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I am not really that good at writing a synopsis but here goes nothing, * * * Synopsis : It's about a guy who transmigrates into Bruce Wayne's body after the original gets killed along with his parents. Now, the only way he can survive is to be what the original would have been one day and more. He would have to be the best Bruce Wayne there is if he even wants a chance to survive in this dark world full of danger. And the only 'cheat' he has to make all this possible is Intuitive Intelligence, an ability of his favorite Marvel mutant character, Forge. But is it truly all there is to his power? Will he be able to survive with it? Will he be an overpowered character or will he get killed way before he even realizes his own potential? Will he become the strongest being in DC or will he die trying? Read on to know. * * * Note : Alternate Universe(s) * * * You can also read advance chapters by visiting my Pa treon page, pat reon.com/God_Doom * * * You can also join my discord channel through this link: https://discord.gg/WYVfYe2KNS * * * Author's note : I do not own DC or any of its characters other than my own OC. The cover art is not mine, if you want me to take it down, please notify me.

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Chapter 112: Naked and Not Afraid (1)


"Oh, how dazzling! There's a woman within my reach!"

- Sanji, (One Piece)


<(Bruce Wayne POV)> 

"Stop looking at my cock, you shameless bunch of women. Have you lust-filled bitches never seen a man with a horse-sized dick before?" I complained with a straight face as I felt the curious and even slightly excited gazes of about a dozen women looking at my iron-hard cock. 

'Tch, I should have run away when I had the chance to.' I thought while giving a stink eye to Diana, walking a few meters before me with a slightly downcast expression. She was wise enough to completely ignore my words while she pondered on how to correct the misunderstanding that had just occurred earlier among her sisters, a misunderstanding that stemmed from my recent string of misfortune.

You see, it all started back the moment when my aircraft crash-landed on this island and I was discovered amidst the wreckage by none other than Princess Diana, the princess of the island's ruling royal family, one who would one day be known as Wonder Woman in the future.

As an honest woman with the kind heart of a hero, she immediately understood my plight and didn't try to blame me at all for "invading" the island. Instead, after listening to my request, she was even ready to bring me a few fruits to eat when I told her I was hungry. 

However, unfortunately, falling prey to some invisible and unseen force of comic perversion, the great and mighty Wonder Woman while trying to quickly fetch me some food, probably for the first time in her life as a warrior, slipped after stepping on a piece of broken metal and fell down right on top of me with her thighs smashing into my delicate face and her own head stopping a few inches away from my erect dick. 

Of course, the situation was still manageable up until that point, but as luck would have it, a couple of Amazons had come to the beach at that very moment looking for their missing princess but instead of finding her idly strolling along the seashore like usual, they instead stumbled upon her in what seemed to them a VERY compromising situation with an unknown man who was stark naked. 

And that was why, I was currently being escorted to their Queen as a captive so that she could personally judge me for the "crime" I had committed by trying to defile her daughter who was also the nation's princess... Yeah, I was pretty sure that I did not have any 'lucky pervert' skill up until now but even if I did possess such an ability, I would have preferred it to manifest in a manner more conducive to good luck rather than doing the complete opposite. 

'Only if I still had my clothes... or my nanobots.' I sighed in frustration. 

A lot of people might ask me why I was naked in the first place but of course, I had my own reasons.

In the wake of the lightning storm, my entire luggage, along with all my attire, was lost amidst the chaos. The suit I wore was obliterated by lightning strikes, leaving nothing but ashes. Similarly, even my portable armory which was meticulously secured and contained an array of weapons, gadgets, and reserve nanobots for emergencies, likely initiated its self-destruct sequence once the aircraft began to succumb to the tempest's fury. Of course, that was to ensure that no one else except me could ever get their hands on them in situations like these, but it also meant that I had no hope of getting them back as well. 

My only hope here was the nanobots I had strategically hidden throughout my body, with clusters of them located in different regions such as the hollow parts of my muscles, bones, and various organs. This type of distribution ensures that those nanobots are extremely difficult for anyone else to find and even if some of them are discovered or destroyed, there are always backups in other areas. 

The nanobots had exceptional durability against almost all various forms of physical punishment, yet they were not absolutely invulnerable. When subjected to billions of volts of electricity (I am guessing the number because it certainly felt like that when my skin was melting off with each lightning strike), their functionality faltered, incapable of maintaining normal operations amidst such extreme conditions.

Undoubtedly, I intend to refine my nanotechnology later to be able to resist that level of lightning or electricity, much like how Ironman was able to do the same in Endgame, especially since too many heroes and villains possessed lightning-based or electric-based abilities that I would need to counter. Presently, however, those nanobots lay inactive and dormant within me, undergoing a process of self-repair since their mechanisms were capable of self-restoration even though they still lacked the true sophistication required for self-replication. 

So, until those nanobots had completely repaired themselves, I could not summon or use them, not even for something as nominal as clothes which forced me to go not just full commando but also completely naked as well.

'*Tch* I should have foreseen something like this happening.'

"Silence, you piece of manly scum. You will be getting what you deserve soon enough. Don't make us pull out your tongue even before we reach the court." One of the Amazons who was holding the lasso of Truth that bound me commanded in a hateful tone.

