Darling Mummy: Lets Leave Bastard Father!

Five years ago, Liu Duoduo took on the role of a caretaker for an injured man without giving it much thought, enticed by the generous pay to pay for her tuition. Little did she know that she would eventually fall in love with her boss, despite his warning: "Never fall in love with me." There relationship had improved till, One cold night, the intoxicated man stumbled into her room, but she didn't mind and welcomed him happily. The next day, he compensated her and asked her to leave. Three months later, Liu Duoduo discovered that she was pregnant with her ex-boss's child,the man she had fallen in love with. However, she decided to raise the child on her own without informing him. Five years later Excerpt "I don’t what a brother or sister..I only want me" "That won’t do..besides it’s not up to you..I want a cute Cotten padded jacket too.”he replied "Why..we’re the perfect triangle not square, no brothers or sister allowed daddy." "Triangle Huh..might as well as make it a football team." Liu Duoduo watch them bicker back and forth, football team? when did she become a breeding cow. Having struggled to raise her son alone, Liu Duoduo returns to give her child a complete family. But things are not as easy as it seems, when she has to deal his troubling mother and her mysterious family background, the situation gets tougher when she’s framed with a murder. Check out my new books My Darling CEO Is An Insomniac The Ice Immortal Prince And His Jaded Beauty. Thank you for your support!

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222 Chs

Wow..we still got to see the lights in full

Mu Yichen hugged both Liu Duoduo and Nuonuo when they got into the car, he just wanted to give them a good time and so far they hadn't even seen the lights they came here for.

"I'm sorry...i didn't protect you well.."

Liu Duoduo shook her head, it wasn't Mu Yichen's fault, she realized from Nuonuo being knocked down to them being captured it was all planned by Yuan Mo.

"No it's not your fault.this is all Yuan Mo's elaborate plan..."

She didn't feel like staying in country N anymore now all she wanted to do was go back to China where she was the most safest.

"Let's go back home.."

Mu Yichen shook his head he still had one last thing to show them.

"Not yet..there's still one more thing.."

The driver understand the assignment and slowly pulled the car to a stop when he had found the best spot.

"Why did we stop.."

"There's just one last thing we have to do before we leave.."