36 Justice League Sucks at Interrogation

Drystan was currently sitting in an interrogation room drinking some coffee.

He had been in this room for over 6 hours without anyone trying to question him.

The only person he saw was Batgirl who brought him some food and some coffee just now.

But since she was polite he helped her out by saying "You have until Thursday 6pm until my files leak, Tic-Toc Steph, Tic-Toc."

When he said that he saw her freeze and immediately pale before rushing out of the room.

He wasn't sure if it was because of the identity problem or if she was reminded of her previous run in with the Boogeyman, but either way didn't really matter.

After he said that he expected them to hurry to interrogate him, but they continued to leave him alone in the interrogation room until the following morning.

Drystan slept real cozy in his little cell while waiting for somebody to come looking for him.

It wasn't until about noon when the rooms door opened and people came in to see him "Finally some company, I've been lonely all night. This is the first time in weeks that some beauty hasn't snuck into my bed."

Cat does that almost every night just to tease him, sometimes the other girls will join her in her virgin teasing ways.

Drystan let out whistle when he saw the line-up in front of him.

The Leagues best interrogators Batman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter.

Batman is the standard intimidation interrogator, Wonder Woman is a beautiful woman with a whip, and Martian Manhunter can mind r*pe people on the same level as a certain wheelchair bound bald teacher.

Martian Manhunter can also posses people like a ghost, subject them to illusion, and straight up mind control people.

They didnt say a word before he felt Martian Manhunters gaze on him trying to read his mind. But that gaze quickly became confused as he couldn't find anything.

Drystan grinned "Having trouble getting it working big guy? Don't worry, I hear its perfectly normal to have trouble performing in stressful situations."

He was hoping for a reaction but the big green guy just stood there.

Before he could continue his taunting Drystan felt something tie around his ankle before Wonder Woman asked him "What are doing?"

"I'm not doing anything, Im just sitting here like a good boy."

That answer made Wonder Woman pause as it wasn't the one she was expecting.

"Who are you?"

Drystan pointed at himself "Me?"

After receiving a nod Drystan complied and let her know who he was "I'm the Muffin Man."

Wonder Woman looked at him in amazement "How can you lie while under the effect of the Lasso of Truth?!"

Drystan leaned forward as if to tell her before whispering to her "Its a Secret."

The secret was that its his 7th ability Obscurement.

To obscure is to conceal or hide something.

Drystan was simply hiding his thoughts from them, simple as that.

Obscurement let Drystan hide his entire existence from the world. He could hide from Sight, Sound, Smell, thoughts and basically everything except touch.

So unless he told them they had no other way to interrogate him.

They would know something was wrong but he would just tell them that he had the ability to protect his mind.

Its not like they could prove otherwise and they are going to be suspicious either way.

The alternative is to let them read his mind and that's a big no no.

They tried to question him but Drystan just remained silent for the rest of the time.

As they were leaving Drystan spoke "Thursday is tomorrow so you better hurry or your going to be in trouble."

For the rest of the day the it was the same as different members of the Justice League kept coming in and trying to ask him questions, but he rarely replied unless he was making a joke.

His favorite person to tell jokes to was Batman because it clearly ticked him off, especially dad jokes.

He swore Batman almost laughed when he said "What happens when Batman sees Catwoman? The Dark Knight rises."

But Batman also almost punched him when he said "Why doesn't Batman have super vision? Simple, his parents died."

The guy doesn't know how to take a joke. I guess that's why his nemesis is the Joke-r.

They didn't really get any information off of him though from his questionings except for the bad jokes.

They had him questioned throughout the night, depriving him of his sleep.

The next morning Barbara rolled into his little room to talk to him.

"Hey Babs, what's up." he said with a wave.

"We got into your computer Drystan, we know everything."

They just sat there in silence until Drystan started laughing "That's what you've been doing all this time? Trying to get into my computer? HaHaHah!"

Drystan was laughing so hard that his sides were hurting.

"My computer doesn't have anything on it! I only use it for work, Hahahaha!"

Barbara got pale while she listened to Drystan laugh.

After calming down Drystan spoke "I don't get why you are all so worried."

Barbara got angry hearing him say that "Don't get why we are worried! We are worried because you threatened to leak all of our identities!"

"Did I? I cant remember maybe my memory is bad?"

"Not Funny Drystan! Why did you do all of this anyways? Do you think its fun?!"

Barbara started to cry while yelling "I trusted you!?"

Drystan was startled when Barbara started crying before he started comforting her.

"Babs, i have a question."


"When did I betray your trust?"

"Your seriously asking that!"

"I am. I didn't do anything after all, and you guys kidnapped me and locked me in here. I didn't even get to eat yesterday."

Barbara glared at him and pointed her finger at him 'You didn't do anything! You, You!"

"I just told Batman some things and then he took me here against my will."

"You threatened to leak our identities!"

Drystan held his hands up and shrugged "Did I? As far as I can remember I only said that if I don't stop it before 6pm then it will leak automatically. If you guys didn't hold me captive then I could have stopped it by now."

Barbara was confused for a moment as she silently thought about what he said.


"If your mad then blame Batman for not explaining properly, after this is over I'm going to flood the internet with sexy Batman pictures and stupid Batman jokes. Lets see how intimidating he will be then."

Barbara was even more confused "What?"

"Anyways i'll see you later." He said before pushing Barbara out the door shutting it behind her.

On the other side of the door all he could hear was one muffled word.



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