Darling Mummy: Lets Leave Bastard Father!

Five years ago, Liu Duoduo took on the role of a caretaker for an injured man without giving it much thought, enticed by the generous pay to pay for her tuition. Little did she know that she would eventually fall in love with her boss, despite his warning: "Never fall in love with me." There relationship had improved till, One cold night, the intoxicated man stumbled into her room, but she didn't mind and welcomed him happily. The next day, he compensated her and asked her to leave. Three months later, Liu Duoduo discovered that she was pregnant with her ex-boss's child,the man she had fallen in love with. However, she decided to raise the child on her own without informing him. Five years later Excerpt "I don’t what a brother or sister..I only want me" "That won’t do..besides it’s not up to you..I want a cute Cotten padded jacket too.”he replied "Why..we’re the perfect triangle not square, no brothers or sister allowed daddy." "Triangle Huh..might as well as make it a football team." Liu Duoduo watch them bicker back and forth, football team? when did she become a breeding cow. Having struggled to raise her son alone, Liu Duoduo returns to give her child a complete family. But things are not as easy as it seems, when she has to deal his troubling mother and her mysterious family background, the situation gets tougher when she’s framed with a murder. Check out my new books My Darling CEO Is An Insomniac The Ice Immortal Prince And His Jaded Beauty. Thank you for your support!

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No single jade only trash

Ji Duan opened the door and brought them to the meeting room. He rushed to meet the man who was slightly too focused on the lady beside him.

"Nuonuo Mummy has to work why don't you stay in the lounge till Mummy gets back..."

Nuonuo nodded and stayed by the door, he was Ji Duan address the man before coming to carry him to the lounge.

"Miss Yang, Miss Liu welcome please have a sit.."

The CEO spoke up making the two ladies beside him turn to look at their guests.

Su Yanran blinked and clenched her fists not only were the ladies replacing them outstanding they were also very beautiful.

"Liu Duoduo you really are everywhere.."

The one who spoke up was the second lady, her expression was very cold like she had met her nemesis.

Meanwhile Liu Duoduo blinked trying to remember the person in front of you, she glanced at Yang Xinran who shook her head. She had no idea who the bit*h was.

"Do I know you.."

The woman raged as she stood up and walked to Liu Duoduo wanting to slap her.

"Look at this face and till me you don't remember it.."

Liu Duoduo looked at the woman's feature carefully and realized she was indeed familiar just older.

"Are you Mo Xi?"

Mo Xi nodded as stared at Liu Duoduo with cold eyes, everything this woman appeared she lost something. Be it her pride or her job whenever Liu Duoduo appeared she would always lose.

"You stole my win five years ago...I was already the winner till you came along.."

The win Mo Xi was talking about was the competition that changed both hers and Liu Duoduo's life.

"What are you saying.. Mo Xi you forget I have the right to sue right, you stole my work and used it as your own don't you have any dignity.."

Yang Xinran stood on the side with a smile she liked it when Liu Duoduo becomes fierce and shows everyone that she's not a pushover.

"Stole? I drew that design myself bit*h what evidence did you have that I stole it.."

Liu Duoduo paused and took a step, her eyes were calm and her expression was cold.

"Mo Xi I have no business with you...if you're so sure I stole your design then sue me. If not get out of my face and not sprout nonsense here.."

Liu Duoduo glanced at her coldly and walked to the chair, Yang Xinran following behind her.

Mo Xi stood there awkwardly as she clenched her fist before going back to her sit.

The whole time Su Yanran didn't say a word but instead she calmly studied Liu Duoduo while Liu Duoduo and Mo Xi we're having their argument she had done some research on Liu Duoduo and her designs were simply outstanding. Each better than the last.

She simply had no way of beating her.

"Now that everyone's settled, Miss Liu Miss Yang meet our previous head of design and appraisal. I hope you'll be able teach time them one or two things."

"We'll be happy to help..you see Ji Duan showed us your sales and it's very depressing. I heard you've received a batch of stones not too long ago.."

The CEO nodded they did receive a truck load of raw materials last week.

"Yes Miss Yang will you like to see them.."

Yang Xinran nodded and stood up with an appraisal like Mo Xi she had a feeling all the raw materials there would be trash.

They got to were the rocks were kept and Yang Xinran began inspecting, she also dragged Liu Duoduo along she could be consider her lucky star sometimes.

Yang Xinran slowly picked a raw material and gave it to Liu Duoduo just like that she had picked five to six raw materials.

Liu Duoduo breathed the raw materials were getting heavier with each passing time, she couldn't hold any more raw materials.

"Xinran I think this is enough for the start.."

Yang Xinran paused and chuckled seeing Liu Duoduo struggle to hold the materials she nodded and brought it to the counter to cut them.

"Cut them please.."

The middle aged man at the counter nodded and took the materials to the machine.

The first material was a white stone, the second was empty, the third material had a green jade followed by the remaining three.

"When last did you cut out a king's green.."

King's green? He had never cut any high level jade since he started this job all the raw materials were bought by Mo Xi and they were all low level or trash.

This was the reason why their jewelry lacked quality,which reduced in their sales and Su Yanran designs were also not pleasing to the eyes.