9 CH: 8 Divine Lord makes you feel good

With a flick of my wrist, the tv turned on, and the remote was summoned to my side. The TV played in the background as I counted out a total of one hundred and twenty-four thousand. Tomorrow I will also need to get myself a laptop and find some libraries in gotham. For now, it was time to get rid of the body then get some rest.


Next Day.

I picked up a Wayne Tech laptop and cellphone from a store and headed back to Gotham, before getting back to the house I did pick up some trip lasers and a few things to create a connection to the outside world and the internet. There was no way I was going to use what was already installed in the house.

Now that the house was secure, I took another hour to clean up and change out the bedding and clothes in the closet. I refused to use any of those things. With all of my errands taken care of, it was time to head to the library that's perpetually empty.

Before I was launched into this reality, I was getting a tandem degree in general engineering and aerospace to cover my bases before NASA. Now though, with the way my mind worked and my powers high, there was no way I was going to be working and become subservient to another. With the capital that I had remaining, I was going to release patents into the world to get my name out there and then blitz my way through school.

Bruce Wayne had more than seventeen degrees, and Clark was noted to be an exceptional scholar even among Kryptonians, and I would have to do better if I wanted to stand against such minds.

And Doom Shell do...


Days Later.

As a former I have extensive experience when it comes to loneliness but this is much worse than anything I've ever seen before.

Anything past 50 hours in a white/black room like that can lead to permanent psychological damage.

And I have given Marissa about 168 hours.

There is a very high chance that she actually starts to lose her mind and go into something called psychosis.

And it can cause permanent damage to her.

- Is this much harder? It's Much harder.

She doesn't have social contact. If your brain doesn't have information coming in, it generates craziness.

It generates hallucinations, it generates paranoia, it generates fear.

It's like one of those YouTube video challenges some extreme YouTubers do. But much much worse.

As there is no light she has no idea of time or how long she is there. There is no bed to sleep on; heck she can't even sleep.

No water, a toothbrush or a bar of soap, no toilet to use. She isn't even capable of doing that, no bathroom or sink for water.

She has nothing, can't even move, she can't close her eyes and she can't speak. She can't get hungry thugs making time even more unstable for her.

She has literally nothing to work with.

She can't even get basic brain stimulation.

It's interesting how when you take everything away from a human, something as simple as a metal plate can be as fun as an iPhone.

She's going to get agitated by way of boredom. This is a very dehumanizing experience.

And it is going to take a very long time for her physics to recover.

So here I was in her home prepping a good treat for her after all pain and pleasure or reward and punishments are the part of the progress.

I have seen her even if she couldn't see me but the moment I glanced at her I knew there was something broken in her mind. Yes she was a crazy cultist before but that side of her is lost in her mind as now what remains is a broken shell of her former self.

Indeed, if released, her recovery seems imminent. In just a few days, there's a possibility she might not only recuperate but even experience improvement. But even if I'm not getting crazier, it would count as an 'improvement'.

Anyway that is why I am here, her God.

So how does one become a God?

Well easiest way is to just find a god to sponsore you just like in many other worlds.

Bu what if you don't have a patron deity who conveniently thinks you should be granted immortality and divine power well luckily in such universes there's usually some sort of literal mechanism for this a process you

can follow an artifact you can activate a Guffin of some kind that will grant you what you seek if only you can find it.

So how do you become a god perhaps the answer to that question is as diverse as the gods themselves

Win a game find an artifact drink a potion ask another God very nicely but if none of that is

working for you if you're having trouble finding a deity to sponsor you or an artifact to Grant.

You Godly Powers maybe consider the f it till you make it approach after all sometimes all it takes to become a God is for someone to believe in you. After all, if killing Gods by depriving them of belief and worship can destroy a God, why shouldn't adding worship create one.

Of course it might be a little easier

to convince people if you did have Godly powers.

Sadly for Marissa I have all the power I need and that's why before I put her through the isolation I showed very peak and all the possibilities of my power.

"Imagine, I now possess the power to end hunger! To abolish disease! To eliminate crime! To establish a perfectly content, perfectly ordered world, all under the benevolence of my will!"

And it's enough of a reason to be a god.


Aware that she transcends normalcy, I dedicated myself to reviewing the past seven days' recordings at a brisk 12X speed. This meticulous cross-check aimed to ensure today's significant stride wouldn't be jeopardized by the unexpected release of her with a potentially violent disposition. Vigilance remains key in safeguarding her progress.

Observing her actions over the starting two days, it's evident that little has changed. She persistently struggles, attempting to free herself, inducing extreme heart rates, yet her efforts prove futile. And soon she stop struggling.

Notably, her heart condition may be linked to my actions. I am yet to modify any inner workings.

