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Ekkkk, finally we get Caleb and Elize's story. Ever since Caleb was introduced in The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince, I’ve been hoping he’ll get his own book. Caleb had his own mini arc playing an antagonist and then had the biggest character development and redeemed himself. Just OMG....I am so excited you've decided to start his own book. He deserves it. One of the most intriguing aspect of Caleb and Elize's love story is the backstory of how they met, which is introduced in book 2. After a horrible experience with his chosen mate, Caleb takes off on a journey of self discovery and meets Elize, his fated mate, who is dying from a terminal illness. She is a devout Catholic and has accepted her death but Caleb can't let his mate die, so he has her turned into a vampire....AGAINST HER WILL. thus why she hates him and runs away from him. this isn't a spoiler, its all in chapter 1 lol . I am excited to read about their journey to forgiveness, Caleb’s redemption and them accepting their love for each other and completing the mate bond. If you are a new reader to Misha's world, this book is part of a series of werewolves stories by Misha. They are as follows: 1. Feral Confession 2. The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince 3. Ileus: The Dark Prince 4. Dark Hunger If you start with Caleb's story first, you should definitely read book 2 because Daryn, the ML, is Caleb's younger brother. Caleb was a secondary character with his own mini arc and it was soooo good. You hated Caleb and secretly had hope for him to finally wake up and couldn't understand how he could be the way he was when Daryn and Gayle (their father) was soooo lovable. BUT Misha is really good at writing this books as standalone and does explain things throughly. You don't need to read book 1 (but you def should lol) to understand book 2. The only connection to these two books is the introduction of a new character, Ileus, who is the son of Adrianna and Dmitri. While Dark Hunger has started and is currently at 26 chapters, Ileus’ book is still on-going with about 514 chapters. Caleb makes appearances in Ileus' story (because they are cousins) at chapter 403 and stays around for a couple of chapters to help Ileus but I don't think you need to read book 3 to understand Caleb's story. BUT you should lol because Ileus is my favorite book out of this entire series. He is my bae ❤️❤️


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