"Manly scum? That is really creative of you. I feel like you just praised me instead of insulting me, so thanks, I guess. Oh, and I like to believe I deserve a lot since I am a very honest and good guy." I teased without even bothering to look at her.

"You are the worst scum I have ever seen. I have no idea why Sister Helena even thinks that you men have improved. To me, you are still the same dirty and shameless dogs as before. You should have stayed in the men's world, man" she uttered in a disgusted tone of voice. "The Queen will never let you leave after you defiled her daughter, not even if the Fury herself begs her for it."

"I..." I started to speak but was immediately interrupted by someone else speaking.

"For the fifth time, he did not defile me, Clymene. What you saw was simply a misunderstanding. I merely slipped and fell. He is innocent." Diana said with a slight blush. "Also, sister Helena Kosmatos is not only more experienced than you but has also fought more wars than you have ever seen. You should respect her opinions rather than try to discredit them every chance you get." 

"I am sorry if I sounded rude, princess but you cannot expect me to believe that you, one of our best warriors simply slipped and fell on a... man. I am certain that he is definitely involved in somehow forcing you into that position. You do not know his kind, princess but I do. I was there when Hercules and his men... No, we will never forget what happened that night. We will never forget what men are truly capable of. They are all beasts and animals." She finished, her eyes slightly glassy with uncontrolled emotions.

Diana wasn't able to find any words for her to reply. She had heard that a demigod man known as Hercules had once captured their entire nation and its people as slaves. She herself hated that man after listening to his story but unlike most of her sisters, she couldn't bring herself to hate all men for it. 

"He and his men forced himself on you all, didn't he?" Bruce asked, his voice calm and soothing. "I understand he was a bastard and all but that doesn't mean every man is like him. Even if he had done what he did in what you call the 'men's world', he would still have to suffer harsh punishment for it. Also, what women had to suffer hundreds or thousands of years ago was because of the bad rulers that ruled the world at that time along with a lack of law, order, and justice, not because of men in general.

Women in fact were not the only ones to suffer. Every man and woman in the past who was not rich or didn't belong to a noble family suffered the same... Look, I admit that what happened with you all wasn't fair but that doesn't give you the right to judge everyone else. People are not inherently bad depending on their gender, class, caste, color, religion, or race. There are always bad apples in a bunch and then there are the good ones. You just have to know the right ones to choose. You all are not as special as you think you are." I explained what my genuine thoughts were.

"What do you know of suffering, man?" The earlier Amazon retorted venomously, anger evident in her eyes. "I bet that you would also love to force yourself on us the moment you get your chance. You will turn the same as them when the time comes. Maybe even your father abused your mother too... *Bam*" The woman could not complete her words as a punch from me sent her flying across the forest, faster than most would even be able to see. She only stopped after directly crashing into a grove of trees; the mark of a fist permanently embedded into the chest area of her armor.

Immediately without wasting a single second, all the Amazons present there took out their weapons and directed them at me with Diana's sword even touching my throat. They acted exactly like trained and battle-hardened warriors, intending to deal with the primary threat first before trying to see if their companion was all right. 

"Woah, calm down, girls. I didn't even hit her that hard." I instantly tried to defuse the tense situation by raising my hands. "I was just a little annoyed by her words. Also, I wanted to prove that I have the strength necessary to take all of you on. I didn't attack earlier, simply because I didn't feel the need to use any physical violence without a solid reason and because I am a gentleman who believes in equal rights for all. Don't worry though, I don't intend to resort to violence unless my life is in danger." I explained with a charming smile which probably made me appear bipolar. 

The female warriors didn't look much convinced by my explanation but Diana after scanning me with her eyes for a few seconds, sheathed her sword again before gesturing for one of the Amazons to check up on the Amazon I had just punched.

What I said was true by the way. I did believe in equal rights and opportunities. That's why I even hit the woman in the first place because I believed that my fists were R-rated for all.

"Don't do something like this again or it would be very difficult for me to prove your innocence in front of my mother," Diana advised in a low voice while tightening the lasso binding my hands, making sure that the other Amazons weren't able to hear her words.

Once the Amazon named Clymene recovered, we again began to move towards Queen Hippolyta's palace. This time, however, most of our journey was in silence, something I very much appreciated since I was able to start forming multiple plans in my mind on how to get out of this problem with all my body parts intact.

'I really hope my nanobots start working again soon. This version of Princess Diana doesn't seem like she has ever ventured out of the island before, so I can't rely on her to let me go and I don't even have any big wars or war gods that I can use as an excuse to ally with her...' I thought dejectedly.


<(Omniscient POV)>

"For some reason, I almost feel like I want to sneeze." A deep resonant voice was heard mumbling, coming from the direction of a masculine figure adorned with a helmet that had horns and a skull-like face, a huge cape made of thick fur, and what appeared to be a large, bulky armor, giving off an ominous and powerful vibe. 

He was seated on a throne surrounded by dark blue flames, while another extremely muscular figure wearing light armor and a huge lion mantle, was visible standing proudly in front of the throne, his head held high, and chest puffed. "Everything is ready. We now have the ritual that we needed." He spoke.

"Good, prepare the army. Themyscira will have the honor of being the first one to fall before our combined might." The figure sitting on the throne said authoritatively at which the other being couldn't help but slightly growl at the commanding tone of the words. 



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