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Hi all! This is my fourth book in the series of Feral Confessions. This vampire-werewolf romance is full of adventure and mystery and of struggles of power. It is a riveting, thrilling, steamy, enemy to lovers paranormal romance. The story shows the desperation of Caleb (ML) and how he tries to win over his mate who hates him, despite the maddening attraction they both have for each other. You will see how Elize (FL) comes out of her shell and would love the development of her character arc. So buckle up your seat belts and I hope to see you in the comments section! I am uploading the map of my fantasy world for you over here.

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I absolutely love anything penned by Mishak! This book is next in a perfectly written series. My only advice, which I admit to not taking myself, is to add this to your library and if you have not read the preceding books in this series…do that first. You will not regret it. Plus, as you enter into exciting world of Caleb in Dark Hunger, you will have already met and fallen in love with him. I believe the books in this series are in the following order…I’m sure Mishak or another fan will correct me if I’m wrong!. Following this journey from the beginning will give you many hours of reading pleasure. It is so well written you will feel as though you are part of the stories! ❤️❤️❤️ 1) Feral Confessions 2) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince 3) Ileus: The Dark Prince 4) Dark Hunger


I appreciate that the fast pace of this story doesn't sacrifice character or world building. I started with Illeus's story before reading the series in order. Each book does a good job of standing on its own, but will be enhanced by reading the rest. The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince has good background for the FL & ML, as well as some characters introduced in recent chapters (I'm on chapter 65 now). The end of Illeus's story takes place concurrently with this one and there is some overlap we see in early chapters. I'm looking forward to how these characters will grow individually and, hopefully, as a power couple. The FL is willful and feisty, but still kind and grounded. I always appreciate how the females in MishaK's stories are strong and clever, overcoming trauma, and hope to see that continue in this installment. Get ready to blush while reading, because mates in the Lore are crazy/shameless.


I'll be first here. If mishak writes a bookz it'll be good 👍 I read the first chap and am already hooked 😍😍😍 Love Caleb and his yearning for Elize 💕💕 Can they have a happily ever after? I hope so!


Oh my goodness looking forward to reading this next book already!! loved the other books in this series this story surly will be another wonderful addition to all our other beloved characters!!! Definitely rooting for Caleb and his happily ever after!!! 🥳🥳🥳❤❤❤❤


Ekkkk, finally we get Caleb and Elize's story. Ever since Caleb was introduced in The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince, I’ve been hoping he’ll get his own book. Caleb had his own mini arc playing an antagonist and then had the biggest character development and redeemed himself. Just OMG....I am so excited you've decided to start his own book. He deserves it. One of the most intriguing aspect of Caleb and Elize's love story is the backstory of how they met, which is introduced in book 2. After a horrible experience with his chosen mate, Caleb takes off on a journey of self discovery and meets Elize, his fated mate, who is dying from a terminal illness. She is a devout Catholic and has accepted her death but Caleb can't let his mate die, so he has her turned into a vampire....AGAINST HER WILL. thus why she hates him and runs away from him. this isn't a spoiler, its all in chapter 1 lol . I am excited to read about their journey to forgiveness, Caleb’s redemption and them accepting their love for each other and completing the mate bond. If you are a new reader to Misha's world, this book is part of a series of werewolves stories by Misha. They are as follows: 1. Feral Confession 2. The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince 3. Ileus: The Dark Prince 4. Dark Hunger If you start with Caleb's story first, you should definitely read book 2 because Daryn, the ML, is Caleb's younger brother. Caleb was a secondary character with his own mini arc and it was soooo good. You hated Caleb and secretly had hope for him to finally wake up and couldn't understand how he could be the way he was when Daryn and Gayle (their father) was soooo lovable. BUT Misha is really good at writing this books as standalone and does explain things throughly. You don't need to read book 1 (but you def should lol) to understand book 2. The only connection to these two books is the introduction of a new character, Ileus, who is the son of Adrianna and Dmitri. While Dark Hunger has started and is currently at 26 chapters, Ileus’ book is still on-going with about 514 chapters. Caleb makes appearances in Ileus' story (because they are cousins) at chapter 403 and stays around for a couple of chapters to help Ileus but I don't think you need to read book 3 to understand Caleb's story. BUT you should lol because Ileus is my favorite book out of this entire series. He is my bae ❤️❤️


Caleb's story is finally here! (happy dance) Knowing Elize's turning background story they have very bumpy ride ahead indeed. Although the world of Lore is rich and full of surprises...


I am so excited when I see an update! As I am reading I begin to slow my scrolling to a couple of lines at a time for fear of seeing the end of the chapter!…sigh…it always comes, though…😢❤️ After reading the other stories, I know I am in for exciting and adventurous reading. I am yet to be disappointed! ❤️❤️❤️


Misha I was wondering what is going on with Dark Hunger. It doesn't say completed and hasn't been updated in a years. Is it going to continue or is there an error and it really is complete?


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Hehe 😋 I am a loyal fan and tbh anything our author writes I always love. Though I have not finished all of the books yet 😔, I WILL SOON. But as always 5 stars 🤩 across the board!!!


I said I'd be here each and every time our lovely author releases another book. So HERE I AM!!! As always love the book. Love the chapters and characters 💞 I also like this series so far. AS ALWAYS AUTHOR ALWAYS SURPRISES US!! Love ya author 😌


I love this book so much that i got engrossed only by mere reading the first chapter! Author your writing skills are great and i love them!!...after reading all the available chapters, i end up checking every seconds for new chapters 🤣I hope for more from you..❤


I am so happy to keep reading these series!, the author has great writing skills, you won’t want to stop reading! …this is the 4th book in the series that I’m reading and I’ve loved the first 3, so I’m really looking forward to Caleb and Elise’s story! I also like that chapters are released daily (or sometimes several chapters per day), compared to other stories that only release a few chapters per week 🤩


I know this will be a 5 rated book, because all of Mishak’s books are 5’s! From knowing Caleb’s past triumphs and failures, I also see more strife in his future, but believe he will be victorious in the end. I am excited for each chapter to be revealed! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you, Mishak for your talent, hard work, and dedication to your loyal readers! ❤️❤️❤️


i have read all the books in this series and i love love it and i have been waiting a long time for caleb and Elise story and it is finally out. i still think iona and rolfe should have their own story istead of merging it with illeus


You will not be disappointed. The whole seris is well designed and will capture your curiosity and imagination. All books match up perfectly and you can guarantee, that at the end of one novel, you will definitely see your favourite characters again, in the next seris novel. Right on, right on.. .right on! ! ❤️ 🤠 ❤️ 🤠 ❤️ 🤠 ❤️