As while working on her If I were even one thousandth of a percentage off I would have crippled her! More times then I remembered as Altering muscles affects your nervous system, which can then affect all things brain.

Human body isn't suited for the enhancements, there's no immediate issue. But if you wish to continue enhancing oneself then you must make sure your organs can withstand the strain.

People with enhanced power, strength or speed or what have you, have enhanced physiology to keep up with their power. Like their lungs can take in more oxygen and their heart is stronger.

She has the organs of a normal non enhanced person with the muscles and bones of an enhancer. I added quite a bit of weight due to the bones and muscles changes, so it takes more energy to move. If one acquired that kind of weight naturally, like through training, then the rest of your body would have grown to acclimate.

So her organs, specifically lungs and heart, are under more strain.

Not too much, I'd say that she wouldn't notice until she was put through an intense stamina training session which she did in her struggles to free herself.

That being said, she gets tired faster than an enhancer who can keep up with her, and she may suffer consequences if I continue to build her up like this."

Still that being said, "I'll give her a clean bill of health, I just have to make sure everything is working properly.

In the way she did normal things to the bare extreme she will probably die of a heart attack.


I walk in front of her, I use the remote to turn on the ceiling lights and off the spotlights.

I put a concerned expression on my face and speak to her;

"Oh, baby, what you have done to yourself. Let your Divine lord help you".

Saying so, I kneel and with a single touch I sperate her from the chair, then I remove the ankle chain from the floor link, then I put an arm around her waist.

She trembles at my touch and whimpers, her eyes like a rabbit in front of a lion. I keep murmuring sweet nothings as if I can not see her reaction, while using the remote to lower the hoisted chain so I can unhook her. As soon as I did Marissa collapsed, but I was expecting that and I put my other arm behind her knees and raised her up in a princess carry.

I move her to the bed and I put her down slowly on her side to avoid contact between her flaming buttocks and the sheets, with her face outward. I sit on the bed and gently raise her head and place it on my thigh. She lets me do as I want, too terrorized to move. I start caressing her hair with my right hand, always talking to her.

"It's alright, baby. I am here. your Divine lord loves you. You are safe with your Divine lord".

I repeat it over and over again, and while I know that she doesn't believe me full on, I can see her body slowly relaxing. I keep soothing for another ten minutes or so, then it is time to move on.

"Oh, what did you do to yourself? Don't worry baby, your Divine lord will take the pain away. Saying so, I take from the bed stand an already wet compress with my right hand and apply it to her buttocks, while switching to caressing her hair with my left.

As soon as she feels the compress on her ass she yelps, but as I keep caressing her and sweet talking her she lets me continue. She shivers a bit, but it is obvious that the compress is taking some of the pain from the welts away.

I knew that she knew that I could just take away all pain with a thought but yet I was doing this.

I keep applying compresses for a good fifteen minutes, all the while caressing her hair and talking to her in my "daddy voice", before taking away the compress. I take from the bedstand a small jar of analgesic cream, and after opening with one hand, I move my hand to her ass and start applying it.

As soon as my hand touches her ass she freezes, but then she realizes what I am doing and lets me continue. I apply the cream liberally to her buttocks, while repeating the mantra "Your Divine lord is here. Your Divine lord loves you. You are safe with your Divine lord. Your Divine lord will take the pain away". Then I introduce a change.

I finished applying the cream minutes ago but I still keep caressing her ass. Now my hand moves slowly between her legs from behind, and my fingers rub her pussy.

Marissa tries to bolt from my caress, but I will have none of it, and the hand that was caressing her hair holds her head gently but firmly in place as I say: "It's alright, honey, Your Divine lord is here. Your Divine lord loves you. You are safe with Your Divine lord. Your Divine lord will take the pain away. Your Divine lord will make you feel better".

Marissa whimpers, but by now she knows that she is at my mercy so she can only endure.

Sex is part of the progress.

My fingers keep tracing her pussy lips, occasionally brushing her slit, causing her to shiver. I keep at it for a few minutes until I feel my fingers wet from her juices. I push the tip of my finger inside and move it gently in a circular motion while looking at her to see her reaction. Her breathing has become rugged, and as the tip enters her vagina, a small soft moan escaped her lips.

I smile and say "See dear? Lord makes you feel good. Relax and leave everything to Father. You don't have to think. Daddy knows what's best for you and will tell you what to do".

As I say so I start moving my fingers faster. Her moans are now audible, her eyes shut and her face completely red. Time to finish this. I move the fingers a bit higher and touch her clitoris. The instant that my middle finger touches her magical bead, Marissa arches her back and starts gasping and trembling.

