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(That's right...this is a remake.) A tired soul is chosen by God to become his warrior. R18 - If you see * in the chapter title, that means lemon. Disclaimer: - If you are mentally weak, don't read this story. It's very dark, and the mc is NOT a good person. - There's no release schedule. I drop chaps when I feel like it, which can vary from 1-3 times a week.

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Best Day Ever

A soul was adrift in the infinite cosmos. It seemed lifeless and without purpose. Eons passed as the white fragment of light flew beyond a myriad of colors and stars. As the soul traveled on and on, things began to change.

Small specks of energy would saturate the being, remnants of each star's greeting as it passed by. The soul grew brighter and brighter until it finally gained consciousness.

'Where…where am I?' It thought.

The soul looked in all directions, only to see an endless ocean of stars. They shined with life, rippling like the surface of still waters. There was only one thing that could be said to describe this place.


Nothing else could be done about the situation. Nobody was there to inform it of its purpose. Exploration was the only option. For some reason, it vaguely knew that it was a male.

As more specks of knowledge and memories returned, a humanoid form was created from the bright fragment of light. Its features couldn't be distinguished. The now human soul leaned to his left, and his figure disappeared.


'Holy…I need to slow down!' He thought.

The soul had just moved incredibly fast. Planets had flown by in under a second. Upon wishing to stop, it did. Surprise was the instant feeling the soul had. For some reason, it felt like any type of bodily movement was natural.

With nothing else to do, he continued his travels. The soul resembled a bird flying through the sky as he glided through space. A new feeling soon welled up inside him during this journey.

Whenever he passed a star, it felt as if he was in a hot spring. It made him feel comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that he wanted to sleep. And so he did. Such would be the extent of his travels. Exploring all of the beautiful lights, sleeping, and heading in a single direction.

Another millenia passed before something new finally occurred. The humanoid soul was now full of light. It was so bright that the surroundings were blinded due to his presence.

In front of the humanoid was another fragment of light, this one much smaller. Upon noticing the new arrival, it quickly approached and circled around him in a playful manner. The tiny speck was like a fairy.

'A companion?' He questioned while observing the speck.


The small fragment buzzed a few times before flying off. Realizing that it was leaving, the humanoid followed. He wasn't willing to part with his first sentient encounter that easily.

Eventually, the fragment led him to even more specks of light. The sheer amount of them caused the humanoid to stop in his place. There were millions of them, billions even.

Each fragment was moving in sync. They swirled in a circle, resembling a galaxy. He couldn't help but make his way toward the phenomena. The specks made way for him to pass, until he reached the middle.

A single figure was standing in the eye of the galaxy, with his hands behind his back. A glowing white robe covered his caramel coated skin. Each strand of his short white hair radiated an otherworldly aura. He looked at the humanoid with a relaxing smile.

"Have you finished exploring, young one?" He said.

The humanoid felt a huge sense of familiarity with this being. A plethora of memories surged into his brain. Suddenly, everything made sense.

'Morgan Freeman?!' He thought.

The soul still didn't know how to speak. As if understanding his dilemma, Morgan smiled. He watched for a few more seconds before he finally spoke.

"I permit you to speak."

Just like that, something clicked from within. It was as if he knew how to do it all along. The glowing humanoid could now make noise for the first time.

"Morgan Freeman…you were God all this time?" He asked. God smiled with a nod.

"Indeed. You may remember me from your time on Earth. You won't remember your identity though. It's time for you to live a new life. Of course, I will allow you to retain relevant memories, but nothing regarding the life you lived. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying."

"Reincarnation? There's no way this is even happening…" He responded with disbelief.

"It's happening. Take your time to soak it all in." Morgan spoke gently.

"Why me? What did I do to deserve this?"

"Hmm…for some reason, you didn't appear before me directly after death. Not only that, but you've formed a connection with my cosmos after a few millennia. Each star is blessed with my energy. That makes you special, my son."

"Millenia…but it only felt like a few days! So this warm feeling is from my connection to the stars. I guess that makes me extremely powerful then."

"...You will be powerful. That much is a given. I'll be sending you to a place where one of my avatars resides. Power is important there, so your strength will be a great boon. This is my realm, while you will be sent to the lower realm."

The humanoid thought for a moment before realizing that something was off. It didn't feel like he was being told everything. There's no way that God didn't understand how and why he appeared. It was impossible.

"Is that it? There isn't anything else that I need to know?" He asked. Morgan chuckled behind his hand.

"Quite perceptive. Your curiosity will be rewarded. Yes, there is more…I require your aid. You are to become my warrior. My champion. My son."

"You need me to fight? Why? Who am I fighting? What am I fighting?"

"You will know when the time comes. Enough chatter. It's time for you to begin your new journey. Wait for my call. And remember, you now hold some of my divinity. Make the most of it."

Morgan waved his hand causing the light fragments to spin faster and faster. The humanoid felt something changing. It was as if he was being sent off. Before the galaxy reached its peak rotation, he cried out.

"Wait! Am I going to be like a kryptonian?" He asked with excitement that couldn't be hidden.

Morgan couldn't help but laugh with amusement. It had been a while since he conversed with another sentient being. In that way, both of them were alike.

"Ha! Not quite, my son…that's never been your style."

With those final words, everything turned white.

It's finally here. To those who've been waiting...We did it boys. Move out!

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