Darth Vader in Marvel

After finally being released from his suffering Darth Vader expected to finally be free and dispersed among the infinite force. Instead he wakes to find himself within his body once again in a new world. Will this new world be able to continue him on the path Luke paved or will he turn back to the path Sidious laid out for him. Only time will tell. And reading the story. Updates every Saturday.

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Chapter 2 – Who invited the guy with an inhaler?

1st POV Captain America

Dodging a blast from a Chatauri cannon. I quickly threw my shield back towards the Chatauri, turning to my left I grabbed a fallen piece of cement and threw it upwards towards a Chitauri speeder killing the pilot and causing the speeder to spiral into the ground.

The Chatauri army seemed almost endless as I kept fighting. Me, Nat, Ant-man, Susan Storm and Wasp were trying to keep the ground under control, but we were slowly being overwhelmed by their endless numbers.

Stark, Thor, and Torch were killing as many as possible while in the air but the pressure on everyone was continuing to build. If Reed didn't manage to shut down the portal soon, we would all be exhausted to death. The only good news was that the Hulk seemed to be getting stronger as the fight went on instead of weaker.

Unfortunately, the Hulk is a double-edged sword and the stronger he gets, the angrier he gets, and the more people end up dead. The Thing is sticking with him to make sure he doesn't throw a bus that's still full of people or anything but other than that, well. I'm very thankful we won't be paying for the damage we caused.

Seeing as the area we were in was pretty much cleared Nat and I started to move Eastward where Wasp had requested support when all the sudden mad laughter sounded and rang throughout the surroundings.

"Cap an unknown just fell through the portal and is rapidly falling towards your left." Stark reported over the comms, looking over at Nat who nodded her head I put my hand to my comm to respond.

"Okay me and Nat will go take a look can someone cover Wasp?"

"I'll take care of it." That voice I believe belongs to Doctor Hank Pym, otherwise known as Ant-man. I haven't had the time to formally meet the man, but I've heard nothing but praise for him from Stark, so my hopes aren't high.

"Okay then I will move to confront the unknown." Starting our walk in the direction Tony specified an impact drew my attention to my right where the Invisible Women landed.

Sparing her a glance I turned back towards the front. Help is always appreciated when dealing with an unknown threat. {Boom} Hearing a loud sound coming from my right I looked at Nat and Susan before starting to run in that direction with them running slightly behind me.

As I ran, I tightened the straps on my shield as an odd sense of foreboding came over me the closer we came to our target. Finally, as we rounded a demolished grocery store, we came face to face with IT.

What looked like a man was standing there unmoving like a statue staring at us. Immediately every muscle in my body tensed as my instincts screamed at me to avoid fighting this "thing" in front of me. Looking behind me Nat seemed to be in the same state and while I couldn't see Susan – She had gone invisible before they turned the corner - any longer, I assume she is in a similar situation.

"Hmm. Are you residents of this planet?" The figure in front of me spoke but his voice came out robotic and muffled due to the mask he was wearing. Seeing that he didn't immediately start trying to kill us I took the initiative to start conversing with this unknown. "I am Captain Steve Rogers of the Avengers. What are you doing on Earth?"

"So, this planet is called Earth? I've never seen any record of a planet like that. Well, no matter if you are a resident of this planet, I wish to use your intergalactic beacon so someone may come and pick me up."

Listening to his voice more closely I concluded that the person in front of me was indeed a man. However, what is an intergalactic beacon? Does Earth have something like that now?

Honestly, with the week I've had I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I looked to my left at Nat to ask her but the figure seeing how I didn't respond started to speak once more. "If you are trying to buy time for your invisible friend there is no point. I am not your enemy, if I was you would have long been dead."

Seeing how she'd been exposed, Susan quickly returned to my right as she reappeared, I did a once over to make sure she didn't receive any injuries before turning back to start speaking once again.

However, before I could a blast landed to my left shooting rubble and debris everywhere. As a group of speeders passed us. 10 Chatauri jumped down, landing around us and the mystery man. Raising my shield, I was about to start giving orders when suddenly all the Chatauri froze and rose into the air while clawing at their throats.

Looking for the source I watched the mystery man's raised arm and his hand curled in a vice-like grip. Squeezing his hand close, all the Chatauri around us suddenly had their throats crushed before they fell to the ground. Looking back towards the mystery man I gulped in shocked terror. Who the hell was this in front of me?

While I was reeling in shock Natasha quickly walked past me and started speaking to the masked figure "Earth is not in possession of an intergalactic beacon. This invasion is our first proper interaction with alien species."

"Hmm. That's odd. Considering the power you already have, I would have thought your race would at least be multi-planetary but it's like all the technology in your world went to strengthen its inhabitants."

Vader spoke after feeling around and noticing that even the normal people who were screaming and running around were significantly stronger than the humans who were found in other parts of the galaxy. "Your race reminds me of the Mandalorians. Naturally born warriors each and everyone of you."

Mandalorians? Is that another type of alien? Well questions can wait till later. We need to get back to fighting fast before the ground is overrun by the chitauri. Nat had the same idea as she spoke to the figure once more

"While our planet isn't yet galactic there is currently an Asgardian fighting with us and he is capable of travelling throughout the universe. If you can assist us in repeling this invasion, he would likely be inclined to help you reach whoever you need to reach."

What? Does Nat want to ask this guy for help? We know nothing about him. For all we know he could just be acting this way to lower our guard. "Very well. People of Earth, I agree with your conditions. I will help you deal with this invasion and in exchange you will provide me with the assistance of the Asgardian."

Finished speaking the figure quickly made his way towards Nat. Tensing as he drew closer It was only now, I got a proper look at him Black armour covered his body while a long cape in the same dark shade flowed down from his shoulders and onto the ground. His face was covered by a mask that looked like it had an inhaler for a mouthpiece and what is that on his chest? I don't know, it looks like an important piece of equipment.

But the thing that became most obvious as he approached was the sound of his breathing {} Is his mask an inhaler or something? I don't know but as he walked in front of Nat, I moved my arm and slightly bent my legs so I could reach her in case he tried anything.

I watched as he raised his two fore fingers and lightly tapped Nat on the head before speaking. "Use this to communicate with me. If it isn't urgent don't bother me."

Saying that the figure floated into the air and landed on a building nearby where he took what looked like a metal bar off his belt before he pressed a button and a shining red blade activated reflecting ominously off his suit.

As I stood there watching him, I could swear I heard music playing in the background as well. "Wow." That was all I could manage to say as I took in the sight in front of me.

"Yeah" Susan next to me expressed her agreement "I hope he stays on our side"

"Me too."

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