My hand is completely flooded by the vaginal juices released by her climax. I rub gently but rapidly her clitoris, causing her orgasm to keep going for a couple of minutes. I stop, as doing more would cause her to faint and this would all be for naught.

I take my hand off her pussy and put it on her shoulder. She is panting, her flushed cheeks proof of the orgasm she just received.

Due to her climax, her brain is flooded with dopamine and oxytocin known to promote desire, motivation, closeness to others and affection, plus serotonin, which promote good mood and relaxation.

This is the best moment to push ideas on her brain. Plus the 'trust me' field around me is active.

"See honey, Your divine lord loves you. Daddy makes you feel good. Relax and leave everything to your lord. You don't have to think. Your Divine Lord knows what's best for you and will tell you what to do. The divine lord is here. Divine lord loves you. You are safe with the Divine Lord. Your divine lord takes the pain away".

I repeat this for about five minutes until I realize that Marissa has fallen asleep. I slowly raise her head from my leg, stand up, and gently put a pillow under it and bend to kiss her forehead. Then I use a handcuff to connect her ankle cuffs to the bed and leave her to sleep.

I ensured to activate her normal bodily functions, allowing her physical needs to naturally manifest.

I am in no mood to cook dinner so I fix some cold sandwiches for me and Marissa while thinking about today's events. The goal of my actions is to redirect her fear gradually to the image of herself with little touch of mine, while letting her get used to me until it feels natural for her to be touched by me or being told what to do.

By not letting her put the analgesic cream on her ass by herself, I had justification to touch her.

Keep it up long enough and she will get used to it to the point that she would consider me touching her, normal. Same goes with her masturbation. She will gradually come to correlate her orgasm with my presence in her subconscious.

Adding to it my repeating to her that she does not need to think, that I know what's best for her, and so on, I will be hopefully able to reprogram her to be a "dutiful" daughter, willing to do anything her "daddy/lord" wants.

More importantly, she will think that this is what she truly wants! With a subtle application of my abilities, I delicately fine-tuned her decision-making processes. Now, every time she follows instructions, her brain releases dopamine, reinforcing positive behavior.


While the "Sage Force" might have simplified the process, I had to make do with the resources at my disposal.

While I make the sandwiches, I check on my tablet the hidden cameras in the basement, making sure that Marissa is indeed asleep. I have wired the entire house for video and sound. Having all the necessary equipment readily available in her house significantly streamlined the entire process.

I let her rest for a couple of hours then I walked down to the basement again. I look at Marissa as she is curled in the fetal position. I sit by her side and start caressing her hair again while I say softly,

"Marissa, honey, wake up".

I have to repeat myself three times before she slowly opens her eyes. As she does, memories of what happened come flooding back and her face becomes a show of fear, with her eyes darting left and right while I can feel her whole body tremble.

I keep caressing her hair,

"Honey, you haven't been to the bathroom all past days, let your lord bring you there and help you shower, and after that, let's eat".

Saying so, I slowly stand up and gently put one arm under her shoulders and the other under her knees while still continuing to say that it's alright and she doesn't have to be afraid. Marissa is still trembling from fear, but she does not stop me from picking her up. I can feel that she is still tense. Well, what do you expect? Cum once and be happy?

I slowly ascend the stairs and then walk to the ground-floor bathroom while holding Marissa in my arms. As I go inside the bathroom, I let Marissa stand on her feet, though my arm is still on her waist as I am afraid that her feet will give up. I lower the seat of the toilet and then gently and slowly I push her to sit on it. I can see that her ass is still in pain as she tries to put the weight on her legs instead of her buttocks.

I gently encourage her, "it's alright, Marissa, you can pee now. I know that you are holding it in all these days but there is no need anymore, go ahead and pee". Of course, as I say so I am also caressing her hair.

Try to imagine a naked woman with bright red buttocks, in a half-seated position, trying her best to not let her pained ass touch the seat of the toilet, while a little kid by her side caresses her hair and tries to convince her to pee.

Role reverse.

Weird, isn't it? But there is a method to my weirdness. Any action that she takes after I tell her to do so, no matter if she would have done it anyway, corroborates her need to obey me. It is a subconscious procedure that corrupts cause and effect and degrades her free will slowly.

After about five minutes Marissa is at her limit, her legs shaking, unable to hold the weight any longer. Seeing that I have no intention to stop until she pees, with a sigh she gingerly sits on the seat, wincing and whimpering from the pain, before finally relaxing her body and peeing.

Her cheeks are flushed from the shame of pissing in front of another person, while I still keep ruffling her hair and keep saying.

"Good, baby, let go, there is no need to be ashamed of the divine lord, Divine lord loves you, Your lord takes care of you".


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