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CyPunk Online


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Cypunk Online, a deep dive VRMMORPG that was hailed as a game-changing MMO due to its realism and hardness. Ayden Townson, a hard-working young man, doing his best to bring up his little sister in hopes of giving her a chance at a better life while living in the harsh reality of Neo City. After stumbling upon a discarded headset on top of a bunch of trash, Ayden brings it home to repair it after hearing about how players could make real world money in a game called CyPunk Online. Ayden, who never really got to play games before, decided to try it out in hopes of making some extra cash on the side while he worked during the day. Ayden would never have thought that CyPunk Online and Esports would forever change his life. [Additonal Tag: Cyberpunk] New Voting Goals And Golden Ticket Goals! Want more chapters per week!? Then vote and reach the goals! ***Voting Goals!**** Powerstone rankings top 50 = 1 extra chapter a week! Powerstone rankings top 40 = 2 extra chapters a week! Powerstone rankings top 30 = 3 extra chapters a week! Powerstone rankings top 20 = 5 extra chapters a week! Powerstone rankings top 15 = 6 extra chapters a week! Powerstone rankings top 10 = 7 extra chapters a week! Golden ticket: For each month we stay in the top 10, I will do 3 bonus chapters per month. Golden ticket: For each month we stay in the top 5, I will do 6 bonus chapters per month. Huge thanks to my Pat-reon supporters: Grangel/ Cole/ Gapir58/ Azurite Paladin/ Skoomer/ Draconis0kelly /Nezuko_Kamadoe/ Rasoutos/ Rojasu Neisan/ Quellec/ Lolop 12/ Liaira/ Useless/ Avokyr Grimfire/ Flashycow/ Michelle F/ LK123/ Guy Trimble/ DoneDelight/ Sir Hellington/ ME/ bertrand/ Darted Table/ Other/ Ole Martin Johnsen/ Soulsmsher/ Demi god/ Judd/ Zolomen/ Dalton/ Archthrene/ Korokoro/ Ash/ SeiTakanashi91/ Darklord Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD Show your support and buy me a coffee or join pat-reon! https://ko-fi.com/invayne https://www.pat-reon.com/invayne (take out the ‘-’ in the address. Webnovel censors the word pat-reon) Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorInvayne Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/invayne/