68 Wyvern

Under the barrier Jasmine had put up, Reyna stayed highly vigilant. Her sharp eyes were quick enough to notice that her shadow was acting strange. Immediately, she covered her rapier in flames and stabbed her shadow. And It let out a loud screech before black smoke was released into the air.

"They're already inside the barrier!" Jasmine exclaimed. But she was too late, shadow monsters were already crawling out of the shadow

'An ambush.' Reyna thought, thrusting her sword through one of the shadow monsters that appeared behind Jasmine.

She was the one keeping the barrier up so she had to be protected at all costs. Shadow monsters were classified as magical beasts despite having no magical cores. Born from the shadows, they had dark bodies and they resembled monsters from the magic realm. Some even had the strength to go against a bronze-class dark knight.

The one Reyna had just slain was a skitter, which was a giant lizard.


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