was strong, both in mind and body, but she was still a child when she arrived on earth. A frightened child exploring the unknown, yet she had to be strong.

Because strength was what the world demanded of her.

"I don't, Kara," Majik answered, his tone soft and gentle as if he was speaking to a child. "No, I can't relate to your pain, but I can help heal it."

[Golden flash]

Zion de-transformed; he needed to be himself in this situation. His hand firmly clasped Kara's hands and lifted her to meet his eyes. "I am here to help, Kara. I can promise you that."

"You are a pain in the ass," Kara stated.

Zion smiled, "Oh, language."

"You are," Kara repeated.

"I am," Zion nodded in agreement.

"Let go of my hand." Kara pulled her hands from Zion's grasp.

"Okay," Zion let go of her hand and raised his hands in surrender.

Kara lowered her head and wiped her tears. "Do you transform when in danger?" She questioned, her head still lowered.

"Yes, only if I am to be hurt," Zion answered truthfully.

"Good," Kara spread her legs wide, lowered her center, and her fist cocked back. "You won't die!"

"Really?! We were making progress here," Zion argued as he stepped back.

"That doesn't mean I got to like it," Kara appeared before him like a blur, her punch filled with all anger and pettiness.


Zion, now Cannonbolt, flew out like a cannonball.

"I will get you for this, Kara. You hear me, I will get you for this!!!" He was on a straight course to space.


Superman watched as Cannonbolt flew toward space. He didn't know what to say about being punched to orbit, but he felt that it wasn't the best of experiences.

Superman, already arrived by the time Zion fixed the crater, proceeded to watch what was happening after he checked the surroundings were clear. Since no life was in danger, he kept watch to see what Zion would do.

Yes, it was not his style to stalk, but he just wanted to see what would happen. He watched as Zion lay Kara on the table and pulled a prank, and watched as Kara punched Zion in his transformation and let her emotions out. He watched as she punched holes through his body and let her frustrations out.

Then Zion got cannonbolted.

"I will get you for this, Kara. You hear me, I will get you for this!!!" Zion shouted as he shifted his body and slapped the Omnitrix.

[Golden flash]


Superman watched as Zion shifted mid-air and transformed into a red alien that looked like a ray with red skin and green eyes with yellow eyebrows.

The alien, called Jetray, shifted in and altered its flight path, moving with astonishing speed as it returned to the warehouse in moments. Jetray glided to a halt as he noticed Superman.

"Superman, what are you doing here?" The high-pitched voice of Jetray assaulted Superman's ears.

"I heard an explosion, so I came to check, but the thing here seems to be resolved," Superman stated as he noticed more details on Jetray.

"Ah, that," Zion landed back in human transformation and scratched the back of his head. "We had a misunderstanding. Kara and I ended up in a fight, and I used heavy force to take her down."

"Because creating an artificial planet while there is a living species on the planet will destroy it." Kara's voice came from behind.

Superman and Zion turned to Kara, who floated out of the hole Zion made. She hovered near Superman as she glared at Zion.

"Artificial planet?" Superman questioned.

"A planet that is formed artificially. Most advanced civilizations use them for various purposes. Like a Mechanical Planet for production, or a Bio Planet for food," Zion explained as he returned the glare at Kara.

Superman understood the purpose of this artificial planet, but what was the link between it and terraforming Mars. Where did the extinction of life come in all this?

"Why are you converting Mars into an artificial planet? You told me that you were trying to terraform it into a habitable planet," Superman questioned.

"I am not," Zion put a stop to the misunderstanding that keeps growing, "Technically, anyway. I am trying to reconfigure Mars; there is a difference."

"Explain," Superman demanded.

Zion released a heavy breath, "Let's go in before I start the explanation."

Zion then walked to his warehouse and entered through the door. Superman followed through the door while Kara just floated back in through the hole.

"You are fixing it," Zion pointed at Kara. He then pressed a button on the side of his table, prompting it to light up and the warehouse to darken, but It couldn't fully with the large hole cannonball made. This caused Zion to massage his brows to relieve his stress.

The table lit up full and projected a sphere in the air. Zion changed some configurations, and the sphere shifted to represent Mars landscape, then it split in half and showed the layers of crust. The holographic table was showing the internal structure of Mars.

"Mars, it's a smaller planet than Earth, and its gravitational pull is too low, causing it to have a very thin atmosphere. This will cause many health problems if humans were ever to colonize," Zion pointed out the flaws of Mars for a habitable planet.

"My plan is to modify the whole planet, starting from the outer crust and then moving to the inner core, and replacing it with an artificial gravity core. Normally, an artificial planet is created by fusing together rogue asteroids with an artificial gravity core. This will help in creating a planet with certain configurations, easier to make and modify. The problem that Kara stated happens here when reconfiguring the core of an existing planet to suit our needs. In normal conditions, the planet will go through a harsh change with gravitational shifts; life would struggle to survive on the planet, and in the off chance, the planet will explode."

Superman and Kara frowned, but Zion continued explaining his plan.

"But I plan on turning the whole planet semi-sentient, which would keep the planet stable as the core of the planet's core is changed. It would also fight climate change and modify itself to support life. This plan would take a month as the change would be gradual."

Zion finished, and the scene paused.