17 Chapter 17: Senjutsu

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The world of Remnant is familiar to me from the plot of the animated web series RWBY which means Red, White, Black, and Yellow.

This story began quite well if we ignored the details and didn't fill in the plot ourselves.

A world with a main villain who used to be a normal "princess" and is locked up in a tower because she would do anything for love.

Two gods fought over this girl because she somehow deceived them or one of them.

The elder brother was the God of Light and made the "force of life."

The younger brother was the God of Darkness and created the forces of death, including the Creatures of Grimm.

There was a long fight between these two brothers before they came to an agreement and made the world, including humans..

These people possessed magic, and everything was fine for a long time until one daughter of a cruel father was locked in a magical tower and tried to use magic to summon people in the neighborhood to help her.

Finally, a hero who broke into the tower was found, but not before killing several opponents. He saved the girl, and the two fell in love.

This girl was clearly the main villain in the whole story. She did everything to bring him back to from the dead.

In the process, the gods cursed her so that she could never die again no matter how hard she tried.

In the end, the God of Light brought this "hero" back to life before leaving the world and told him to protect four relics that would bring gods back into the Remnant. 

Then these gods left with one of them hitting the Moon on the way. The Moon broke into many pieces and became the world's name: "The Remnant."

This destroyed humanity.

In any case, someone survived, and along with humans, Faunus appeared. These were people with features of different animals, like rabbit ears or bull horns. 

The lovers were very happy to meet and reunite, but the hero betrayed the girl over time.

The hero was frightened by her cruel actions, and their children died because of this and the woman finally fell into darkness.

"Your blood pressure has increased."

Cortana's voice sounded.

"Oh, sorry, I got distracted."

I returned to my consciousness.

"Yes, you're doing everything right. Leave this new element in the center and tightly close the casing."

I said this while watching as the robotic claws under the control of Cortana behind the protective glass finished a simple version of the reactor.

I could have done it myself without any problems, but I obtained this new element using alchemy, so I...


There was a powerful explosion behind the protective glass causing Cortana's mechanical arms to become useless, and cracks appeared on the glass, and I strengthened them with alchemy.

"This element reacted too quickly."

Cortana said.

"I see."

I nodded. In just a few minutes, I created another similar element and put it under the protective glass next to it. I then went into the Group Chat.

Rias Gremory: The First Mission?!

Shinoa Hiragi: Yes.

Hermione Granger: That sound distracted me during potion brewing! My cauldron exploded because of it!

Rias Gremory: Is that so bad?

Hermione Granger: This is my first real reprimand from the professor because of poorly done work, and he's right—I messed up the potion.

Rias Gremory: Where is this Beacon Academy located? I've never heard of it in my world.

Erina Nakiri: Me neither. Besides the Tōtsuki Academy, I know a couple more, but I haven't heard of Beacon.

Erina Nakiri: And why is the main character in my world some eccentric experimenter?!

Anthony (Administrator): Did you manage to watch it already?

Erina Nakiri: Yes, am I really so arrogant? I just say that their chef skills are poor, that's all...

Shinoa Hiragi: That's all...

Shinoa Hiragi: Does the all-knowing Administrator-kun know anything about this Beacon Academy? Or is he busy daydreaming about our young and seductive bodies?

Anthony (Administrator): By "our," do you mean Rias?

Shinoa Hiragi: Baka administrator...

Rias Gremory: Does Tony-kun like my body?

Anthony (Administrator): Have you seen yourself in the mirror? Only an infertile or gay wouldn't like you and the latter had every chance of coming back to the bright side.

Hermione Granger: Stop it!

Shinoa Hiragi: What do you mean by "it"?

Hermione Granger: A-all of this!

Anthony (Administrator): It's very nice to embarrass Hermione, but let's talk about the mission. I have some information about this world but don't have the anime of this world. This world isn't as dangerous as mine or the beautiful Rias'...

Rias Gremory: Why did you stop explaining on such a note?

Anthony (Administrator): I just wanted to. So, it's not as dangerous as our world, but it can still be compared to Shinoa's world. There are creatures called "Grimm," animal-like beings thirsting to kill all humans. The God of Darkness created them...

It took some time to explain the world of the Remnant, their technologies, and the dangers that exist there.

This includes Huntsmen, Dust, Faunus, White Fang, and Salem. In addition, I sent them a screenshot of the additional tasks.

Hermione Granger: What terrifying worlds exist, and what's our mission in this world?

Anthony (Administrator): Yes. We must protect the academy and the people and kill the Grimm. If you're scared and unsure you still have a week to think about it, but it's okay not to go.

Shinoa Hiragi: I find it interesting. This world has some parallels with mine.

Rias Gremory: Judging by Tony-kun's Description, these Grimm aren't particularly strong, but they come in numbers.

Anthony (Administrator): There are some exceptions in the form of very old Grimm. Also, this "Aura" that exists in this world among living beings can be more than useful if you can purchase it in the shop.

Hermione Granger: It sounds very dangerous... Why does the mission have to involve killing these Grimm?

Anthony (Administrator): The main task is to protect the academy, not to kill Grimm, so it's additional. It was hard to become strong without putting in effort. Hermione, there is magic in your world, something that can perform wonders and do everything possible if you know how to do it. It would be wasteful not to fully study magic. After learning about other universes, this is even more important. Trust me, Dumbledore is not the only one of the most powerful people in the world... Do you not want to be the strongest witch in the world?

