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DC's Saiyan


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The Saiyans, a race of warriors who fought, killed, and destroyed anyone who got in their way. To say that they were merciless and ruthless was an understatement of the century. That said, it hardly changed their fate, which was damnation by the one who practically enslaved them. Not many Saiyans escaped this fate, but those who did would grow to overcome and defeat the tyrant known as Frieza. One Saiyan who had originally perished in the planet's destruction disappeared into god knows where. Let's find out where that Saiyan child landed and what life he lead... //I own only original characters and ideas while DC and respective owners own all others! Also something for housekeeping, this an original universe where I am building everything. In other words this DC world is not the same one that you know. DO NOT expect it to be the same. If you didn't read this and comment about power levels...then you will be ignored.//


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