Darling Mummy: Lets Leave Bastard Father!

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What is Darling Mummy: Lets Leave Bastard Father!

Read ‘Darling Mummy: Lets Leave Bastard Father!’ Online for Free, written by the author Little_North_Star, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering WEAKTOSTRONG Fiction, REVENGE Light Novel, CEO Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Five years ago, Liu Duoduo took on the role of a caretaker for an injured man without giving it much thought, enticed by...


Five years ago, Liu Duoduo took on the role of a caretaker for an injured man without giving it much thought, enticed by the generous pay to pay for her tuition. Little did she know that she would eventually fall in love with her boss, despite his warning: "Never fall in love with me." There relationship had improved till, One cold night, the intoxicated man stumbled into her room, but she didn't mind and welcomed him happily. The next day, he compensated her and asked her to leave. Three months later, Liu Duoduo discovered that she was pregnant with her ex-boss's child,the man she had fallen in love with. However, she decided to raise the child on her own without informing him. Five years later Excerpt "I don’t what a brother or sister..I only want me" "That won’t do..besides it’s not up to you..I want a cute Cotten padded jacket too.”he replied "Why..we’re the perfect triangle not square, no brothers or sister allowed daddy." "Triangle Huh..might as well as make it a football team." Liu Duoduo watch them bicker back and forth, football team? when did she become a breeding cow. Having struggled to raise her son alone, Liu Duoduo returns to give her child a complete family. But things are not as easy as it seems, when she has to deal his troubling mother and her mysterious family background, the situation gets tougher when she’s framed with a murder. Check out my new books My Darling CEO Is An Insomniac and Genius Doctor: Mr. Lu let’s get married. Thank you for your support!

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Perhaps its time i gave a review..to any one who clicks on this book you def not making a mistake[img=update] i love the book i love the dynamic relationship between Duoduo, Xinran and Nuonuo. The book is slowly burn hopefully we’ll see more romance between Yichen and Duoduo[img=recommend]


Heyyo! Im Also gonna give out my review. The story starts with Liu Duoduo and Mu Yichen meeting it is brief and they dont spend a lot of time together the main story starts when Liu Duoduo returns to China. So everyone sit tight and enjoy the book. I will be putting my very best.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


A great book so far. Love the characters especially the child. He is so stinking cute 😍


Plot✔️Character development ✔️Grammar ✔️The Author has a way with her words, that would entice anyone to read this book. the book is interesting, honestly❤️


this book is nice and has extremely good potential, I hope Mu Yinchen would sort out things quickly and be able to love happily.


Amazing Author, Great synopsis (cracks me up 😁), simple but balanced writing, interesting title, so far, a nice story development.... What else? Plot? Every author has his/her own story to tell. So jump on it!


Poor Liu duoduo 😥[img=update][img=update]


✓ Handsome, rich, but lovable ML✓Mystery backgrounds✓Cute Babies If you're fan of contemporary romance with sweet romance and cute witty babies, this one is a must-try. ;) Also, we're still waiting for Duoduo's little sister, Author North. xD


wow, what a captivating title 👏 I love it...


The story is good and the main characters are loveable while the villains are hateful. It seems it’s a very popular theme these days… Broken family, misunderstanding, miscommunication , wealth… Further editing should be made before expecting readers to pay, these things are more expensive than actual books so we readers deseve better. So many mistakes: spelling, grammar, actual words used in wrong context. I hope the further I read, the better it will get.


Liu Duoduo is so adorable at the beginning!And the ML makes me laugh 😂😂😂It is heartbreaking to see them separate, but the cheeky child will surely make the ML regret his poor decision!Great job, author, keep writing the story 😀😀😀


Great story with an interesting plot and wonderful characters. Let me use this opportunity to thank my dear author_ san for creating dear Nuonuo whom I absolutely love. Keep up the good work dear author 💞


This book is a gem Just reading through the first few chapters and the well thought out characterization of each character is on show… The heroine comes off as gentle and kind and wide eyed romantic and the man appears very charming I know there’s only more goodness to come for sure Keep up the good work author


An exciting read from my favorite Author....hope to see more chapters[img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift]


this book is good!! Let's see how a mother closes the ties of the family with her senseless son. Anyway, the writing style and the plot are well explained. It makes us easy to flow and helps us understand it, Keep it up!


This book is a standout piece of literature that masterfully intertwines a gripping narrative, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes. The plot progresses with an expertly measured pace, each twist adding a layer of intrigue that keeps the reader engrossed. The author's articulate and vivid prose brings the story to life, adding an immersive dimension to the reading experience. The characters are superbly crafted, with their journeys through the narrative eliciting empathy and connection. Above being an engrossing read, the book dives into profound themes with nuance, encouraging reflection. This book is a remarkable fusion of exciting storytelling and intellectual substance, truly deserving of a 5-star rating.


great book the relationship has me curious and so does the charactrrs but uts strange bcz i don't read books like these but this one has me interested so lets goo[img=recommend]


I absolutely liked this story so far, the writing style is so good, and the way you express things are new. Keep up the good work.All the best...


Was hooked by the first chapter. The character development is great. Nice work author.


What an amazing book is this,I love the story entirely can't wait for next episode, kudos to you Author.


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