Danmachi: Captured by Freya at the Beginning!

In the world of "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?," I've become the target of the goddess of beauty, Freya, right from the start. Bearing the burden of 'All the Evil of the World,' I've become an interesting 'anomaly' in Freya's eyes. Gods, seeking entertainment in the mortal world, naturally find it intriguing to discover this unique 'individual.' My name is Ethan Starfall, a transmigrator, and now I find myself captured by Freya. What should I do? It's an emergency!!! --- Support Me: patreon.com/U22 youtube.com/@animexfirst --- Please Note: I do not own anything in this fanfiction. The copyright belongs to their respective creators.

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Moving In!

Chapter 7: Moving In!

In the end, under Freya's peculiar bad taste, Ethan provided the other party with a massage, primarily focusing on her feet.

Before crossing over, Ethan had learned some massage techniques, mainly because his mother had health issues.

Having done a lot of heavy and tiring work in her early years, various health problems surfaced as she aged.

As for Ethan, as the one being taken care of by the goddess, serving the goddess was naturally his duty.

Regarding whether or not to serve her in bed, Freya laughed it off.

She was only curious about Ethan, which is why she 'took him in.'

As for making out and when to have an intimate relationship, it depended on her mood.

In response to such an answer, Ethan expressed, "Since you're the one paying, you're the boss, and you're the wisest; what you say goes."

"It feels good; from now on, you are my 'personal masseur.'"


Regarding Freya, even though her reputation in forums and online communities before transmigration was not great, often being labeled as a 'slut,' later volumes reveal that the Freya appearing in public was actually an incarnation of Syr/Horn's skill.

The real goddess of beauty was the cheerful and mischievous Syr, so Freya wasn't as 'promiscuous,' but many people still doubted this explanation.

(PS: I haven't read the light novel, so someone please explain this in the paragraph comment.)

Now, Ethan has truly arrived in this world and is in contact with the goddess of beauty, Freya.

Ethan expressed that he didn't know if the other party was a 'bicycle,' but as a beauty goddess, Freya's feet were exquisite, with no excess flesh, making people obsessed with its beauty.

As a hidden pervert, if Freya wanted to have an intimate relationship with him, he would definitely not refuse.

After all, while massaging, especially when focusing on her feet, Ethan felt that life was complete, and if he could have a more intimate experience, he couldn't help but get excited at the thought.

"Oh, by the way, where are you staying?"

"At a hotel in Daedalus Street~"


Upon hearing Ethan's words, Freya slightly furrowed her brow.

Daedalus Street, that's Orario's slum area, where most of the poor and weak adventurers reside.

It's a place filled with a mix of different types of people, chaos, and danger.

It can be said that Daedalus Street is Orario's slum area, and as the 'pet' she has adopted, how can Ethan live in such a shabby place?

If others were to know this, she couldn't afford to lose face.

Thinking about this, Freya made a decision.

"How about this, from now on, you will live here. I'll have Ottar clean up the room next door, and you can move in."


Ethan was suddenly dumbfounded.

Where is this? It's the upper level of the Tower of Babel, the residence of gods.

Moreover, this is the top of the Tower of Babel, belonging to a VIP area.

Living in such a place, does this 'soft rice' taste that good?

(PS: Eating soft rice is a way of saying that a man is living off his girlfriend. In English, you might hear a "mooch" or a "sap.")

However, upon second thought, living here, meeting Freya every day, and if other members of Freya Familia found out, he would probably become the enemy of the entire Familia.

After all, even if one joins Freya Familia, not everyone can regularly see Freya.

This honor is reserved for Ottar, the captain of Freya Familia, as her bodyguard, who stays by Freya's side every day to protect her safety.

"What, you don't want to?" Freya asked impatiently.

"Willing, of course, willing. It's just that I can't believe I can actually live in such a luxurious place."

"Serve me well, and you'll get even more."

"Yes, I understand, Goddess Freya~~~"

Being taken care of, not having to 'sacrifice his virginity,' and getting so many benefits for free, what more is there to say?

The only danger might be those lunatics from Freya Familia, but give him some time, even Ottar wouldn't be a match for Ethan.

After all, in the world of "Fate/Type-Moon," there are too many things that can make him stronger.

As long as his luck isn't too bad, surpassing them is just a matter of time.

"Alright, you can go now."

"Yes, Goddess Freya~" Ethan nodded, considering his 'task' completed.

Although there were some differences from his imagination, it didn't matter.

Moreover, becoming a member of Freya Familia, receiving Falna, was also a good thing.


Opening the door, Ethan walked out.

However, just as he stepped out, he saw a tall and sturdy man standing at the doorway.

Ottar, the captain of Freya Familia, the only level 7 in Orario, and the adventurer bestowed with the alias of 'King.'

He was the one who had knocked Ethan unconscious with a single blow before.

With his imposing stature, Ottar seemed quite intimidating.

However, this is Freya's bedroom door.

He's really diligent, standing outside.

If anything intimate happens inside, he can probably hear everything from outside.

For a moment, Ethan's mouth twitched slightly. He really didn't expect such a development.

"Come with me."

"Huh? Where are we going?"

"Following Goddess Freya's order, I'll take you to the room next door."


Well, no need for explanations.

He can perfectly execute the tasks of the 'goddess of beauty,' truly a qualified subordinate.

This gave Ethan a sense of being a 'master.'

In front of the master, being the most considerate servant, proactively resolving all troubles and matters to let the master have the best enjoyment.

Now, Ottar gives Ethan a similar feeling - he is undoubtedly Freya's most loyal servant, absolutely devoted and unwavering loyalty.


"Here it is~"

Pushing the door open, Ethan entered.

Wow, it's really luxurious.

Wooden floors made of expensive and valuable wood, countless exquisite and luxurious decorations throughout the room, and even the tables and chairs are of considerable value.

Even if you casually take something from this place, you could sell it for a good price.

"I'll be living here?"

As the moment approached, Ethan felt a bit dazed.

Just this morning, he was staying in a cheap hotel room where mice even ran around at night.

Now, in the evening, he was living in such a luxurious room.

"This is Goddess Freya's gift. Just remember this favor and cherish it."

"I understand." Ethan nodded.

After glancing at him, Ottar turned and walked out.

For him, who Ethan is, his background, and his abilities, it doesn't matter.

He only knows that the goddess is interested in Ethan, and that's enough.

After Ottar left, Ethan entered the bedroom, lay down on the luxurious bed, feeling a bit surreal.

This world is indeed strange. He never dreamed of such a turn of events.

Could it be that he is also a 'protagonist'? Otherwise, isn't this treatment a bit too good?

"Hmm? What's this..."

Subconsciously, Ethan opened the [Card Drawing Interface], and then he saw the balance of his [Diamonds], which should have been 0.

But now, it had unexpectedly changed to 300, leaving him puzzled.

What's going on? He had worked hard for half a month and had only earned a bit over 100.

Why did it suddenly become 300?


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