58 Divine Power

A creaking noise echoed throughout the room when Eris pulled the door open as the pair stepped in.

"Make yourself at home. I'll get us something," said Eris before she marched to the spacious and clean kitchen on their left.

From inside, Arthur couldn't believe that this room belonged to one person. Compared to his, this was ten…no, thirty times bigger. The floor was wooden with only small parts having cream woolen carpet. Many fire stones were hung on the ceiling instead of the small one one he had attached to his walls, but at this time of the day, they were simply collecting mana and storing it for later use.

"So this is the royal treatment. Wow…"

He muttered while he took in the image of what real luxury looked like. Now he just wondered how the crown princess' room looked compared to this. Could they get any better?

"Do you want anything to drink?" Eris called from the kitchen.


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