Danmachi: Captured by Freya at the Beginning!

In the world of "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?," I've become the target of the goddess of beauty, Freya, right from the start. Bearing the burden of 'All the Evil of the World,' I've become an interesting 'anomaly' in Freya's eyes. Gods, seeking entertainment in the mortal world, naturally find it intriguing to discover this unique 'individual.' My name is Ethan Starfall, a transmigrator, and now I find myself captured by Freya. What should I do? It's an emergency!!! --- Support Me: patreon.com/U22 youtube.com/@animexfirst --- Please Note: I do not own anything in this fanfiction. The copyright belongs to their respective creators.

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Magic Attribute: Imaginary Number!

Chapter 8 - Magic Attribute: Imaginary Number!

[Name: Ethan Starfall]

[Current Card Pool: "Fate"]

[Diamonds: 300]

The interface was concise to the extreme, and in the [Diamonds] column, a glaring '300' caught his attention.

Earlier, he had exchanged for a 'Ten Consecutive Draws' and obtained [Projection Magic], but now, in the blink of an eye, his balance was 300.

[Achievement: The person favored by God - Receive 'Falna' bestowed by the gods and become one favored by them!]

[Reward: 200 diamonds!]

[Achievement: New adventurer - Become a level 1 adventurer!]

[Reward: 100 diamonds!]

He had achieved two achievements, gaining a reward of 300 diamonds.

At this moment, Ethan was stunned. Did his system have this function?

Clearly, it was his golden finger, but he was unaware of this function, and the system had no artificial intelligence or usage instructions.

Everything had to be figured out by himself.

"If receiving Falna leads to gaining an achievement, could leveling up in the future result in new achievements?"

Ethan wondered, but this speculation could not be confirmed at the moment.

To verify it, he would have to try it in reality and find out later.

However, the most important thing right now was not this, but drawing cards.

With 300 diamonds, that meant 30 draws.

Thinking about this, Ethan's mood suddenly became 'beautiful.'

Today, he first acquired [Projection Magic], then gained the favor of Goddess Freya, and now has 300 diamonds.

It was his lucky day. So, he had to make the most of his luck.

"Almighty God! Sakyamuni! Shiva! Amaterasu! Please, lend me your strength!"

Using the familiar formula, Ethan respectfully invoked these 'great deities.'

However, this time, he was praying to some different deity.

Following the ritual, Ethan started his first 'Ten Consecutive Draws.'


In the void, a card pack emerged, and an invisible force tore open the seal.

Subsequently, cards flipped out one by one.

Ethan had witnessed this scene before, but now his attention was focused on the content of the cards.

[Black Silk · Pantyhose] [Black Silk · Over-the-Knee Stockings] [Black Silk · Suspender Stockings] [Black Silk · Knee-High Socks] ...

(PS: I don't know the names of different types of stockings. So, forgive me if there are any errors.)

Observing these exquisite cards, each depicting beautiful girls with corresponding types of stockings.

Ethan recognized the likes of Makise Kurisu's pantyhose, Yukinoshita Yukino's over-the-knee long black stockings, Tokisaki Kurumi's suspender stockings, Kato Megumi's knee-high short black stockings, and so on~

Not only that, in the nearby [Warehouse], there were similar cards of the same types.

Various stockings—black, white, flesh-colored, and even fishnet—were all cards obtained in previous draws.

Ethan couldn't help but express his feelings, saying that while he appreciated beautiful legs and various legwares, there should be a limit to these things. (Maybe~ ( ﹁ ﹁ ) ~→)

A ten-consecutive-draw cost him a total of 100 diamonds, transforming into ten different types of black stockings.

However, gazing at these exquisite cards depicting lifelike beauties, Ethan felt that these cards were more valuable than the stockings.

He directly stored them in the warehouse, planning to research them more closely during quiet nights.

"100 diamonds down the drain~~"

Though it was an unexpected fortune, losing all of them at once still pained him.

"Let's go again! Behold my divine power, ten consecutive draws!!!"


Familiar scenes, familiar rhythm—accompanied by the tearing of the card pack, cards flew out once again.

However, the next moment's scene nearly stopped Ethan's heartbeat.

[White Silk · Over-the-Knee Socks] [White Silk · Pantyhose] [White Silk · Suspender Stockings] ...

Black stockings were one thing, but having a ten consecutive draw of white stockings seemed excessive.

Moreover, the card images of girls in black stockings were each a beauty in their own right, but the card image of the figure in white stockings was a bit too much.

Shiroyasha wearing white silk pantyhose – did you not know that although this is a character with a loli body, she's an out-and-out pervert?

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together; both are perverts, although Ethan is a hidden pervert.

Taking her card out, isn't it a bit much?

Additionally, Ethan had a question lingering in his mind.

Wasn't this the card pool supposed to be from "Fate/Type-Moon"?

Why were all the card draws depicting various anime beauties? Could this apply to only consolation prizes?

However, regardless of how much Ethan complained, the system simply didn't respond to him.

Two sets of ten consecutive draws, a total of twenty draws, and not a single useful card.

Could it be that he had exhausted all his luck for the day? Such thoughts began to creep into Ethan's mind.

"No, I don't believe it! Let's go again!"

Another ten consecutive draws started once more, and cards flew out one by one.

The result did not disappoint.

This time it was flesh-colored stockings, showcasing beautiful images of women in various styles.

However, Ethan expressed little interest.

Black stocking is faith, white stocking is persistence, but flesh-colored stocking is like a cult.

What are stockings?

They are artifacts that highlight women's charm.

Black stockings bring mature allure, white stockings bring pure heartthrobs, both leaving a lasting impression.

But what on earth are flesh-colored stockings? They are heresy!

[Magic Attribute: Imaginary Number]

Finally, a draw yielded a card with the magic attribute of Imaginary Number, and this appearance lifted Ethan's spirits.

In "Fate," within the realm of magecraft, 'Imaginary Number' was defined as 'possible but not present in the material world,' also known as 'Void'

Magus with Imaginary Number attributes were stealthy individuals capable of inserting their hands into dimensional gaps.

During the "Fifth Holy Grail War," Matou Sakura possessed the Imaginary Numbers attribute.

In the battle against Medea's puppets and Gilgamesh, Sakura's shadow absorbed their moves into the Imaginary Numbers Space, rendering them ineffective – a manifestation of 'Imaginary Number Magecraft.'

Among the characters in the "Fate" series, the Imaginary Number attribute was extremely rare.

Only three individuals were confirmed to have it: Matou Sakura, Lev Lainur Flauros (Professor Lev from FGO), and Trisha Fellows (Assistant and home tutor to Director Olga Marie).

In essence, 'Imaginary Numbers' could be described as a nonexistent yet considered present Imaginary Numbers Space, resembling a dimensional pocket.

Objects that fell into it became unaffected by both space and time.

Magus who awakened the 'Imaginary Number' attribute used these characteristics as a temporal container.

In a nutshell, the Imaginary Number attribute had a faint 'space' flavor, but not entirely.

However, it undeniably was a very powerful magic attribute with immense potential for development.


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