Shinoa Hiragi: The Administrator-kun is tempting innocent Hermione-chan to the dark side.

Erina Nakiri: Magic...Judging by what I saw in Harry Potter, I can make many more dishes! It's entirely possible to create delicious ingredients and syrups. I would take advantage of this opportunity, but it's a pity there's no magic in my world.

Shinoa Hiragi: Who's talking about what? You're all about food.

Erina Nakiri: I'm Erina Nakiri, a member of the Nakiri family and a representative of the Elite Ten. Of course, I often talk about food and cooking as it's my passion and my calling!

Shinoa Hiragi: Your calling is constantly cooking food? Isn't that, I don't know, small?...

Anthony (Administrator): You're wrong...

Erina Nakiri: small?! SMALL!!

Erina Nakiri: SMALL!!

Erina Nakiri: YOU!!! YOU!!! You don't understand anything at all! Cooking is not just throwing everything into a pot and putting it over the fire! It's an art! You ordinary people like you would never understand that!

Erina Nakiri: You're shameless, constantly talking about lewdness!

Hermione Granger: I agree!

Shinoa Hiragi:...

Erina Nakiri: I won't send you any more of my culinary foods! Tchh.

Rias Gremory: Right, that serves her right, but you'll keep sending them to me, won't you?

Anthony (Administrator): Of course, demon.

Shinoa Hiragi: Do you have any doubts?

Anthony (Administrator): Not at all. Rias sends Erina a lot of products from her world, and they cost her nothing.

I had to make plans for the task before I could talk to anyone.

I know what awaits me there, and there aren't too many dangers for me with my current strength.

It's hard to evaluate the level of danger without accurate data, but recalling scenes from the anime series, I can't remember anyone except Salem who could pose a huge threat.

People with auras are very strong... but Albedo was an artificial being, the best creation of a god capable of fighting a dragon with his bare hands.

Of course, my power is very small in the world of DxD, but in RWBY especially if I try to complete assimilation during this week.

Currently, my assimilation with Albedo has stopped at 30%, but I am strong and fast enough to reach speeds of three hundred kilometers per hour in bursts.

I think even hypersonic speed won't be a problem for me especially with magic and alchemy.

This also applies to the demons of the DxD world. These demons wouldn't be as strong if they didn't have demonic power.

I created a suitable element for presenting the reactor to investors overnight.

It was much more active than palladium although it was more static compared to more active metals.

However, this element emitted two hundred and forty-four times more energy than palladium. 

Tony Stark's element emitted energy more than five hundred times more than palladium.

Nevertheless, I did not have a tesseract to help me understand better, so I think it was a success.

I will definitely find the elements more powerful over time.

Chat Points: 4953

Now, I have almost five thousand CPs accumulated due to daily CPs.

I had the idea of ​​buying an Eighth Metal which is considered the metal of the gods.

I could buy two hundred and fifty grams of this metal or a hundred grams of the Ninth Metal.

Well, or five grams of the Tenth but it's weaker than I wanted.

It might also be possible to buy the bloodlines of angels, which would cost 1500 CP, but this bloodline would need to be developed.

Honestly, I've already found a better way to become stronger and more practical in the short term.

[Senjutsu (B) (High School DXD) — 1000 CP]

[Description: This technique allows one to control their aura, spiritual, and life force, which ultimately greatly enhances physical abilities and also allows one's "Chakra" or "Ki" to harm the spirit of an opponent directly.]

In addition, this technique also involves Touki, or "Fighting Spirit," which further enhances physical abilities and improves control over one's life force.

Besides the regular Senjutsu B rank, there is something more interesting.

Senjutsu (B+) (High School DXD) — 1800 CP

[Description: This technique is "perfect" and allows one to maximize and "enhance" the flow of their Ki and provides easier access to it compared to the previous version of the technique.]

So, it's not quite an ability that can simply be activated.

It's a technique that provides access to and "opens the door" to the world's energy and one's life force.

"Why not?"

I decided to buy it and it's a good thing I did it in an underground complex without witnesses.

Then, an "invisible" energy emanated from me, and cracks appeared on the floor and ceiling.

I literally understood how to control the flow of energy in my body, which I had never even imagined before.

A wave went through my body and soul and opened locks.

In this world, I would hardly have been able to learn to control life energy at least not through training.

This is possible in Rias' universe.

I noticed a faint glow of Chakra, or Ki, around my hands.

This became more intense at my will when I accelerated the movement of this energy through my body or static when I wanted to slow down the flow.

"Cortana prepare to record changes in speed. Also, the energy sensor can be used to test them on different types of energy."

I said this as I walked towards the elevator to descend to the underground levels. I also glanced at my status displayed by Gacha:

Name: Anthony Joseph Luthor

Race: Primordial Human

Title: Brother of a Villain, Genius, Administrator, Head of LexCorp

Overall Power: 8-C

Assimilated Characters:

Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark (A) (85%)

Albedo (B) (30%)

Abilities: Senjutsu (B+)

Gacha Points: 66

My overall power used to go back and forth between 9-A and 8-C, but now there are no changes.

The ability to control Ki has spurred the development of my powers.

I also find it very interesting that in the world of RWBY, the aura always saves the user.



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